Hyundai TUCSON 2021 SUV Car
Hyundai TUCSON 2021 SUV Car

Hyundai TUCSON 2021 SUV Car

Introduction Of Hyundai TUCSON 2021 SUV Car

Hyundai TUCSON 2021 SUV Car. This time we are going to try a more balanced variant in terms of performance, equipment, and price, I mean the 136 horsepower light hybrid diesel model with front-wheel drive and the techno trim level in yours truly come to read first, and to refresh our memory let us remember the key characteristics e of the.

New Hyundai Tucson is a five-seater suv

New Hyundai Tucson is a five-seater suv that by size we can fit into the c segment although its dimensions have grown slightly, now it is two centimeters longer with an additional centimeter of wheelbase it is also 1.5 cm wider and half a centimeter higher, the ground clearance is 17 centimeters, with all of this it could be thought that it is still at least structurally the same car but it is not at all the case. It is built on a new modular platform that allows it to offer the most range of mechanics. Complete of its history.

It can be a plug-in hybrid, conventional hybrid, or light hybrid, it also offers diesel and gasoline options without hybridization and as if that were not enough, it also offers a choice between front or all-wheel drive. The Tucson we are testing is the light hybrid with a 1.6 CRDi turbodiesel engine. 136 horsepower front-wheel drive and automatic transmission, but since I’m sure many of you don’t have It is very clear what is that of light hybridization I will try to explain it in the best possible way versus laces the starter motor and the alternator and also.

A small battery all these elements are connected by an electrical system of usually 48 volts although it can also be only 24 or 12 volts the electrical device serves as punctual support to the combustion engine In the splitting and acceleration exits, taking advantage of the energy stored in the battery and the opposite direction, it is responsible for recharging.

The moment you start it up again

It during braking and deceleration, taking advantage of the kinetic energy of the vehicle, also allows the heat engine to be automatically switched off when driving under sail until the vehicle starts. to slow down the moment you start it up again The objective of the light people involved is obviously to reduce consumption, but the fact is that due to how they are designed, they cannot do it beyond a few tenths of liters per 100 kilometers, therefore they cannot be as efficient as hybrids. conventional and now.

I explain to you why, like light hybrids, hybrids are not a plug-in and combine a combustion engine with an electric one and a battery. The big differences are the higher capacity of said battery and the greater power of the electric propeller enough to move the vehicle itself at the speed of traffic even for a few hundred meters for this reason some hybrids incorporate a button that allows the driver to expressly activate the electric mode whenever the battery charge level allows it for everything mentioned in a conventional hybrid fuel economy is superior re.

We agree that the Tucson we tested in this video is a light indicator diesel and we have already seen that as such it cannot circulate in electric mode, what advantages does this system bring? the help of the small electrical device of 12 kilowatts and the mini battery of 0.44-kilowatt hours of capacity compared to a conventional hybrid that comes out much cheaper and compared to the two that for some reason and at least for now the light hybrids also carry the label echo of the people returning to the issue of consumption.

Where we drive curiously where we can get the most out of any hybrid car

We already know that in any car they will depend on our driving style and of course where we drive curiously where we can get the most out of any hybrid car is in the urban environment and is that the constant braking and decelerations allow the battery to be recharged more often and therefore use the electric motor and thus save fuel with this Tucson diesel it is feasible to average 5 and a half liters per 100 kilometers in a purely urban environment in peri-urban rounds and on the open road.

It will be normal to be between 5 and 6 liters and on the highway where speeds are usually To be constant, consumption will range between 6 and 7 liters at 7 the wl tp homologation for this vehicle is 54 liters in the combined cycle and according to our measurements during the test week the average obtained has been 62 liters at 100 if in Effect is a higher value approved and more typical of a conventional diesel but we already know that consumption has never been the strong point of the engines of the Hyundai group, otherwise.

It is a good turbo engine I said the 1.6 crdi of 136 horses punctually helped by the electric machine that accompanies it, it delivers 320-newton meters from 2000 revolutions per minute, good torque figures about its displacement this thrust capacity serves us both to obtain brilliant accelerations it takes 11 to 8 seconds to do the 0 to 100 but to regain speed with little effort also the help of the electric motor allows a very direct response to the accelerator, in any case, this We try to be a performance.

Engine capable of adequately fulfilling all kinds of situations

But versatile engine capable of adequately fulfilling all kinds of situations and with reasonable consumption, of course, there are more powerful versions of the Tucson but they are much more expensive and consume much more ok the 10 736 horses is only available with light hybridization and with automatic transmission, in this case, a double clutch change with seven speeds, taking into account the use to which this sub is directed, there is not much to reproach the automatic gearbox in large gear with sufficient speed and basically.


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It serves what it is. It pretends that it is to make driving easier for us on a day-to-day basis by putting a snag on it. Some abruptness when starting on a ramp for example in a parking lot but as a plus, I like the shift paddles that it incorporates behind the wheel because they are large and also metallic not plastic like those put by other brands that some of you will tell me totally for that you have to redirect this car in manual mode, yes sure that then you take the two off the road and it is a flan because paraphrasing the door to the parrot.

That the sweet is not so bad man because the Tucson is not bad at all, fortunately, this is not It is another one of those subs that will only drive when you have to do it, you will also do it when you feel like it because the engineers of the Korean house have tried to make this suv look a behavior on the road closer to that of tourism, in my opinion, the key to the matter is in the suspensions and not only because the rear axle amounts to an effective multi-arm system, but also because of the adjustment of the elastic elements and is that the initial part of its travel is.

The suspensions have a firmer feel

It is very soft which allows us to easily overcome the bumps that plague our cities but then from there, the suspensions have a firmer feel which allows a more comfortable driving on the road since it controls the rocking very well both when braking and between curves thanks to this suv does not look like a boat but what a car has to be and also thanks to this our passengers will not ask us to go out for air after two or three curves to think about it the less the car leans the less the family gets dizzy what.

I have not liked it so much is the steering because it is a little slow it is too assisted and does not transmit many sensations but before we bring out our oil spirit let us remember that this family car is a family car and one thing is that it has a pleasant driving that is not and another that we are going to ask for pears from the elm that is what the pear tree is for as a whole this is a suv whose a Driving degree makes it ideal for the day-to-day but also for traveling it is comfortable smooth it does not lack power and its consumption is reasonable in addition.

Its cabin is well isolated from the sound of the engine and also from the rolling and it only fails a little in this separated because at highway speed the aerodynamic noise generated by its large rear-view mirrors leaks in, apart from the change of platform to the other great novelty that incorporates the tucson is the one that stands out the most and I mean its profound exterior redesign and here I can’t agree more with what he said, I did your test video in the sense that fans always complain that all SUVs are the same and now.

Its design is sidereal

That one that is different comes out, we will complain that it is different, its design is sidereal. It may even have been screwed up, but if what was intended was to attract attention, then in a complete mission, because let’s see who tells me that it is frontal, it is not daring to do so. s intricate side folds do not attract attention and that the rear optics do not transmit aggressiveness.

There are also some details that I would like to highlight, such as the front optics that are out of the ordinary.This section here houses the lights of some that are of the LED type. while the main lights are here at the ends of the bumper the wheel arches are peculiar not because of their plastic protections that are the usual thing but because of their asymmetric shape and I don’t like that the rear indicators are so exposed to shocks instead I love that the exhausts are authentic and I am also excited.

That such an oriental car has such a southern license plate the cabin of the Tucson has also been completely renovated but if the exterior of the vehicle seems completely original to me, the design of the driving position no longer It is so much, let’s talk about reasonable similarities because to see this flyer it does not resemble that of some audi the digital instrumentation with an embedded screen in the dashboard does not resemble that of some Mercedes and this is the reader of the change by buttons.

The carved surfaces of the controls

There is no air to the desert and electric water and the carved surfaces of the controls behind the wheel will be inspired by the of some BMW of the most expensive well in the end what counts is that the driving position presents a clear improvement in quality that is already noticeable in this techno finish I like the upholstery of the seats, those of the doors and also those of the dashboard which also present an attractive arrangement on two levels but my friends.

This entire central section looks like a temple in honor of the piano black lacquer that material that you find so beautiful on the first day and that you start to hate from the second the central screen of 10 At 25 inches it is larger, it is bright and sharp than the previous one but now it is located in a much lower position with the air vents. Some of you will say that it is better integrated into the dashboard.