Opel Crossland 2021 SUV Honest Review With Specification
Opel Crossland 2021 SUV Honest Review With Specification

Opel Crossland 2021 SUV Honest Review With Specification

Introduction Of Opel Crossland 2021 SUV Honest Review With Specification

Opel Crossland 2021 SUV Honest Review With Specification. Which there is always someone interested in He asks you and that is positive this hotel is unmistakable with this closed black grille framed with this chrome band that makes it look like an electric car but in reality, it is not because you see that this grill has a more conventional lower part that allows entry of air to cool the engine this grill connects with some new design headlights some very stylized headlights with these wing-shaped led lights typical of this.

New Opel design some headlights

New Opel design some headlights also with led technology and we also have some fog lights down here also from the Led type that is accompanied by a bumper also of a new design with very trapezoidal shapes and in gray in this final finish. Matte on the side we find some rims in this case also being finished at the top of the range of 17 inches in the rest of the cross land range they are 16 also highlighting this side this chrome band that runs through the entire roof and thus ends a.

Let’s say both retro and somewhat classic, a very curious shape that from my point of view makes the car difficult to see aesthetically, we must also highlight this chrome band on the bottom, the truth is that it is very well finished although we say that the design can Like it or not is a bit difficult and in the rear, we also find a bit the same line that we find on the front this black band that connects with the optics also with this wing shape in its graphics and also a very relevant detail.


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Fashion lately and is this Opel logo in the center together with the model name in letters a quite large size also here we highlight the rear bumper with this gray finish that has a very robust appearance and that corresponds to this top-of-the-range finish the dashboard does not change it is the same as the previous model has a design that enhances the feeling of space the upper part of this dashboard is large deep goes to look for the vertex of the windshield that is far away in the style of a minivan is a car that can be ordered very well equipped with a keyless entry and start.

A 180-degree rearview camera or the panoramic sunroof

A 180-degree rearview camera or the panoramic sunroof is an option only for the ultimate finishes and elegant this sunroof gives a lot of light to the cabin and the truth is that if you have the opportunity to ask for it as an option it is highly recommended or all the highlights in this car inside are these seats are very comfortable they hold the body well and have good details have the bench extension regulation also have electric height adjustment and lumbar adjustment ta It is also electric and therefore they are very good high-quality seats.

That is not usually seen in a car of this segment, what we do find missing in this interior is also a digital instrument panel here we have two analog clocks and a small screen of type t ft central with all that is the information of the on-board computer and little else is a 4 instrument is quite simple that does read very well has a lot of visibility and is very easy to interpret I also have to highlight you in this car the fact that it has a central armrest, you already know that I like central armrests.

Because you travel much more comfortably, in this case, it has a small downside is that underneath we have the handbrake that has this peculiar design and is a bit uncomfortable to actuate I think it would have been better to install an electronic handbrake in this car if it were possible in its next evolution in its next generation and in which to connectivity because we find the typical central screen located on the dashboard, in this case, an 8-inch touch screen that offers very very simple menus and also very simple to use.

Apple car play the air conditioner has Some mechanical controls

That does have connectivity, fortunately with android auto and apple car play the air conditioner has Some mechanical controls are not digital and we also have here two USB connections, something important if we want to connect the mobile and we also want to load a good space to some other device so that we can also leave the smartphone to be able to leave the canteen while we are driving and here and two drink holders, therefore, let’s say that the distribution of spaces in this car is quite well-achieved Opel offers some options.

That the press unit did not have the wireless charger that costs 129 euros and the head-up display a royalty in this segment 415 euros overall the design of this interior is nice oh that’s fine This upper part of the dashboard has achieved a dashboard with a lot of depth but it is also criticizable and this must be said the excess of hard plastic in especially in these lower parts of the cabin and especially also inside the doors we have a lot of plastic that gives an excessively simple aspect to access the rear seats the opening angle of the door is good although.

The gap to enter is narrow is logical in a car of its size but I was surprised that once inside the available space is better than expected there is a good distance between rows very good height the ceiling and the width is correct the bench is movable 15 cm and allows the backrest to be reclined a little the central backrest can be folded down and serve as support for the arms if necessary the softness of this backrest is soft like that of the bench is comfortable in these rear seats.

We have a trunk with good details this very robust tray

We find a small chest with a curtain and a 12-volt socket and we lead to the problem of the uterus, look we have 410 liters is a standard measure that falls within the average segment and we have a trunk with good details this very robust tray that we can flush in the loading plane, for example, we also have this other detail which is this hatch that allows us to place objects of greater length and care in the trunk because these 410 liters can be expanded to 520 liters if we move the bench forward in this way.

We find one of the best trunks in the segment on the sides there are 2 doors that They give way to a good hole where we can leave a small object when lifting the robust floor tray, access to the space for the spare wheel, although in this case what I found was a puncture repair kit when lifting the hood, the small engine is shown of three cylinders of gasoline of 12 liters of displacement that in this version gives 130 horses thanks to the turbo there is ot he version with the same engine and 110 horses is somewhat cheaper, also turbo and in diesel, Opel offers a 1.5 with 110 or 120 cramps.

The change is a six-speed automatic, an option only available for this more powerful gasoline version or for the 120 diesel I am driving a version with the 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 130 horses. It is a button that is noticeable because the car is quite powerful, it pushes quite well, and it recovers quite well. a car of this size but this engine has two points that can be improved from my point of view the first is quite noisy when you accelerate fully when you squeeze it, the car stretches up to 6,000 laps but the truth is that.

The fact that it is associated with a gear change s in this case

They are three cylinders and in this meaning, because the soundproofing is not the most suitable and on the other hand also another point for improvement is the fact that it is associated with a gear change s in this case, a six-speed automatic, a gear change that behaves quite slowly is good, let’s say it does a little what it wants at times and therefore damages the performance of this propeller a bit, the association is not entirely Right I think that perhaps the version with a manual gearbox is more recommended.

The positive point of this automatic gearbox is that it allows its use in sequential mode, we place the lever towards the left band and we can activate the gears manually, thus improving its behavior a little, but It is not entirely correct in theory the average consumption of this car is 62 liters at 100 in the test it registered an average of 75 liters at 100 with a minimum of 56 on the highway and a maximum of 10 liters in the city, quite a consumption High truth to be a car for mainly urban use this is not a car that causes great sensations behind.

The wheel as you will understand it is not a car That arouses passions is simply a vehicle that takes you from one place to another in a comfortable way, a fairly safe and noble way, has a fairly correct behavior, is comfortable at the general level, although the suspensions are sometimes a little dry, you notice it about everything when you are in a city and you overcome those typical speed bumps that limit the speed of the car it bounces a bit but in general the box is quite comfortable above all these excellent seats contribute to this ride comfort and also the fact that it is a car that is good.

The truth is that the car responds quite correctly

It responds progressively, although I have already told you about this point of the gear change that is sometimes a bit abrupt in the transition between speeds but leaving this aspect going, the truth is that the car responds quite correctly, this SUV will be available from this year with intelliwrite system the same as pension mount their SUVs and called grip control is tra With a traction control with specific programming to advance on slippery terrain the driver can choose between the snow mud sand modes or the possibility of deactivating.

The s & p below 50 kilometers per hour was not the case this test unit did not mount the System in danger with intel and grip or without it, the Opel cross land is still a simple front-wheel drive like any car and you already know to go out into the mountains better a car with all-wheel drive.