PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car
PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car

PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car

Introduction Of PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car

PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car. Which replaces the previous gt line let’s begin our review with the change that will undoubtedly have you called more attention I mean the new front that is inspired by what is shown by the latest models of the French house, in reality, it is inspired and evolves especially in the size of the grill that has grown to engulf the headlights we at the bar counter arguing on the grille of the bmw 4 series and meanwhile the grille features a pattern of shiny elements.

Which its central slit is less pronounced the headlights are standard LEDs

That gt and gt pack ersions are thinner and more grouped and to me, it particularly reminds me of the grills of a certain German brand of which I am not going to tell you except that it has a woman’s name and is called Mercedes in any case now we find the name of the model up here next to the bonnet the front optics have also changed and present a new housing in which its central slit is less pronounced the headlights are standard LEDs and the upper versions gt and gt so that they show an enlarged variant with curve lighting and an anti-fog function.

That uses the low-intensity low beams, hence the model has replaced the round lamps that it had here with these fan-shaped led strips that act like one if they fit the car well or not. At your discretion but I particularly don’t like these air intakes more than anything because they are not and if we have some false air inlets behind we have a false exhaust outlet that in this version have nice chrome moldings, by the way, the rear of the vehicle also changes the optics that present.

PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car
PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car

A new light signature is intermittent friends seen in profile the 3008 does not incorporate changes Beyond the new catalog of alloy wheels, the ones that this 7 pack model sports have a 19-inch size in a two-tone finish and a peculiar design this unit is painted in the ultimate red color that was already available before the restyling but now the 3008 offer the New celebrated blues and vertigos also offers the new black pack option with black details as attractive as delicate another section affected by this restyling is the driving position and here the main protagonist is this.

The greater total surface area is appreciated per

The new 10-inch screen that replaces the previous one of 8 inches this screen seems to me of good quality and the greater total surface area is appreciated per or it does not seem to me that the usable space is much greater than before more than anything because these two sections remain fixed on both sides the infotainment system is an evolution on which we already knew the readability is good although the response speed continues to be improved offers compatibility with car play and android auto and the organization of the menus is correct in general.

But unfortunately, the brand has not decided to install specific controls for the air conditioning that we have to continue using through the screen itself and my way of seeing this It is a double problem partly because it is a nuisance but mainly because it causes distractions and can pose a risk to our safety at the wheel. The 12 3-inch digital instrument panel has also been updated with a sharper and brighter screen, it supports various settings of presentation but animations are slow and the rev is counter by r Azones that.


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I cannot understand continues to rotate in the opposite direction the update of the 3008 presents new finishing details in our unit include wood moldings and good quality upholstery the standard seats in the gt pack finish are very comfortable and have electrical regulation for the driver heating and even massage what is optional is this upholstered in top-level Nappa leather otherwise the driving position remains the same with the much-discussed concept to the cockpit that consists of using a tiny and flattened steering.

The active safety equipment from 3008

Wheel here very down with the instrumentation on top I still do not feel comfortable but if I am more comfortable in this 3008 than for example in a 208 or 2008 my advice to try it before buying it they have taken the opportunity to enrich the active safety equipment from 3008 now offers adaptive cruise control with assist lane maintenance stop and start updated emergency braking entity expanded recognition of traffic signs not only of maximum speed and even an infrared night vision system.

That enables the detection of pedestrians in full darkness before moving to the rear seats let’s check a little detail that for me particularly it is an indicator of manufacturing quality test passed here behind almost nothing has changed the access is still correct and the bench is still fixed without adjustment capacity we have better width than knee space and it is not entirely easy to put your feet underneath of the front seats but the height to the ceiling is more than enough for me the best of the rear seats is in the center partly because.

The absence of a transmission tunnel gives more facilities when accommodating a third passenger and also because we continue to have aeration outlets and a 12- volt outlet, well here is d Where do we go back to almost nothing has changed that I was commenting on and that is that before we had no usb port at our disposal and now we have two of them, the funny thing is that they are of type ‘a’ and not usb I know what it is today for the surprise of few the trunk does not change and continues to present electric drive and hands-free function.

A little high for my taste the good thing is that inside

The loading mouth is very wide although perhaps the threshold is a little high for my taste the good thing is that inside we have a total capacity of 520 liters that is not there Not bad but beware, that’s the way it is with the diesel and gasoline versions, if you choose a plug-in hybrid, you’ll have to settle for only 395 liters, the 520 liters I mentioned give a lot of play thanks to the depth and width of the boot because we have small gaps to both sides and to the match that can be taken out of the double bottom. Still, we go.

I would prefer to bring a spare wheel than a repair kit we can fold the seats in a row ta and with the backrests folded down, the total capacity is 1,482 liters in some half-life updates, the cars also receive modifications on the chassis or the offer of mechanics to improve deficiencies detected as it is well seen that the 3008 has worked very well among its customers because Peyote has decided to maintain the same chassis and the same range of diesel and gasoline plug-in hybrid engines, as is the case, our unit specifically mounts.

PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car
PEUGEOT 3008 SUV New 2021 Car

The most powerful engine in the gasoline range, the peer tech 1.6 turbo four-cylinder and 180 horsepower. of power allows to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 8 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 222 kilometers per hour this propeller was already present in the 3008 and preserves its same qualities has a very fine turn accelerates quickly and also it has a very good recovery capacity which allows to easily face maneuver towards overtaking everything.

The 1.2 three-cylinder and 130 horsepower

This makes it preferable to the other gasoline engine, the 1.2 three-cylinder and 130 horsepower, that the propeller feels like a glove to the compact 308, but it is not so recommended in this heavier suv and in which we will probably travel with passengers, a pity that the 180 horsepower gasoline is only available with the gt and gt pack finishes the gearbox that the company is the automatic this 8-type torque converter that we have already seen in so many models of the PSA group including the 3008.

Itself is not an automatic gearbox Especially fast but quite smooth, maybe not so much in stationary maneuvers but good for regular and daily use, it is perfectly valid with this engine and this change, the mixed consumption according to the location wl tp is 6.9 liters per 100 kilometers a lower value than we have obtained during our test week in which we averaged 76 liters tells us that the chassis remains the same and the bottom line I can understand that does not receive changes because to tell the truth the weight of 3.008 is.

A car is much more dynamic and agile than it seems it is seen from the outside for me the secret of the chassis is in its coherence this is a compact suv with front-wheel drive that has to adapt adequately to all kinds of situations without sacrificing a pleasant driving feel and the 3008 follows this premise to the letter especially in the section on the suspensions they are soft, not soft and in fact, they have that little point of firmness in compression.