BMW X4 M Competition Car 2021
BMW X4 M Competition Car 2021

BMW X4 M Competition Car 2021

Introduction Of BMW X4 M Competition Car 2021

BMW X4 M Competition Car 2021. The engine this is a three-liter in-line six-cylinder engine located longitudinally with variable cylinder head timing. four valves per cylinder electronic injection and turbocharger that produces 510 horses at 6,250 revolutions per minute and has a maximum torque of 600 newton-meter from 2,900 laps.

The new BMW m3 and m4 competition

This engine is the same as the new BMW m3 and m4 competition because this BMW x 4 is a x 4 m competition a BMW x 4 m competition of 510 horses how strange nor trace of Gerard farrés so this time I will have to try it 2 and before continuing if as this progresses the video is cool you can give the like if you are not subscribers of the channel you can subscribe give the bell to receive our notifications and if you end up falling in love with the BMW x4, be it like this or any other, at deal at

There you will find the new ‘kilometer zero’ and second-hand and more units than anywhere else because in we have it. you know the biggest offer of cars the best entertainment system said the advertising and so true with this engine the x4 accelerates from 0 to 100 in 4.1 seconds and reaches a self-limited top speed of 250 kilometers per hour We can if we pay three thousand one hundred and thirty euros extra to increase that maximum speed up to 285 kilometers per hour and that money that.

We pay extra is not so much for the change but because BMW takes us to Germany for a driving course so that we can learn to control this car because really with this engine it is even difficult sometimes to control the exceptional or non-typical engines past accelerates in a brutal way that is to say give the accelerator of this car not only to accelerate but also to recover at any time at any speed with any gear this will When you accelerate, you get completely glued to the seat, it is a spectacular sensation.

The engine is coupled to an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox

Two tons are thrown catapulted forward on each floor where the accelerator the engine is coupled to an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox that we can drive through the paddles located behind the steering wheel and that in Comfort mode seems that it is not there, the changes are barely perceptible if the car always seeks to insert the highest possible gear to reduce consumption, the one that homologates is 11 3 liters to 100 but the reality is that you are hardly going to go down from 12 with this car at the gas point on the highway maintaining the 120 and with a favorable orography.

I have come to see figures of 10 liters but on mountain roads taking out the engine a good part of what it has to take out everything in a place that is not a closed circuit is practically impossible, consumption shoots up easily above 20 liters and we must not forget that we have the m3 engine mounted in a device that weighs two thousand and forty- five kilos and that measures 162 meters high in the Comfort mode this car seeks to consume within what fits the essential minimum but when.

We give the sport or sport plus modes, things change and the engine and the change are put into the fatigues and they honor this competition surname that defines the car. Well, when you go in comfort mode because it is I look for bbva so wide in a barely perceptible way but then when it plays when you have to use the manual suit with the paddles behind the wheel it is a box that also responds and within those that are converters of torque, as is the case, that is to say, that they are not double clutch boxes.

Therefore contributes to the sporty sensations

It is one of the fastest, that is, it has a speed both up and down gears more than remarkable in a box of this type and therefore contributes to the sporty sensations also when We take it in sport plus mode every time you put the gear in it will be a strong blow as if to say I have already put it on, therefore this also contributes a little to this feeling of sport. it that distills the entire car and if the engine is impressive and the change accompanies the rest of the car is in line.


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The four-wheel-drive x-drive system is extremely effective with a perfect distribution of torque in all circumstances in bet comfort mode for safety and is there to ensure any inconvenience in mode is for things to change again between the distribution of torque happens to give priority to the rear wheels to achieve a more sporty behavior on the lookout even and that the electronic differential m balances the rear axle the car offers a spectacular traction capacity that translates into an impressive cornering despite.

The remarkable synergies generated by how many were if 2000 45 kilos of people and is that in this car when you put the sport mode and more still sport plus mode a lot of input stuff happens change engine response change sound of the engine changes the response of the suspension on which we will return later and it also changes even the direction to the direction is a very sporty electronically regulated Servotronic steering that is also adaptive when we put the sport and sport plus mode in addition to hardening to be progressive steering.

You need less steering wheel turn

What it also does is that as you turn you need less steering wheel turn and therefore you also gain a lot a lot in precision this is a direction that filters a lot for my taste maybe too much but its precision is fantastic for an open use sporty like the one required by this car and the brakes with discs measuring 395 millimeters in diameter at the front and 370 millimeters at the rear are of the compound type, which improves both their effectiveness in slaughter braking and, above all, their resistance to fatigue, which is highly desirable.

Thank you since they must stop each time a mass of Yaya I know you know but two thousand and forty- five o kilos with their blue pieces also work like the tires that are asymmetrical with the rear and slightly wider 265 against 255 all counted on spectacular 21-inch wheels, well, perfect, not a huge engine, an ideal change, an almost perfect direction, a chassis with a four-wheel-drive system that instead of masking sportiness helps even to increase them and this is sound that we can modify artificially by giving a button on the console this button on the center console located next to those.

That allows us to choose the regulation from the direction of the engine response and the suspension is what in my view clouds the idyllic panorama that we had until now is an adaptive piloted suspension calibrated by BMW m is a very sporty suspension for my taste the excess in Comfort mode is a suspension that is anything but comfortable on the highway if the floor is perfecto there will be no problems and we will not find out that it is except when we catch a more irregular expansion joint than the account.

A sport plus position what this suspension

The blow will be noticeable and if we choose the sport and sport plus modes then things are more complicated than choosing between a position with fortune positions because a sport plus position what this suspension does is to choose between an uncomfortable suspension to a very uncomfortable suspension and a suspension that directly destroys your lower back is very hard too hard and that I like hard suspensions, you already know, it is foreseen for a car.

That is soft and has a great dialogue but this is very hard in excess when you are in the city any small bump anything Crowne going in comfort of course already when you are in a mountain race where you are practically obliged to put the sportiest position if you want to take advantage of this engine obviously, make this chassis today that has this e good car the consequences are that every irregularity every bump for when you are not on your back you get a good blow and those who are sitting behind the jump and practically sometimes end up hitting.

The roof well is the price to pay for converting one 2 tons and 510 horsepower in a car capable of providing very sporty sensations with a wide safety margin and this is the problem when you make a suv that is a taller and heavier car and you want to convert it into a Authentic thoroughbred sports car like this x4 m you have to do things and that’s why these brakes and why these 21- inch wheels with these tires that it has and why this suspension is so firm so demanding and in my opinion it breaks with the balance that the car has.

This car it is also true that on impeccable firm roads

Rest of the dynamic elements of this car it is also true that on impeccable firm roads the suspension extraordinarily holds the car and it seems to have There is even some extension travel caused by the generous synergies and in case our back is in a position to withstand what this car is thrown at it is a shot because the enormous power of the engine and the efficiency of the box is joined by a chassis Thanks to the all-wheel drive and this concrete suspension, the x4 m competition is surprisingly agile, entering.

The curves at heart rate and transmitting total confidence once you get used to seeing things from half a meter higher than where it dictates logic look at the SUVs you will not like them more or less and calling this a coupe will go more or less against our principles but what is evident is that this car has a good plant in large part thanks also to this color tornado red-billed at 1,350 euros like any other color of this car except white but the impact does not end in red, it also stands out for the contrast of red or with the glossy black in.

Which the front grille has been painted, part of the bumper or the lower rear area, our unit also boasted the carbon exterior package formed by these pieces in the bumper and these lower lips this longitudinal rear piece that goes above the exhaust tails the mirror housings with this spectacular design signed by BMW m and this elegant and discreet lion on top of the gate price of the whole set 5,348 euros comparatively the 639 euros that this bar between turrets also cost of carbon seems to me even cheap and if.

The package of carbon interior inserts

We can mount carbon outside we can also mount it inside the package of carbon interior inserts that includes you are in the door you are on the dashboard and it is in the area of the center console they cost one thousand 86 euros let’s imagine the scene in a BMW dealer with the customer sitting here where I am caressing that area As standard, this car has inserts in this same aluminum in everything that here is carbon, so the salesperson says if you don’t like aluminum, we have a carbon package.

That costs one thousand 86 euros and if you find it very expensive, we have a third option that costs 359. And that it is piano black, can you imagine paying to have more piano black than the one this car already has, the interior design is 100% BMW and the truth is that I like it, I always find myself very comfortable behind the wheel of these cars, the seats are extraordinary sports court upholstered in high-quality leather with the backlit m logo electric and heated ideal for when the lower back all for just 1,916 euros.

We pay another thousand 86 euros the instrumentation

They can also be added ventilation for hot days if we pay another thousand 86 euros the instrumentation is digital the enlarged Getafe display is wonderful but it costs 1,400 five euros and the infotainment equipment is the good one with a screen large that is operated by the central control as we like best or my fingers since.

The screen is touch has a 32-gigabyte hard disk professional browser voice recognition compatibility with AppleCare play only with AppleCare plate wi-fi access and in the console wireless charger and also this super sports steering wheel m completely round with the perfect thickness that can also be heated by paying separately for this series also the seat belt for all seat belts with the colors of bmw m the electric handbrake and the three-zone air conditioner.