BMW X1 New BMW Car Special Edition In 2021
BMW X1 New BMW Car Special Edition In 2021

BMW X1 New BMW Car Special Edition In 2021

Introduction Of BMW X1 New BMW Car Special Edition In 2021

BMW X1 New BMW Car Special Edition In 2021. It measures 445 meters long go with a wheelbase of 2 with 67 meters by 1 with 82 meters wide and 1 with 58 high but watches out for a point while the conventional x1 has a ground clearance of 18 to 3 centimeters, this plug-in version has to comply with 14 7 centimeters I mention it more than anything in case you plan to take it to the field, do not say that I have not warned the aesthetic restyling of this suv has been very discreet so much that the headlights that present.

We compare it with the x 7 and the bumpers

A new light signature barely changes on the front The grille is larger but still small if we compare it with the x 7 and the bumpers. This front bumper is much more striking than the standard one because the one in our test corresponds to the m-sport finish that adopts a more aggressive aesthetics paints the wheel arches in body color and gives access to these 19-inch alloy wheels our unit also incorporates the Sadoun lin package e that sports black finishes for the grille, the mirrors, the moldings, and this beautiful circular section exhaust tail.

That is also not false, what I do not like is that the most prominent part of the bumper of this m-sport model has this satin finish that does not look like it will last so beautifully for a long time the gate is electrically operated and can offer hands-free function its capacity of 505 liters is the same as before but in the plug-in hybrid version its capacity is reduced to about still good 450 liters.

That is so because the electric motor located on the rear axle practically limits the double bottom where there was hardly room for the charging cable and a repair kit of course we can always fold the rear seatbacks to take advantage of them up to 1,470 liters of full capacity the rear row remains unchanged and is also unaffected in this plug-in hybrid variant as the battery It is housed here under the seat, therefore, the BMW x1 is still without a car surprisingly spacious to accommodate two passengers but not so much three because.

The backrests they can be divided into three sections

The width is not outstanding and also because of the presence of a central tunnel that bothers the feet as before in the backrests they can be divided into three sections and admit various angles of inclination a very attractive extra for our passengers is the panoramic roof that brings a lot of light they will also have at their disposal two adjustable ventilation outlets and two usb ports that are now set type the driver’s position remains the same by design and although it presents some new materials and finishes, it could be said.

That this classic bmw interior is starting to be seen more than the comic, but I tell you something that two thousand times before with this instrument panel of traditional style than with the instrumentation of the new series 3 and series 4 that I find very strange speaking of pa nsizes perhaps the most striking novelty is this 10 to 25-inch diagonal screen that differs from the existing ones due to its larger size but also because it is tactile. On the other hand, our unit with m-sport finish looks like.

This interior upholstered in black this fantastic three-spoke steering wheel and a very thick rim and these sporty seats that also turn out to be quite comfortable though the leather upholstery is optional two other things the first fortunately the so fashionable piano black has not invaded the cabin it has which is present in this section and the center console and so that you can see that it is indeed very delicate, this test unit already has the center console quite scratched and since we are here the last detail that is exclusive to the plug-in model and this mode selector I will talk to you about the hybrid system of the modes later but before the hybrid system the extra in 25 combines.

BMW the gasoline engine is not six cylinders

A combustion engine with ot electric ro unlike other BMW the gasoline engine is not six cylinders or even four has to be satisfied with the more modest 1.5 twin power turbo three-cylinder and 125 horsepower accompanied in this case by an automatic gearbox step Tronic six relations the gasoline engine is responsible for moving the front axle while the electric drive of 70 kilowatts 95 horsepower is responsible for moving the rear axle in this way an all-wheel-drive system is built that does not need the classic shaft of the transmission.

The combined power reaches 220 horses with a maximum torque of 385 newton-meters this set allows acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 69 seconds and reaches a top speed of 192 kilometers per hour in electric mode the maximum speed is limited At 135 kilometers per hour the lithium-ion battery has 10-kilowatt hours of capacity with a net value of 88 kilowatts ho We can charge it a domestic plug-in which 5 hours are enough to do it completely or in a wall charger where it will take a little more than three hours and now.

If I explain the driving modes that are neither one nor two, there are three the first main It is the auto-drive mode that takes care of itself automatically and the sole of dividing the work between the thermal engine and the electric one to achieve maximum energy efficiency by simplifying, let’s say that it behaves like a conventional hybrid system but with steroids, since it has an In your favor, a large capacity battery if we are interested in conserving batteries, for example, if we are driving on two tracks and we want to keep it for.

That is around 4% is deactivated in the purely electrical mode

When we get to the city that we have the 6 battery mode that does precisely that, it tries to preserve the current level of battery using the gasoline engine as much as necessary the third and last mode is called max and drive which is nothing more than a nom It is very sophisticated for the classic 100% electric mode in this mode we will only resort to using the electric motor the battery and only the heat engine will come into action when we step on the accelerator fully, it is safe that now you ask me and what happens.


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If we eat all of it the battery because, in reality, the system will do everything possible to avoid it before it happens as we have seen during our test when the capacity that is around 4% is deactivated in the purely electrical mode and practice, the x 1 becomes a Conventional hybrid car thus we will always have a remnant of energy that will serve to move the vehicle in ready outputs and to continue helping in the acceleration of strong we now turn to the question of the consumption that the plug-in hybrids always generates controversy.

The official average consumption of this vehicle is only 1.9 liters per 100 kilometers but you already know that the man cycle The approval admits the use of a fully charged battery, so a significant part of those 100 kilometers has been done without spending a single drop of gasoline. If you want to know more about the subject, I invite you to watch the video that Joan Dalmau brought us and to We leave a link in this type of car is the real consumption will depend largely on how you want to manage the hybrid system but.

The gasoline engine for Certainly a detail

I will tell you that in the 6 battery model that tries not to use the battery, the average obtained in our test has been 8 liters. ok, and in 100% electric mode well according to the w ltp homologation the theoretical maximum autonomy of this vehicle is up to 57 kilometers but the practice during our test has cost us to reach 40 kilometers without having to use the gasoline engine for Certainly a detail to take into account the presence of the battery forces to reduce the size of the fuel tank that remains in only 35 liters as a consequence.

It will be ne It is necessary to make more frequent stops on long trips, look at exactly what the general direction of traffic asks of us, but of course if we want an x1 to make long trips better, a diesel x1 does not and going back to the hybrid system its performance seems more than enough and enough Well, for a car of this size, the 220 horsepower total power moves the one that is one with enough ease and that the plug-in hybrid model weighs around 190 kilos more than the equivalent diesel model by power.

Whose immediate thrust helps to compensate

The key is of course in the presence of the electric motor whose immediate thrust helps to compensate for the deficiencies of a gasoline engine that neither has a large displacement nor is especially powerful. That said, this three-cylinder one and a half liter BMW seems to be one of the best in its category and that to me I do not particularly like this type of motor, this button has an acceptably fine turn and hardly transmits noise and vibrations even though That here also influences for good.

The great insulation of the cabin, in addition, the gearbox complies with very little perfect gear jumps as to whether nothing has changed in this update of the x 1 it is still a very road car despite being a sub with a rather firm suspension and very good body roll control, its nature is further accentuated in this plug-in hybrid version that has the center of gravity closer to the ground and even more so in this m sport version because of course, the x1 m sport mounts a reinforced undercarriage as well.