Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car
Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car

Introduction Of Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car. Mercedes is one of the brands that has opted for the electrification of its product range and here we have one of its best examples, the Mercedes 300 class of electric is a plug-in hybrid with more than 300 horses, a plug-in hybrid that shows that this technology of Propulsion is ideal for a saloon of this style because I tell you that the hybrid engine is ideal for this Mercedes because the class has always been a saloon characterized by its good rolling by a great smoothness of ride impeccable comfort and good power and all.

Its hybrid power unit it has 320 horsepower to spare

This is now enhanced with the use of electricity in its hybrid power unit, it has 320 horsepower to spare, it also has 700 thousand-ton meters of maximum torque and offers a theoretical electric range of 53 kilometers under its hood there is a four-cylinder in-line gasoline engine and a 90-kilowatt electric motor the battery is in the back of the car is 13.5-kilowatt-hours and recharges in Five hours with a domestic plug we have to get used to seeing two charging outlets in cars, it was conventional for refueling gasoline and this one here for the power outlet.

This hybrid technology is disguised in a suggestive elegant saloon that is quickly recognizable as one of the best Mercedes sedans with permission, of course, is the s class this plug-in hybrid version places its rate at 63 thousand 900 euros this unit that you see in the images has more than 15 thousand euros in extras so its PVP goes to 74 thousand 448 euros Think, for example, that the beautiful and striking hyacinth red sign color is an option that is worth one thousand 639 euros, it gives.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car
Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car

It has a more sporty touch and enhances the small aesthetic changes that the class has recently received. matrix type as an option the front grill is somewhat narrower but the air inlets are larger especially in the line finish of es The unit that I have tested but are careful, they are not real simulated air intakes, they have two very fashionable horizontal moldings that enhance the feeling of width and give a more sporty image. that gives it a more sporty air and also because of these beautiful 18-inch wheels, in this case, lacquered in black and with the logo.

Mercedes Benz also sells in a coupe

The rear of the car maintains its shapes but changes the design of the optics that are now made up of two elements and entering the gate are almost five meters of the saloon that Mercedes Benz also sells in a coupe, Cabrio state,, and old rain version, it is clear that there is a choice. Mercedes takes care of this model, the most sold by the brand in all its history since 1946 and This is a Mercedes navy and therefore it is characterized by having a very peculiar distribution of its controls very characteristic with the change io of gears here just behind the steering.

Wheel the wiper control integrated into the turn signal sometimes it happens that the turn signal is on and without realizing it you are giving the wiper it has also happened more than one occasion in the adjustment of the controls of the seat to whom integrated into the door and also the controls of the lights separated here on the left hand a very peculiar and very traditional distribution in the rods of Mercedes and especially in this class what as a novelty now the car automatically calculates the ideal driving position the driver only has to enter his height and immediately.


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The steering wheel and seat are adjusted to the position that in theory is more comfortable. I must tell you that in my case he was not quite right, although he approached. I usually drive somewhat lower and with the steering wheel further away from what he proposed to me, as you can see, the design of the dashboard is the same as that of the previous class, which has been sold do so far but some small details change in this update, one of them the new steering wheel with a very sporty design that is also covered in leather and has new integrated controls.

The screens of the instrument panel

Some controls that work in a tactile way just by touching the a The menu changes a little, for example, the instrument panel, this one that we have here on the left-hand side is used to control all the screens of the instrument panel, which is digital, the one on the right-hand helps us to control everything that is the system screen very simple infotainment very easy to use very intuitive and also prevents us from having to change or shift our vision of the road towards the screen very quickly.

We also have the tactile controls of the adaptive cruise control and Here we have the voice control and the phone volume of the Radio, among others, at first it is a bit overwhelming, so much information, so much I control so much screen, but it is a matter of getting used to it and once you get used to it, the truth is that everything is handled very easily and above all it prevents us from getting too distracted from the road We can do everything very quickly. Mercedes Benz equips this model with the latest generation of the MX system that can be handled by voice commands through.

Mercedes has already known its central touch-type screen recognizes the movement of our hand and anticipates prepared menus. For the order that we are going to execute, we can also operate this screen using the touchpad located on the center console, it is more compact and has a better touch next to it are the buttons to manage the different driving modes, including the individual mode allows you to modify the direction and motor response according to our tastes, although it is not possible to vary the tact or shock absorbers.

We have to go or the 360-degree reversing camera

Another novelty introduced in this new class is the browser with an augmented reality function that indicates on the image where we have to go or the 360-degree reversing camera that we can activate directly from the console to finish just point out that Mercedes Benz of the class with two digital screens from 10 to 25 inches that are the ones that see me as standard in this unit that I am testing you will see that they are larger are the 12 3 inches that come in the AMC light finish in the rear seats.

There are no changes they are comfortable spacious and the only thing to criticize is the low ceiling height that could be better as a good saloon it has a separate trunk but it is a trunk that the truth is that it disappoints quite disappoints because there are only 370 liters keep in mind that the versions of the class that are not plug-in hybrids have 540 and therefore the difference is considerable, look at the boot is a Trunk with this step here that shows that down here what there are the batteries of the hybrid system and therefore.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car
Mercedes-Benz E-Class 300 E 2021 New Car

It is a trunk that is has a good width but does not have too much depth or length and if we are looking for a bottom then it What we find is this tray was to place the cables and the puncture repair kit and a little more pity about this so small trunk, because the class has a clear vocation of a family car of representation car and this aspect, is very penalized in this plug-in hybrid version is what that you have to opt for a plug-in in exchange for fuel consumption can be zero if we recharge.

Mercedes this finish online equips adaptive shock absorbers

The battery fully and do between 40 and 50 kilometers approximately, which is how long the energy of the batteries lasts, ideal for urban or short-distance use if you like cars that roll silently smoothly without vibrations then this could be perfectly your vehicle is a car with enough horses more than 300 even has a sports program but this is not its strength lies precisely in the ride comfort in the precision of its guidance keep in mind that it is also an all-wheel-drive and therefore it is clear that it is very Mercedes this finish online equips adaptive shock absorbers.

That better hold the car on the supports on curved roads and at the same time can make driving comfortable on the highway, for example, they vary automatically to their setting according to the driving circumstances. a vehicle with good frontal visibility also rear to the sides and also with good luminosity if you request it with this panoramic sunroof but it has a small environmental defect of this excessive blind angle is that it is generated in the left pillar and the rearview mirror not in many Sometimes.

Mercedes this version has The plug-in flange in the class with a gasoline engine

We find this small defect but yes in this unfortunate Mercedes this version has The plug-in flange in the class with a gasoline engine accelerates almost the same as the plug-in with a diesel engine only two tenths faster 57 seconds is used in the 0 to 100 a good register what characterizes this version a plug-in hybrid is the thrust of Its engine pushes a lot from a standstill.

It has very good bass, the action of the electricity from the batteries of the electric power is very noticeable and therefore it is a car that recovers very well that starts very well from scratch than the first the first reaction of the accelerator It is instantaneous bear in mind that it not only has 320 horses.