Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look
Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look

Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look

Introduction Of Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look

Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look. This car is the Nissan it is a completely new 100% electric car that continues the tradition of Nissan electrics inaugurated more than a decade ago with the first generation of lift and it is a car that follows a bit the trend of what we will see From the end of this year, which is when it will arrive, and also in the following year, all brands are making electric cars that comply a little with this same profile, that is.

A half meters but not much larger and with the possibility

A crossover-type body with a length of over four and a half meters but not much larger and with the possibility of offering a very complete range by combining different batteries, different motors, and different types of transmission, let’s get to know it a little more thoroughly the area measures 460 meters in length so that they are located between the Qashqai that measures 440 meters and the x-trail that goes to 470 and is based on the concept car that was presented at the 2019 Tokyo motor show and concerning which.

It has changed we have a very flat nose typical of crossovers, we have the absence of a grill that for something is an electric car, the Nissan vee design is maintained although in a much more stylized way and we have two or three curious things here in front, for example, these headlights Super thin LEDs, the logo that is the new Nissan and that is illuminated and air intakes that against all odds and contrary to many cars are practicable because what it is about is to achieve.

Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look
Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look

The highest possible aerodynamic efficiency already that in the electric aerodynamics is equivalent to greater autonomy seen from the side cannot hide that it is an entry crossover the ground clearance is 18 centimeters that of a car of this type the fact that it is a car With a generous ground clearance and that it is also electric, it forces it to be very high.

This car measures one meter 66 are 7 centimeters

Let me explain this car measures one meter 66 are 7 centimeters more than for For example a Nissan Qashqai and it also has this line a little more coupe in principle it should make it a little lower the difference is that in this case it is an electric car and the batteries that are placed on the floor make the whole car rise a little more for that reason it is taller than a helmet and on the side.

The wheel arches in glossy black stand out, such as the roof and the rear-view mirrors and a single, very marked character line above the door handles and three more design things. first, the rear-view mirror that is located on the door and not like in most cars here in the opening of the window the second we have the cargo hatch in the wheel arch and the third the tires that are 19 or 20 inches many Sometimes you ask us why so ugly tires are mounted on electric cars between meals, the truth is that they are not ugly.

The problem is that we are used to seeing much more open tires and on electric cars They are always very closed because, basically because of what we have commented before for an aerodynamic issue, the more closed the less turbulence they generate and therefore the more progress is facilitated, they have instead of the problem that the more closed they are, the less cooling in the brakes. but in an electric car in which the engine brakes most of the time, this has less significance.

We see this increasingly common crossing of the roofline

This is why they are tighter at the rear, we see this increasingly common crossing of the roofline, some very fine drivers joined by the Also already very common line of light the very inclined gate and with a little surface area of the lunette and an antenna on the roof in the Japanese versions that we had seen so far but one era for the autopilot seen from the outside you want to see it from the inside we go there very Japanese this not as very zen as everything is very horizontal and with instrumentation with two 12 3-inch screens.

There you have to recognize that Mercedes is creating or school, the truth is that it is a car with some curious things, for example, there is no console and as there is no console the feeling of space that you have here in front is much greater we have a relatively large pair of gloves here this is a pre-series car do not do A lot of cases of this type of finish because it is a completely pre-series car and we have here below some optical-type controls for the air conditioning so.


Renaulution Renault’s recovery plan

That they are separated from the screen, you do not have to go through the screen to divide them but you do have to take a look where are they because they are not found as they are not physical controls so that one thing for another is perhaps better this system than leaving them inside the screen but you already know that we like more the physical controls more easily found so to speak while we are driving a flattened steering wheel below we have a line of light.

The mobile charger a storage space and a large armrest Nissan announces

That completely connects the entire area of the doors with the dashboard and we also have a Getafe display is not bad at all the central console houses the gear lever the buttons for the driving modes the mobile charger a storage space and a large armrest Nissan announces that the car has a voice recognition system with artificial intelligence and also has the amazon alexa voice system that can be used at home to show the charge level, open and close the car or control different parameters and also this console moves look forward and backward with regulation With this.

we manage to clear the area even further forward and when we take a passenger in the center seat we can move it forward so that it has more space.Now we show you the front seats are very thin, which together with the flat floor offers remarkable habitability in these rear seats because here you have me with a distance to the ceiling relatively c Correct this car has a roof that falls but falls from here to the back.

We maintain a very good distance to the ceiling

It is a bit deceiving seen from the outside and therefore inside we maintain a very good distance to the ceiling, so is the distance for the legs because right now this seat is located even a little further back than how I would drive it, therefore there is space and here in the central square as you can see we have this piece of furniture that, as indicated, would prevent a third passenger from being seated here.

Therefore we are going to push it forward and it is already fixed With this furniture he mentioned there we can use the central square in which, as you can see, I am also relatively far from the ceiling and with the advantage of being able to put my feet wherever I want because the floor is completely flat and the trunk has an electric opening and offers 468 liters in the two-wheel-drive versions and 415 in which, like this unit, they have four-wheel drive and therefore two engines, the second of which is.

Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look
Nissan ARIYA 2021 | Exclusive First Look

The ones located on the rear axle are relatively open space and that preserves something that we have already seen in other nissan models, such as a double bottom with the possibility, in addition to placing this rear part thus vertically to divide the trunk in two vertically. that we have already seen in the Qashqai and the x-trail and that the brand has kept on this day Nissan announces five versions as a result of combining two batteries and two types of traction the brand speaks of 500 kilometers of autonomy in wl cycle pp for the two-wheel-drive version with a large battery.

It will have a 65- kilowatt-hour battery and a 217- horsepower engine

But the basic official approval is still pending. It will have a 65- kilowatt-hour battery and a 217- horsepower engine and 300 neutral meters of torque with a theoretical autonomy of 360 kilometers. front-wheel-drive is the same as the second with a battery of 90-kilowatt hours and 242 horses that announces the quoted maximum autonomy of 500 kilometers and the other three versions are like this unit with four-wheel drive.

The difference is that these all-wheel-drive versions that Nissan calls e force have a motor on the front axle and another on the rear axle there are three power levels one with the small battery and a power of 278 horses and two with the large battery with 306 and 390 and four horses respectively the latter called performance has an autonomy that in the absence of approval will be around 400 kilometers this car has been developed on a new platform for electric models has multi-link rear suspension and the battery is liquid-cooled the 63-kilowatt battery versions.

Now feature a 7.4 kilowatt charger for home use while the 87 kilowatt versions now include a 22 kilowatt three-phase charger on the line can support a fast charging of up to 130 kilowatts that allows it to be recharged to 80% in 30 minutes Charging system is compatible with the European s cc standard this GeForce system uses the motors located on both axles to electronically control the power delivery, traction and braking of each wheel individually and thus offer a more precise dynamic behavior and Safe on any surface, the brand also speaks of a great ride comfort and an extremely silent car.