New Citroen C3 AIRCROSS Car 2021 SUV
New Citroen C3 AIRCROSS Car 2021 SUV

New Citroen C3 AIRCROSS Car 2021 SUV

Introduction Of New Citroen C3 AIRCROSS Car 2021 SUV

New Citroen C3 AIRCROSS Car 2021 SUV. Citroën managers in Spain have reasons to be happy with their 3 errors, specifically 42 thousand reasons, so many communities have sold in our country anyway, the French brand cannot rest on its laurels because if there is a corner of the market that is at war, that It is the one of the suv of segment.

The newly updated model replaces

Where the competition is devastating for that reason citroën has just launched its renewed c3 aircross and it is presenting it to us at an event in Madrid where we have the opportunity to see it for the first time but above all to do what we love the most. It is exciting that it is to present you all its novelties, so today the newly updated model replaces the one that made its debut in mid-2017, developed from an agreement with Opel before the acquisition of the German brand by the group even though.

Once it has joined the fcc up a group to form this land tease, it is very clear, well, what matters is that the c3 aircross has been updated with a series of modifications. Aesthetic and equipment ones that will allow you to continue standing up against your rivals, which are many to put just a few examples, there are the Renault Kaptur but in 2008 they were tied to Volkswagen from cross Hyundai with tonic guides and also, of course, its cousin the Opel Crosland the one that very recently we brought our test video and now.

What we had come to show you what are the changes that the citroën urban SUV presents and the first and main obviously is the front that is very different from the one that knows practically the only thing that it conserves is the hood and the upper optics from there the face of the vehicle adopts to some extent the x-shaped design that we have already seen the latest creations of the brand the chevrons are larger and the metallic branches that were already present in the previous model are.

Which is now more prominent and presents

Now thicker are more separated from each other and extend towards their respective optical groups by the way now all the l some are standard LEDs and the lower optics have also changed, they present a much flatter casing and are joined by this horizontal section in black for its part, the grill has moved towards the bumper which is now more prominent and presents lower protection more This narrow set of modifications gives the vehicle a more off-road image although it is not at all looking at the car in profile.

We find that the c-pillar windows so characteristic of this model give a choice between different designs and new alloy wheels also arrive in measures of 16 or 17 inches if the new model from the front is different from the rear, it is the same, these optics with a three-dimensional effect are still present and the nice bumper in which these three sections protrude from the swollen plate the little one is a Frenchman has always stood out for its customization possibilities an aspect in which the brand has decided to go a step further.

The body colors voltaic blue polar white and khaki gray are incorporated into the catalog, which is the one we are showing in this video and the contrast color packs in orange and blue the interior of the vehicle also welcomes To new settings baptized as urban blue metropolitan graphite, both with fabric and polyamide seats and high grade with polyamide and leather, what a little name remains intact in the interior design that preserves its youthful style and an unmistakable sense of functionality on the dashboard.

The touch screen that has grown a lot in size

The biggest novelty is the touch screen that has grown a lot in size before it was 7 inches and now 9 inches, this screen allows you to control the main functionalities of the vehicle with access to the navigation system and offers compatibility with android auto and apple car play Although it has gained a lot in size and legibility, the screen is still a little out of sight and located in a position. It is somewhat low and it is also a pity that the brand has not taken the opportunity to put some physical controls, real controls with which to control.

The temperature of the vehicle, which we will still have to do through the screen, yes, on the button panel that is the new design we already have at least direct access to the air conditioning by the way the central console has been redesigned and now gives more space to leave objects for example now we have this paul with a lid that is a little difficult to open the drink holder is here and If before we had a handbrake that seemed taken from the world of aeronautics.

Now it is much more conventional like those of a lifetime in its passenger cars Citroen has always prioritized comfort over sportiness and advanced comfort seats that arrive for the first time al c3 aircross are a clear reflection of this philosophy these seats have a much better presence than those available so far and what is more important they are much more comfortable thanks to the fact that they are more fluffy and of higher density as well as they are much wider both for the backrest and for the sidewalk.

When we drive on mountain roads

Their objective is not so much to hold the body when we drive on mountain roads if we do not make the trip much something more pleasant that is after all that you are looking for in a car like this in the back row has not changed or needed because both for space and modularity it was already among the best in the segment it is true that the angle.


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The opening of the doors is not very generous but once seated inside it is surprising the amount of space we have around us as the ceiling is not low or has a slope, we will not feel overwhelmed in terms of free height for the head, the width is quite good for two people but not for three, as in all cars in this category in terms of the space available for the knees, as it depends on the fact that the sidewalk is divided into two s sections have a longitudinal displacement of up to 15 centimeters, then I will explain.

How this affects the trunk but first let’s see other interesting details to start with we can put ourselves in the shade with these curtains the central backrest is foldable and allows it to be used as an armrest with a drink holder and In addition, the backrests offer up to 5 levels of inclination either to travel wide awake or to sleep because the only thing we need is to have aeration vents or USB ports so that we will have to settle for a 12-volt outlet. Let’s take a look at the boot for which we have to open the gate by hand because.

It does not have an electric drive or hands-free function

It does not have an electric drive or hands-free function, fortunately, the good news is that the loading mouth is very wide and almost rectangular and the threshold is not too much elevated is a good detail that we can place the floor at two heights but instead it is a pity that below a spare wheel does not come from it, only a puncture repair kit with the five seats in use, the capacity of 410 liters, but if you remember what I told you before, the mobility of the rear bench affects the capacity of the trunk, therefore those 410 liters are with the bench in its rearmost position.

But if for example, we are not going to take anyone we can take it to its most advanced position and thus obtain a maximum capacity of 520 liters which is not bad at all if we need to take advantage of all the space in the cabin we can always folding the rear seatbacks to release the thousand 289 liters of maximum capacity is not bad for a car whose total length is only 4 and 16 meters in the dynamic section without novelty the c3 aircross maintains its same chassis with front-wheel drive scheme, rear axle with torsional bar and disc brakes on all four wheels and since.

Its platform does not support hybridization we have to settle for two diesel options and another two diesel ina among the first we have the 1.5 blue and 110 horsepower with a 6-speed manual transmission and 120 horsepower 6-speed automatic and among the second the 1.2 your tech turbo 3-cylinder available with 110 horsepower and manual transmission or 130 horsepower with the gearbox. automatic safety and comfort equipment can be very complete accommodates brake assistant blind spot alerts driver fatigue and voluntary lane.

How a new c3 aircross has arrived

Change head-up-display keyless access and starting rearview camera and parking assistant citroën c3 aircross is manufactured in Spain specifically at the Zaragoza plant, it will reach dealerships at the end of May or early July and already has final prices from 16,290 euros with a gasoline engine and 17,270 euros if we are more interested in diesel for true now that no one is listening to how a new c3 aircross has arrived, it is a good time to look for second-hand guys on and that is because of our website and our application.

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