Renaulution Renault's recovery plan
Renaulution Renault's recovery plan

Renaulution Renault’s recovery plan

Introduction Of Renaulution Renault’s recovery plan

Renaulution Renault’s recovery plan. It modifies but is added to the relaunch plan that has been presented to me and which consists of three phases, the first called resurrection, the name already indicates how the issue is, it will last until 2023 and will focus on recovering the benefits and the case the second until 2025 called The renovation will focus mainly on the product strategy that.

The first mobbing water focus from volume to value

I will detail later and the third that has been baptized as a revolution and that goes beyond 2025 in varying the model of business towards a triple aspect technology energy and mobility stay with two phrases of place the first mobbing water focus from volume to value ‘ or what is the same we do not want to grow but make money the second we are going to go from being a company from cars that incorporates technology to being a technology company.

That manufactures cars like tesla like apple we’ll see for the moment let’s analyze how me-o and his team intend to recover the battered financial health of the network group Luca has given an interesting example he has said that they have wanted make a very large car and they have not realized that the engine it has is very small in reality Renault has tried to grow all over the world to enter more and more markets to cover more and more customers and the result has been that of that who covers a lot little squeezes a company.

Renaulution Renault's recovery plan
Renaulution Renault’s recovery plan

That wanted to sell 5 million cars is only selling 3.6 and also the effort to get more volume has If the profitability per unit is lost and with it the profit of the company, it is necessary to change the strategy and the new strategy seems to focus on electrification on three different pillars, first, to maintain the leadership in pure electrics Renault has sold 100 thousand soles this year in Europe more than anyone second to discuss.

The autonomous car about Renault’s product strategy is highly dependent

The leadership between hybrids to Toyota in Europe and is very ambitious and third to rely on synergies with the alliance with Nissan in aspects such as electrification but also on the issue of the autonomous car about Renault’s product strategy is highly dependent on the segment, which is a segment that leaves little margin and has lost almost all its weight in the C segments, from which cars like the vegan changing the scene that the talisman passed to them does not work like the brand I expected and the bad thing is that precisely.

There in the large segments is where you earn average money, therefore it has been proposed I Reversing this trend and another thing you want to do is reduce your engineering expenses by reducing the development time of a new model from 4 to 3 years and using new tools Renault and its associated brands from Asia and finally, they will work with only three platforms starting from now on in the camp of the one of the child and the pose on.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car

Which three million cars will be built and among them all the dh the cmf ce of for cars of the high segments on which another three million cars will be produced and the platform cmf electric with another million cars foreseen eye I have said before that renault manufactures 3.6 million cars and adding all this comes 7 because on these platforms the vast majority of nissan and mitsubishi models must also be built for the whole world what It is clear that renault from now on will not use other platforms than those three and in the engine section.

One more gasoline for hybrid models and one with electric motors

As there are currently three engine families s diesel, three other gasoline, one more gasoline for hybrid models and one with electric motors, from now on, only one family of gasoline engines will be used for both models with this type of fuel and for hybrids, two families of electric motors one for the basic models and another for medium and high models and a single diesel family for commercial vehicles. Indeed, Renault kills the diesel in its passenger cars, and in the case of smaller industrial vehicles, it has also indicated that.

They are going to put to work in the hydrogen propulsion for when they leave the diesel forced by the community regulations connectivity there again has placed high hopes in its agreement with Google in 2022 the Megan-size electric car that the brand will launch will be the first to mount my link system this is a system developed with all the technology and with all the added google services that according to the CEO will be something new NCA seen for driving aids and autonomous driving the way is Nissan that working for china and japan.

Where this type of technology is much more advanced has a lot of advantages Renault will simply work to facilitate the adaptation of what comes from Nissan to its models and Renault intends to create something called a software republic, which is a kind of greenhouse of ideas in which its engineers but also technology and communication companies will work with the idea of providing new functionalities for vehicles and new services for customers This republic of software.

Designed to reduce the brand’s dependence on the major world

That will also work on issues such as data cybersecurity or operating systems are designed to reduce the brand’s dependence on the major world giants in this Chinese field, most of them and there will be a kind of subsidiary of each of this republic in each of the Renault plants and finally, as he spoke Plant owners will have to resize production does not currently have a production capacity of almost 4 million units per year that must be reduced to 3.1 million and that means that the conserved plants will go from working at 70% of their capacity as.

Now to exceed one hundred percent, which is when the plants are profitable when they work at their peak, stimulating competitiveness between factories is still a formula to reduce costs to the 2,000 million that Renault intends to save in the short term in fixed costs, we must add others 500 million in 2023 and another 500 more until 2025, therefore, snip insight in the middle announced the launch for the entire group of 24 new models until 2025 of which 10 will be electric cars and half will be models of the Teide segments.

Renaulution Renault's recovery plan
Renaulution Renault’s recovery plan

Where the group hopes to recover the profitability of what has been said to sell fewer cars but with greater added value to earn more money. n look at the plans of the different brands starting of course with the Renault brand Renault essentially needs a makeover at the product level the signing of the Vidal jeans the man who has completely renewed the hair design seems like a good Vidal initiative at the moment has reinterpreted the five o’clock clock in an electric city car concept that de Meo presented at the event.

Which is advertised as a city electric car that will be available

Where he presented the plan and which is advertised as a city electric car that will be available to many people who now cannot buy an electric car so Seen should therefore enter the gap between the Dacia sprint and the Renault zone in which it temporarily occupies the electric Twingo which is a doomed car by sharing a platform with Daimler we will see when they communicate the price and the launch date but for now it looks well and it will not be.

The only change in renault under the slogan provided by the cinema of the nouvelle back the brand will be presented as he modern and technological brand that aims to sell 35 percent hybrid cars by 2025 30 percent pure electric within a green but profitable range renault will launch 14 new models by 2025 7 electric and 7 of the tyler segments are not 7 and 7 since some are coincident that is to say that they will be electric and of those second- middle segments, the teide segments that.

The average price of the cars sold must increase by five thousand euros

Now contribute 10% of the benefits must generate 40 percent and the average price of the cars sold must increase by five thousand euros that does not mean that renault will increase the price of its cars by five thousand euros , not what it means is that when selling more expensive cars from higher segments, the average price per unit sold should increase this strategy, which is called the prising strategy.

The one that Carlos used was the company to recover the company and the one that told you about Seat and Cupra a few days ago in another video like this one crosses out the sea Romanian ca continue to be what until now a brand of cars developed to be cheap and to be able to sell itself cheaply, it will continue to invest nothing and less in advertising, it will continue to avoid making offers because sales prices.