Hyundai Bayon New Car In 2021
Hyundai Bayon New Car In 2021

Hyundai Bayon New Car In 2021

Introduction Of Hyundai Bayon New Car In 2021

Hyundai Bayon New Car In 2021. That uses the same platform as the Hyundai i20 and that replaces the active versions of its own and 20 disappeared after the last one in the range. The recent update of this model is aesthetically an original car in the line of the latest products of the brand but with its personality to distinguish it from other models such as the aforementioned and 20 or the cone-like the rest of the brand’s SUVs.

A strip of LEDs located at the base of the hood

It separates the daytime running lights A strip of LEDs located at the base of the hood of the main headlights in a lower position and integrated into the side air intakes the grill is very amp lia has the license plate on its base and some lower protections that together with the wheel arches allow it to emphasize its SUV air and it has a mini grill that continues to the headlights below.

The bonnet is a bit in the style of sports audios but without that the sensation of the badly closed bonnet of the Audi the side is characterized by the games of light generated by the multiple folds of the bodywork a little in the style of Tucson with multiple arrow lines at the height of the front wheel arch and the rear doors and They have a very wide rear clear that allows, however, to offer a third side window as is customary in this type of car.

The roof can be in black to achieve that fashionable impression of a floating roof, the wheels will be 15 to 17 inches and there will be 9 body colors available including the mangrove green of the car in the images on the rear very inspired by that of the i20 we see a relative man You narrow a black strip on the gate of considerable height in which the logo of the brand has been placed.

Narrow-shaped lights with a light bar

A roof spoiler and some arrow-shaped lights with a light bar that joins them in the lower part of the gate are the names of the brand and the Babylonian model according to the brand a reference to the city of Bayonne in the French Basque country and wants to ratify the 100% European commitment of this model the car measures 4 18 meters long by 177 wide and 149 high so that it is just two centimeters shorter than the one with three centimeters narrower and seven centimeters lower, the wheelbase is 258 meters two centimeters less than.


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That of the con at the free ground clearance of 18 centimeters is one of the largest in a car in this segment and unusual in a two-wheel-drive car the 411-liter boot has a capacity in line with what is expected in this segment the rear tray when not in use can be placed behind it in an upright position to keep it in the car occupying as little space as possible.

The interior is practically identical to that of the i20 on which it is based, it offers a dashboard with a central screen of up to 10 to 25 inches semi-integrated and in an elevated position and instrumentation that can also be digital with a size of 10 or 25 inches the horizontal lines in the aerators that extend into the doors give an original touch although in our opinion the interior design must have similar qualities to Those of the i20 that we liked a lot when we drove it for the first time the infotainment equipment.

The aforementioned 10.25- inch screen or an 8-inch screen

That can have the aforementioned 10.25- inch screen or an 8-inch screen for the lower finishes include applecare play and android car wireless 3 charging ports usb charger of induction mobiles and, as an option, a bose audio equipment, in addition, the ball is equipped with l to last the hyundai blue the link for all kinds of connected services this model will have most of the usual driving aids in the brand such as the lane keeping assistant the warning of possible frontal collision or the intelligent speed control too.

It will carry the driver’s attention detection system or the rear seat occupancy warning so that we do not forget a child or a pet inside the car. The range of engines will be similar to that of the i20. It will have gasoline engines with light hybridization based on the t head block and a 1-liter turbocharged engine that can be combined with 48 volt light hybridization and the Hyundai Kia group smart manual gearbox decouples.

The driver releases the throttle this allows the vehicle

The engine from the transmission when the driver releases the throttle this allows the vehicle to move by inertia reducing emissions and saving fuel this engine will be available in two levels of p 100 and 120 horsepower and with the aforementioned six-speed manual gearbox or a seven-speed automatic with double clutch.

The 100 horsepower version of the 1.0 Tejeda engine is also available without 48- volt technology with a manual gearbox in all cases the car incorporates three driving modes Eco, normal, and sport, as an access version, an 84-horsepower 1.2 naturally aspirated engine associated with a 5-speed manual gearbox was available with this new model, Hyundai now has one of the widest SUV ranges on the market and also completely renewed.