Volkswagen Multivan Outdoor New Car In 2021
Volkswagen Multivan Outdoor New Car In 2021

Volkswagen Multivan Outdoor New Car In 2021

Introduction Of Volkswagen Multivan Outdoor New Car In 2021

Volkswagen Multivan Outdoor New Car In 2021. A new vehicle, cars that are around 50 thousand euros there is one that is almost identical to this one and today if it does not arrive for the new one, we also have right now in the second-hand section more than 300 pit units from 2,500 to more than 50 thousand. They call it has a lot of history behind the first transporter now known as 1 model was the type 2 but.

The generation was the first of tf1

The generation was the first of tf1 it also receives the nickname of bus bully or even split and through the split front window a model that came from the market in the year 1949 since then it has not stopped evolving today the transporter is the 100% commercial version the caravel is the mixed commercial vehicle for the task and the paseo the multi-band is testing this 100% passenger variant and finally.

There is the California famous motorhome of which you can see a complete video test in the link above and this outdoor Multivan is available with a 110 hp 2.0 TDI engine with five-speed manual transmission 150 hp 2.0 TDI with a 6-speed manual transmission and with this same engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission, only this latest configuration is more powerful and with a 7-speed DSG gearbox.

Also the all-wheel-drive formation system the rest are all front-wheel drive the price of the fox Multivan Autor 2.0 TDI 150 horses of that g7 is 53 thousand 20 euros but with all the extras it goes up to 57 thousand 190 euros the multi-band It is not small that we say measures almost 5 meters long 2 meters high and almost 2 meters wide It is not light when the needle of the scale in 2.2 tons.

The maximum height of most closed public car parks

Its dimensions are just enough to easily access most garages generally the maximum height of most closed public car parks is 205 meters and the parking spaces are around 5 meters thanks to the parking sensors and the vision camera rear is very easy to maneuver that if everything is a matter of taking the measurements well this is the 6.1 generation and the most remarkable change at the design level is this v-shaped grill that is quite reminiscent of the rest of the suvs of the German brand here next to the logo.

There is the active crossing control radar a radar that is not as accurate as it is in the rest of the Volkswagen brand’s passenger cars at the design level if you look at these details in black without painting a crossover look, which is what this author’s finish is looking for, the black details follow both the mirrors and the door handles and these stripes that cover the lower part of the car. And the doors are not the Pan-American one, they lack more protections for the roof bars but it has this off-road point at the aesthetic level as standard equips.

These 17-inch alloy wheels with 215 60 17 tires seen from the outside it is time to see if It changes inside the great novelty of the 6.1 latex cabin is that it can be configured with the digital cap kit, it squares 100% digital instruments, I say you can because this unit does not equip it, too bad you can follow it but hey it still has two analog indicators of those of Throughout life they are read very well, they are very clear and if you want the little screens, then right in the middle between.

A small screen for the screen and it is as intended

The two analog indicators you have a small screen for the screen and it is as intended, you have this control panel that has physical buttons on the sides, this is very good because your mind is driving I think you have the controls here but at some point, you say I’m going to put the mute on the audio because I want to stop listening to the radio at this moment or whatever it is for the conversation is a button and it turns off this is fine but the best of all is that the multi-band is still a benchmark in terms of interior space.

The seats are very comfortable in addition to the armrest Integrated on the right side it has another one on the left there are holes everywhere there is even a hole here for the phone that in addition to holding it as intended, it has a wireless charger, something that until now you did not see in a multi band in terms of quality of Finishes man is very good I remember trying multi vance from the generation of 5 that today there were plastics that were previously too close to transport the commercial version of the same vehicle in this case well.

There is still some hard plastic but generally what it touches it is more what you see closer to you is well finished and above all the adjustments are in touch to 2 the digital cockpit with a size of 10.25 p Ulgadas is 100% configurable and as we know it in the rest of the Volkswagen models, in this case, on both sides of it, there are two physical indicators: the engine temperature on the left and the fuel level in the tank on the right. A 3-meter wheelbase guarantees a cabin of immeasurable dimensions.

The multi-band an open-plan interior space

This is the great asset of the multi-band an open-plan interior space that seeks to offer the maximum level of comfort to its occupants as well as the possibility of changing the seating arrangement at will At all times, both the individual seats in the second row and the bench in the third row can be moved through the guides that hold it to the ground as well as removed from the passenger compartment as an option, there is this other 8-inch screen larger than the 65-inch screen. As standard, it corresponds to the discover media navigation system.

Which are an extra 1070 euros as it could not be otherwise one of The great novelties of this Motivan 6.1 is its greater connectivity as well as having the latest of the latest in driving assistants. The electric steering allows you to incorporate solutions such as lane assist, lane maintenance assistant, or adaptive cruise control with maintenance. that is safer than ever all this button panel that is next to the air conditioning system is empty some buttons that are destined to versions more equipped to operate systems such as the automatic opening sliding doors.

The automatic gate differential lock in 4×4 companies in front We have seen that it is comfortable but here behind it is more standard, it has this configuration of two individual seats, two individual seats in the center and a three-seater bench in the third row, however, if it is more practical for your needs, you can choose at no cost. with two plus two plus two instead of that three-seat bench As standard, you could have two individual seats like this 90 g, these seats are much more comfortable.

The three-seater bench

The three-seater bench, they have armrests integrated into the seat itself and is also swivel with a lever that always rotates and you can even circulate sitting in the same direction. Contrary to the march, I believe that it is more practical with the large bench because if you bring children, friends of the children or friends of yours, you have more space and on top of that.


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They make a better division of the trunk cargo space with these individual seats there is always all this Hollow in the middle in which the load can be moved with that is more comfortable and on top underneath they integrate drawers perfectly it is not at pinypon’s house like a California but hey if you want the last one it has different modular solutions to take advantage of the space even more once you travel and hey since.

We have the best table to move to that bench to approve watch this space and play something frank hey do you think we are in a hockey game today a home training point goals come break let’s go to the ship there is now so good seen that they live in very modular colors it’s time to see the As we have seen now, the cargo space is gigantic, this card allows you to move this rear bench longitudinally.

It has this base with rubber that goes

So if you need even more cargo space, you can move it a little more. There, without a problem, the space is always good, it has this base with rubber that goes well to leave luggage quite well attached.It is a pity that this unit does not have the trunk cover tray that can be installed and if you need to load long objects to the style of some skis removing this stage removing the drawers that are there opening the lid on the other hand you could unload them without having to e extract the seats that if you want in addition to folding.

This backrest you can extract it now well with what you think about this other I recommend before finishing with the trunk and I would add two things, on the one hand, this finished with a live sheet and these plastics are not up to The car of more than 50 thousand euros would have to be much better, it is worth not seeing them every day but they are there and if you notice they are there hidden here the cat the dog is optional few vehicles offer such comfortable access to the rear seats the door Sliding is a great invention.

A solution that will make them Multivan transporter equips since the second generation the t2 was on sale between 1967 and 2013 what I like the most about the multi-band is how comfortable it becomes, don’t get tired of spending hours and hours behind the wheel the seat is so comfortable the visibility is so good you are so relaxed and the experience of traveling is very comforting there is a saying that the greatest luxury that exists is.

A mountain road with very tight curves cardio

The space without going any further does not rest as well in a hotel room of 10 square meters in one of 90 square meters the feeling of tranquility that that wide open space gives you those high ceilings you do not get it in the one that barely has room to open the suitcase but this large interior space has a price they cultivate it is a colossus of the road and at almost 5 meters long.

It has three meters of battle and weighs 2.2 tons in this configuration but Palogrande is tall and I thought it is very easy to handle. well on a road like this a mountain road with very tight curves cardio very narrow is a vehicle that is very easy to drive very comfortable a car that can be both perfect in day to day and when traveling this unit has the standard suspension a very standard shock absorber suspension that works very well filters well also helps to filter the fact that it has a 17 rim with a good rubber profile is or help but.

Hey if you want a more sporty driving point there is the sports suspension and there is even a piloted suspension it allows me to switch between a more comfortable mode and a more sporty one well the standard one is great for the concept of cars this front extraction unit in This option can be configured with the integral training attraction, but we already know the Pan-American is much more expensive, so this is a recommended solution if you usually frequent areas with changing weather conditions, the added safety that the 4×4 provides on wet or even on snow deserves the Pity.