Fiat Tipo Cross 2021 Brand New Car
Fiat Tipo Cross 2021 Brand New Car

Fiat Tipo Cross 2021 Brand New Car

Introduction Of Fiat Tipo Cross 2021 Brand New Car

Fiat Tipo Cross 2021 Brand New Car. The cross over that word that helps us to define any car that does not fit within the traditional segments are fashionable in Europe we Europeans like cars with plastics in the low aspects of Indiana Jones apprentice and front-wheel drive, for this reason, Some brands convert their conventional cars into crossovers that Sofia, coinciding with the half-life redesign of the fiat type, has completed the range with this car that.

We have here the fiat type cross

We have here the fiat type cross, a crossover based on the type of always that has been sold from 15 thousand 900 euros with discount financing and all those things that the brands do in this video we are going to explain to you what is new in the standard range and especially what the new cross is like before, however, remind you that at we have a lot of fiat type on offer both new and with this redesign as ‘kilometer zero’ and second hand and that you will find them all on our website and in our app or by clicking directly on the.

That appears in the image this car follows the fashion of another compact crossover style such as the successful ford focus active but curiously it is not offered with the station web body or in the most common for these transformations but that it is only available with the five-door, so it measures 4 with 38 meters long by 180 wide and 155 high that means that the cross is two centimeters longer than a conventional five-door type because the protections lengthen it a bit too.

The wheel arches widen it one centimeter and this car is seven centimeters taller than a normal type because we have 4 centimeters more free ground clearance, something that is essentially achieved is by raising the suspension a little and with slightly larger wheels and three centimeters of the roof bars that until now were exclusive to the familiar version of the type and that the cross also incorporates the nuevo type has some external changes, the usual ones in a restyling this car is obviously.

A cross-type and therefore all the bumper

A cross-type and therefore all the bumper and the lower protection is exclusive for this version but if it were not, I would see that the front bumper of the type has changed and is that in redesigns it usually happens that the bumpers are changed and something else in this case changes the grill that now extends much more towards the bottom of the headlights that are also new and are also led and also here in the middle we have a new logo and we no longer have the round shield with the fiat name but simply the name in larger letters on the back.

However the old logo is maintained, the front lower protections are repeated on the side where they protect the underbody. and they are combined with the wheel arches to give the car that fake off-road look at the rear, the lower protections are maintained. The standard wheels are 16 inches with the possibility of mounting optional 17-inch rims and the cross logo appears.

The type range includes two new colors, including a colorful orange exclusive for cross and that is the fashionable color fiat maintains that in this cross-type, being a higher car than a normal type, it is easier to get in and out and also you travel in a higher position this is a truism but it is true both things are true in any case you should not lose sight of Given that this is an Italian car, I usually go as low as possible in all Italian cars, I like to drive down, but Italian cars usually allow you to choose between driving high, very high, or touching the roof with your head.

The seat to its highest position

I could not play much less pivot in the Los Angeles Lakers because I am about 69 in this position I have a little more than four centimeters four fingers sorry to the top but if I go up the seat to its highest position, what would a person of my height do? It has changed little but with significant changes, we are going to take a closer look to show you the interior we have changed the car momentarily this is a diesel and we have chosen it because it has the larger central screen which is one of the novelties of the range, the standard is 7 inches.

But this is 10 before entering it, tell you that the instrumentation is also new, now it has a conventional exterior part and a digital central part in which the speedometer appears, the gear that we have inserted and if we move the menus through These keys access all the vehicle information and the connection and disconnection of the driving aids that are carried out here instead of p The central screen are also new, the steering wheel which is a little smaller to me still seems a bit big but the truth is that now.

It has a much-improved feel and being a little smaller it makes maneuvering a little easier, therefore, It is a point in favor and as I was saying, this screen also changes this is the new fifth-generation connect system that we already saw in the new generation fiat 500 and that now also incorporates the type unlike the other of the smallest, the buttons disappear What is there on both sides so that it is all screen is all touch as you see it is compatible with apple car play and with android auto but the absence of physical controls generates a small problem is where.

That debuted the 500 recipe CTO of the previous system

We are going to put the volume control fiat has decided to put it here just behind the change in a wheel cites the largest center screen serving the fifth generation you connect infotainment system that debuted the 500 recipe CTO of the previous system is now compatible with android auto and apple car play wirelessly allows you to connect two phones at the same time and create up to five different user profiles in addition to having the mobile always charged the type range now incorporates an optional wireless charger seat.


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The rear of the type are very wide a lot this is one of the great strengths of this car the distance between rows is enormous and the width is not bad at all the height to the ceiling allows people of high stature to feel comfortable in curious contrast with the squares Front so high the type has 440 liters of the luggage compartment and this cross maintains them in such a way that we are facing one of the largest cargo spaces in the category, the most equipped versions have a double bottom that our test unit did not have and that allows the loading plane to be flush with the second-row seats.

Once folded down but if there is a novelty imp Ortant in this new range of the fiat type is this one in gasoline we have following the usual fashion a three-cylinder and one- liter engine that will be for the moment the only option in the gasoline range of this car, both for cross and the rest of the type range. It is a 100 horsepower and 190-newton park meter engine as an alternative we will have two diesel engines, one of 13 liters and 95 horsepower that does not change concerning the previous generation and another of 16 liters.

New gasoline engine the 100 horsepower cross-type

That does change because before it was 120 horsepower and now even being the same block it provides 130 with this new gasoline engine the 100 horsepower cross-type accelerates from 0 to 100 in 12 2 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 183 kilometers per hour these are modest benefits for a car of this type of car in segment c designed for a fairly familiar use and that also weighs 1,410 kilos, which is a lot of kilos, I know that there are even sedans in the segment that carries a three-cylinder engine but that they carry.

It does not mean that it is the most suitable engine for them and in this case the same thing happens and lots of compacts that carry this type of engines but always as access to the range for someone who is going to do A use of the car to go and return on short trips, well, it is an engine that works perfectly as a basic of the range, but it gives me the feeling that, for example, for a family to go on vacation in summer with the air conditioning four people on board the luggage is going to be a little short anyway well it’s an engine with thrust.

What happens in other cars of this type

If the Italians know how to do something they are car engines and here you can see it is an engine that responds well when you accelerate that recovers well that it has very low torque which means that it can even throw a little more high gears than what happens in other cars of this type, in short, for a three-cylinder 100 horsepower, the problem is very good.

Ma is that not that for a more familiar use with more load on board I would recommend the 130 horsepower diesel unless fiat surprises us shortly with a version of this same engine with a change in the electronic programming and that gives more Horses that have a little more response a little more output especially for these conditions that I say to a car fully loaded on slopes, for example, the gearbox is only 5 gears only the most powerful diesel mounts an of 6 and this also does not help to take advantage of this gasoline engine, the developments are long among other things because the box has only 5 gears