Cupra Ateca 2021 On track
Cupra Ateca 2021 On track

Cupra Ateca 2021 On track

Introduction Of Cupra Ateca 2021 On track

Cupra Ateca 2021 On track. Its news and we will quickly take action first of all the teak cuplé has a base price of 43 thousand 471 euros and it is by far the cheapest sports subcompact on the market Audi sq2 rs crappy BMW x 2 m 35 and Mercedes gl a 35 Volkswagen ty rocker and mini countryman john cooper works are several thousand euros more expensive even the most powerful Cupra Formentor is also above in you can find.

New Cupra tk from 41 thousand 690 euros

New Cupra tk from 41 thousand 690 euros and zero kilometers from 37 thousand 500 you can also take a look at our Second-hand offer that we have more than 40 used teak Cupra from 33 thousand 500 euros very fast aesthetic changes we start with the front frontal inherited from the teak of the 2021 version much more sporty in this case it is covered with a new terrace style grill.

As well some details of the headlights that are a little finer and as you see larger air inlets and new trim seen from the side new dark aluminum moldings on the underbody and on the rearview mirrors and new 19-inch wheels there are up to six models a choose and these that you see are the series and in the rear new dynamic led lights small changes in the bumper and even some accents a little more sporty in the diffuser and as it is already a hallmark in the teak Cupra the four exhaust outlets.

That in this case are akrapovic and are not available in Spain so we will have to settle for another four a little more discreet we go with the interior seat Bucket type of series very comfortable by the way new screen of the 92-inch infotainment system completely revised and that is quite cool the truth completely digital instrument panel cockpit with some graphics that have modified them and that are quite good and a new very good steering wheel grip and as an option, we have this steering wheel that they call super sports and that incorporates.

The mode. 2-liter turbo cylinders with 300 horsepower

These two spheres, one to start the car and the other to directly access the mode. 2-liter turbo cylinders with 300 horsepower and 400 newtons meter of torque all e It is associated with the well-known seven-speed DSG double-clutch automatic transmission and the 4-drive traction accelerates from 0 to 100 in 49 seconds and reaches 247 kilometers rush hour enough of chatter and we are going to test it like God commands Cupra mode stability control and traction deactivated manual sequential change and we left i is how he pushes right now.


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I was remembering and I do not remember ever having entered a circuit with a suv and the feeling is a bit strange because I am sitting very high yes it is true that the suspension is quite firm but as the car is higher the center of gravity is higher you can notice a lot of rocking changes in weight good you have to get used to it but the car seems to respond quite well the engine thrust is outstanding at one of the great characteristics of this 2-liter Volkswagen group power delivery is constant from 2000 to 6500 laps without faltering

At no time does the car run a lot and roll hard and braking with a tall car weighing 1600 kilos scares a bit of luck with this perforated Brembo which is undoubtedly an option that I would pay to give it that even more sporty character. to the car, especially if we are going to accentuate sporty driving, they are often quite resistant to fatigue and their bite is the web, it never hurts to invest a few euros in improving safety the Brembo cost 2,541 euros and ensure greater braking capacity and especially a plus in cooling something tremendously important to a sporty driving in this scenario in.

There is the issue of stability and the passage through curves

Which we find ourselves they are holding up quite well and then there is the issue of stability and the passage through curves is surprising yes the car indeed balances too little but foot balances stay there and do not bounce and that makes the step pro curves quite fast even the level of traction n what this 4-drive system offers to the wheels photos is amazing it can accelerate out of the curve thoroughly because the car is that it does not lose any traction [Music] to roll on the track I have disconnected any type of driving aid.

I won’t see to what extent the chassis of this ateca coupé can be forced and at first, it seems that the limits are quite far away the only downside I find are the tires this unit mounts some Brixton turn a tire intended for the day-to-day not very sporty but with a good result in the wet, however here on the circuit they complain a lot without leaving the same manufacturer, some power would offer much better performance and since we are looking for the tickle of the cat there is one thing that.

I did not like either and that is these cams are very small they are very sunken too and looking at me that I have a generous hand when I take the steering wheel correctly is that it barely reached with the tips of my fingers The DSG gearbox is good, going up gears as always, but here on the circuit, this slowness is accused when it comes to reducing it many times it gives if it ignores you because it tends to overprotect the engine but as I already told you on a road in normal condition this change is great to look at the good thing about driving.

The pianos as if nothing happened after analyzing it

A suv on a circuit is that you can pass over the pianos as if nothing happened after analyzing it a bit and telling you the first sensations it’s time to take the stopwatch and see what this is capable of Cover dry to an advanced lap and for this, I have brought the fastest pilot in the newsroom and one of the fastest pilots in Spain and no he is not Fernando Alonso but he has little to go good morning Luis it was those days thank you but I think that for Fernando I still haven’t brought you a suv.

We are on a circuit you have done practically all the fast laps of our table with sports cars with sports compact but Not with an SUV as you see it because I see it that few times that I have a super circuit, the truth, to be honest, I have tried it and it goes quite well so you do not get a cheer come on look at the whole table I think It will be close to the golf gti TCR.

That we already tried nothing, I eat a lot and trying very hard to get the gti polo, well, take the keys, turn around and see what time it has been, because in the end neither luismi nor I hit the time of a minute 48 places it right between his prediction and mine but you will tell me with which car from that list we can ride on the calafat race circuit.