Citroen C5 AIRCROSS Hybrid SUV Car In 2021
Citroen C5 AIRCROSS Hybrid SUV Car In 2021

Citroen C5 AIRCROSS Hybrid SUV Car In 2021

Introduction Of Citroen C5 AIRCROSS Hybrid SUV Car In 2021

Citroen C5 AIRCROSS Hybrid SUV Car In 2021. We are going to see how many kilometers it is capable of doing in 100% electric mode and we will also see if it maintains all the virtues and small defects of the rest of this range in this segment, hybridization is Trend and PSA is one of the groups that most uses it for the top-of-the-range versions of its C-segment sub.

A single electric motor and front-wheel drive with 224 horsepower

This platform supports two types of hybridization, one with a single electric motor and front-wheel drive with 224 horsepower and the other with two electric motors. second of them on the rear axle that generates 300 horses and has four-wheel drive Elop the great dan x hybrid one of s 7 crosses back tense and the Peugeot 3008 hybrid allow you to choose between both systems, while both the Peugeot 508 saloon and station wagon and this citroën c5 errors only have the possibility of equipping.

The system with a single-engine and 225 horses and it is a pity because, as we mentioned in the test of the c5 error petrol this is a car with a ground clearance of 23 centimeters and a very elastic suspension, therefore, it could be a good sub-off-road as long as it was 4×4 and it is not anyway let’s take a look here below and you will see that there are enough holes for the gasoline engine and the electric motor that is put under there at least although it has had the detail of putting a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter gasoline engine and has not used.

Its new generation With three-cylinder engines, this car hardly differs from any other c5 error aesthetically, you have to look at the logos and the blue decorations on the airbags and The dimensions of the fog lamp frames measure the same four and a half meters long with a wheelbase of 273 meters by 184 wide and 165 high. The shapes are very cubic which guarantees good habitability. For example, rear seats are very functional, yes because there are three individual seats behind here with the same dimensions and therefore central.

The two exteriors and as it is a very wide car here behind

It offers the same comfort to adults as the two exteriors and as it is a very wide car here behind, three can travel perfectly. Adults with comfort that we will hardly find in another car in this same segment. The fact that there are three individual seats also allows us to place two seats outside and seat an adult in the center, which is another thing that is practically impossible to get in any other car to place three you avoid no longer because you notice that the central seat does not have.

The Isofix bindings that if they have the exteriors, these seats are also reclining individually, they can lean a little further back and they are also sliding, that is, they have 15-centimeter travel, this allows us, for example, to leave it more or less like this, place some and so childish here the child will not be playing in the front seat yet and we will gain a little extra boot space that, taking into account that this is a hybrid version, it will not hurt us, I always insist every time I test a car with these characteristics.

That is shared by c5 errors With the profession 5008 the seating system is the same because the rest of the brands do not have a rear row so we will not get bored with an exhaustive review of the interior of this car since we already tell you about it in the video of the gasoline version that you can see below this just remember that the c5 error has a digital instrumentation l configurable a console with enough holes to leave things and in which.

The air conditioning screen

We will find a mobile charger, very comfortable seats with double padding, and the typical central screen of the models even though it is used for everything and through which you have to pass yes or no yes to regulate the air conditioning screen that by the way allows us to take a look at the energy flows and in this way, we will know if we are recharging or using electrical energy when we go in electric mode and if the electric motor supports the thermal or replaces it when we circulate in Hybrid mode.

We have it both on the screen and in the instrumentation when we customize it we have already talked about the engines and we have to do the battery we have it in the center of the floor and it has a capacity of 13 2 kilowatts now gross recharges in 7 hours in a 24-kilowatt socket any domestic socket or four hours in a 3.7-kilowatt socket and 16 amps the cable that it carries from being ie it is a mode 2 cable that allows charging it in a normal outlet and if we want to install a world box at home to charge.

It is just a couple of hours at 7.4 kilowatts now we will need to buy the cable that is offered as an option together with the 74-kilowatt onboard charger instead of 37 on the left side of the car we have the recharging hatch because on the right side in the same place we keep the access hatch to the fuel tank and now we are going to take a look at what it is so to speak the usual collateral victim in hybrid cars that is the trunk in this c5 errors we have a trunk of 460 liters that is not bad but that is 120 liters less than.

The entire recharging system under the floor is the cause

That offered by its thermal brothers the need to place the entire recharging system under the floor is the cause of this loss of volume the main damaged is the double bottom in this version we keep it but instead of having a deeper and complete space nte diaphanous and to be able to place the tray underneath to increase the boot space here what we have is this distributor of elements with this bucket in which we can place the charger this area here that allows us to place the triangles a space for the repair kit punctures.

Because this car cannot have a spare wheel, not even an emergency one and finally we have this little space here to leave some other item a rag this kind of thing that we always carry in the car [Music] citroën announces a Theoretical autonomy of 55 kilometers in 100% electric mode, this autonomy can be achieved. Look, I left home with 843 2 kilometers of marker and a theoretical autonomy of 48 kilometers, and the car reached 0 54 kilometers later with an average expenditure of 17 5 kilowatts.


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Now the 100 kilometers and he still endured a couple more kilometers before turning on the gasoline engine the route was mixed city to Autopista city with a slightly downhill profile but with tips of 110 kilometers per hour, from my own experience these days of using this car, the autonomy is between 45 and those 55 kilometers that the brand announces, we have already seen that they can be achieved and that it is relatively feasible to do so if we drive essentially in the city because that is where electricity is best used and when.

What it does is reserve the electrical energy

We leave home we take the highway because we will probably do a little more than 40 kilometers but not much more because the highway is precisely where energy is used the least, On the other hand, it must be taken into account that this car has a safe mode that we can select through the vehicle applications by clicking on energy and in the save mode, what it does is reserve the electrical energy, that is, if, for example, we go out in electric mode in the city but at 34 kilometers we already take the highway and our trip ends in or another city.

Where when we arrive we will be interested in having electricity available again, what we can do is tell the system to reserve energy in the battery for 10 to 20 kilometers or to reserve the entire battery for us to be able to use it later at the destination then the car it automatically goes into hybrid mode instead of operating the electric mode and it keeps us that battery using only the electrical energy that it is capable of regenerating like any other hybrid car, we must also take into account that if we ask.

It to save us Energy for 1020 kilometers or full battery when that battery is already discharged, then what the car does is take advantage of the extra combustion engine so that during the journey, it will also charge the battery in this way it spends a little more but when we arrive at the destination we will return to have that electrical energy that we want to move around the city, the c5 error has three modes operating the 100% electric mode that moves the car in silence and up to 135 kilometers per hour.

A conventional hybrid regenerating during deceleration

While we have energy in the battery the hybrid model that works like a conventional hybrid regenerating during deceleration and braking and using the electric motor as a complement to The thermal accelerator accelerates the strong one or replacing it in favorable situations such as in a traffic jam at low-speed oihane ‘not at a stable speed and finally the sport mode that uses the gasoline engine and the electric at the same time to offer the maximum performance also both in Electric mode as in hybrid mode has two levels of regeneration.

The normal one and the so-called break that is inserted by moving the gear lever backward. It is true that when we insert it a greater regenerative braking capacity is noticed, that is to say, that when I lift my foot from the accelerator the car brakes automatically much more than when we do it in the normal mode of all It is not one of those cars that when lifting the foot practically not after a very strong opposite deceleration that forces even in some models to turn on the rear lights, not here you can choose between regenerating nothing or regenerating.

The change of this car is an eight-speed automatic gearbox

A little and since we are talking about the lever The change of this car is an eight-speed automatic gearbox by torque converter, that is, the one used by the PSA group in all its automatic models currently, which is a change that is not extraordinarily fast but on the contrary has a smoothness of Very remarkable performance is a very easy to use and smooth change that contributes a little to this traveling philosophy of this car and if when we modify the regeneration level the difference between normal mode and b mode is little.

The same cannot be said of When we put the sport mode in the driving modes concerning the hybrid mode, the difference is noticeable so much that sometimes it seems like e as if when changing the mode we will change the engine the response the forcefulness with which it responds to the accelerator the way it accelerates the way the car recovers when it is in sport mode and we step on it is very noticeable, very different concerning the normal hybrid mode so both those 224 horses are noticeable especially there in the sport mode and it allows you to use those 224 horses otherwise it is that then the dynamic behavior is for those 224 horses.