Audi RS4 Avant New 2021 Car
Audi RS4 Avant New 2021 Car

Audi RS4 Avant New 2021 Car

Introduction Of Audi RS4 Avant New 2021 Car

Audi RS4 Avant New 2021 Car. The new Audi rs4 on a circuit, yes, so how little has changed compared to the previous model some details that we are going to discover in a moment what better than having the circuit Calafat for us and roll thoroughly with him the first to see it as you know we are everywhere also right there on our web and in our you can find new vehicle units of the Audi rs4 avant.

Arrese 4 avant of the different previous generations

The car that is around 100,000 euros and the usual thing that does not come to you for new thinks that right now there is in the second-hand car section of around 30 units of arrese 4 avant of the different previous generations between 22 thousand and 50 thousand euros audi invented the concept of a sports family with the 80 rs2 avant in the year 1994 developed together with porsche on the basis of the audio 80 mounted an evolution of the engine of the mythical audi 4 yes yes that car.

That popularized the integral attraction in the world rally winning both driver and brand titles its engine was a 5-cylinder in-line 2.2-liter turbo that declared 315 horses at 6500 laps and 410 newton-meters of torque at 3,000 revolutions a family member that declared a top speed of 265 kilometers per hour and an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 5.4 seconds. that even today they are still spectacular the rs 2 was the pioneer an experiment that went well and behind which the different generations of the rs 4 came from the year 2000 21 more years Later.

The recipe is still fully valid with this new rs 4 recently BMW has announced that it will offer a version with a family body of the new m3 a car that will come to compete for face to face with this rs 4 luckily there is still high-performance family in the middle Of a sea full of so much south, all the dimensions are identical to those of the previous model except that it declares three centimeters more in height, it will be that now in the technical sheet Audi has the roof bars and before they do not think and according to the same brand.

The aesthetic changes concerning the previous rs4

It weighs 30 kilos more than before the aesthetic changes concerning the previous rs4 must be rehearsed as the seven differences because they are very subtle here andra loses an outer frame in black the logo 4 at the bottom also disappears and the vertical air inlets that had on both sides of that grille are also not adds a new air intake just between the single frame and the engine hood- to thee, The style we have seen in the latest Audi models, the light signature changes, even the shape of the headlight is different in its innermost part, as well as the secondary front bumper air intakes where the radars of the driving assistants also have a shape.

Different from the standard it equips 20-inch wheels here in Spain these are the optional ones with a five-arm flag design just 410 euros extra this unit is equipped with Pirelli p zero tires with measures 275 30 20 the ceramic brakes that you mount are the optional 19 inches but only on the front axle in the rear it continues to mount steel discs in the rear, the changes are revolutionary, it’s not a joke, the only thing that changes is this chrome inside the rear light since they have changed something, they could have put a strip of led that there were.


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The two pilots and thus provide it with this light signature that we have seen in rs7 and rs6, if it were, change a p oco inside also here on the steering wheel there is a new button instead of the button there was before for the navigator there is a button that way with this button you directly access the rs1 and rs2 modes that you have previously programmed to your liking through the screen like this with figures engine suspensions engine sound.

The second important change it is here instead

I change everything to your liking instead of having to enter it is in the menu with the rave select button you are driving you to click it and you are already in the mode that you wanted the second important change it is here instead of the eme control and all my life it has carried this rotary control to access the different menus now you have a touch screen to my liking much more uncomfortable and here egg told me that it helps you to put the gasoline tickets of tolls and others under.

The front hood is the same v6 Biturbo engine of the previous model but now complying with current emission regulations, yes the finishes and I understand that The brands increasingly try to save costs are companies that seek an economic benefit, now a car like this with what it costs and intended for the public that goes because it has finishes like these the switchboard xxi seen without any protection of anything these bars of steel with a screw-like that.

I do not know a little enough talk time to test it thoroughly v6 of 3 liters Biturbo declares 450 horses from 5,700 to 6,700 laps and 600 crypto park meters from 1900 to 5000 Los The records are the same as those that declared the previous evolution of the 4 Avant, the performance against the chronometer does not change either, it accelerates from 0 to 100 in 4.1 seconds and declares a peak limited to 250 kilometers per hour with the previous evolution of the 4 me maple. he assaulted that doubt so that beef is 6.

The eight -speed gearbox goes under the nose

When this goes as it goes and pushes life feels light it holds up you can also make it skid if it pushes a lot and it sounds very nice this unit that carries the sports exhaust from these options is worthwhile on the edge the sound is amazing although now it carries the suspension in the df in the dynamic mode in a point like buoyancy although the site of a species of feeling.

The game web moves he also betrays himself by pushing that yes this soft point makes it usable and comfortable on the road since it filters every last irregularity of the road and that makes it not dislodged from the trace idea a good compromise to enjoy Of the car in the real world, the eight -speed gearbox goes under the nose, it was a real manual mode for you, if it was adapted in the absence of this complaint, an automatic can get to the cut as here.