2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car
2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car

2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car

Introduction Of 2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car

2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car. The new BMW x3 which in my opinion is a quiet movie car starting with the Sounds of acceleration start-up or shutdown of the vehicle that has timmer created them, many of you will know him for being the musical producer of soundtracks such as days of thunder for those of you – petróleos is also gladiator or interstellar but they are not the movies for that reason.

What is to come in the electrification of BMW

But because it seems to be a kind of trailer of what is to come in the electrification of BMW the authentic electrification of the firm in Europe will come from the hand of the BMW and that is now called a production model that will be the authentic SUV developed as electric since its inception and with 600 kilometers of autonomy will have two motors and its battery will be larger.

So it is It is logical that you wonder why the current situation with the regulations and fines are launching the BMW x3, haunting the implementation of such a model in the cross over range accelerated in this way the new BMW x3 will be the first car of the Bavarian firm to have versions Plug-in hybrid diesel gasoline and 100% electric what they call the power of choice.

2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car
2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car

We talked a lot about it during their presentation of so let’s get to the point some things do not quite fit us and that we are going to Counting starting with the lack of total attraction in an SUV from the Bavarian firm, which is not the most common, even more so if we take into account that its rivals and that they are 4-wheel drive, but this is not because the users of this type of car do not use their off-road capabilities the explanation is much simpler this is a car designed for the Chinese market it is manufactured.

Where it will be exported to our country

There in Xinjiang from where it will be exported to our country. enter via ferry a more sustainable transport but also very slow for that reason from the moment you go to the dealer and buy it until it reaches your garage, more than six months will pass, hence BMW has wanted to make things easy for its configuration by equipping itself very well from The beginning a version that will hardly lack detail and that will be able to compete at the price level with much less equipped alternatives will arrive in Spain in the spring of this 2021 and what.

We are doing is the first kilometers of some cars that are not yet finished They are over 90 percent so we are going to be part of this development and testing project at the time of this test BMW Spain was in the process of commercial negotiation so we do not want to risk talking about definitive equipment in an At the beginning, two levels of finish were discussed in Spain and the tested unit was printed with the details of this The latest version, such as the 20-inch faired wheels, the acoustic-insulated windows.


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The 12.3-inch digital instrumentation panel, the heart display, and the electrically adjustable leather seats, what we can confirm is the launch price that will be official of 73,400 euros is a lot of money that and inevitably we are going to compare it with the most anticipated model of the segment the tesla model and the American model with similar autonomy starts from 70 thousand euros but the ix 3 does not always lose because it is cheaper than an audio e-Tron sports bar 55 4 that starts from 87 thousand nine hundred and eighty euros.

A total power of 210 kilowatts

But we are going to what makes this car special its engine is a block without Chrono that is altogether, that is, transmission and electrical equipment go in the same block that is located in a subframe at the rear have a total power of 210 kilowatts, which would be about 286 horses is not a p Huge power to what we are used to in electric vehicles and if we add to that that it is not tractioned 4 that manages to reduce consumption and increase the autonomy of the 3 in my opinion it is one of the large electric vehicles.

That is more balanced in terms of Power is very similar to what we would find in a propulsion vehicle with a heat engine, although the presence of batteries is inevitable and they represent 518 kilos more in weight with a final figure of more than two thousand two hundred and sixty kilos more even than a BMW x5 xdrive50i lithium ones with 74 kilowatts of net power that is placed right between the two axles and the rear area this and not having a transmission tunnel implies a reduction of the center of gravity of 74 millimeters.

The first kilometers with the BMW x3 that I am Testing has been a joy and it is that the level of acoustic insulation is very good to see in the background we are going to have to start getting used to this circulating s In not noticing any vibrations or noises and in that sense it is a positive point for this BMW sub, what I also like is the driving position that being lower, gives you more sensations, it is not the most powerful electric but if we only look at it In its acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour of 6.8 seconds.

It is that you can not go to more in Spain

We could give it the remarkable one, it is more it takes 35 seconds to reach 060 so we will shoot out of any traffic light, however, its top speed is only 180 kilometers per hour and I know that many of me you are going to say good but it is that you can not go to more in Spain ‘ ok I understand it and I just have to leave the data the balance in its benefits has a very clear objective energy-saving bmw has slightly renounced its dynamic heritage To offer more autonomy, reaching 458 kilometers homologated in the wl tp cycle, it is a pre-series and only for.

That reason we can justify not seeing more than 290 kilometers in our What is more realistic is the 21 kilowatts now every 100 kilometers of consumption somewhat higher than the 18 6 approved by the firm but logical if we take into account the conditions of the test on a mountain road once we leave behind the Roads easier if the straight lines start the problems for this car and it is because of its weight it makes it vaguer and makes it appear before the typical rocking we expect from a suv but man if we add that.

2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car
2021 BMW iX3 Electric SUV New Car

It weighs more than two tons because it is obvious that it goes to happen which added to the fact that it has a distribution of weights that pulls rather to the rear area. After all, it makes us have sensations of a real bmw but it is easier for understeer to appear, something that would not be a reason to rule out for me because I already know what type of car I am buying and there is no way I can imagine leaving for a weekend of sections or curves with this vehicle, the adaptive suspension comes standard and is key to being able to Counteract what.

The weights and the balances of this vehicle

What I was saying about the weights and the balances of this vehicle also makes it very easy to get into the curve quickly and above all to get out of it, which has surprised me about this vehicle. Later on, customers will be able to perform a software update that will allow you to convert this adaptive suspension into an adaptive suspension with a firmer setting. The truth is that I believe that few customers will opt for that option but hey, there are the driving modes of the bmw x3, they are the eco pro comfort and it is because of their names.

They give us to understand the reason for its activation being the eco but the best option to save energy comfort ends up being the most balanced management result and that is why it would only be in moments of fun or demand such as overtaking on conventional roads if we jump from one mode to another it is easy to see the difference in autonomy they offer, losing 20 kilometers from the eco pro to the sports e n a straight line and now I’m in mode and I’m going to put the x mode so that you can see