Hyundai KONA New Hyundai Car In 2021
Hyundai KONA New Hyundai Car In 2021

Hyundai KONA New Hyundai Car In 2021

Introduction Of Hyundai KONA New Hyundai Car In 2021

Hyundai KONA New Hyundai Car In 2021. It continues around the headlight and once it arrives here it continues to the other side to describe exactly the same route. and from here downwards it is completely new the upper grill is bigger and above all, it is wider the lower grill also grows and this intermediate area has been located where the license plate is placed, the headlights also change the daytime running lights now it is a tad more stylized no It changes a lot but it changes.

We now find on the lower grille and finally

It changes the main optical group and also these tiny fog lamps that we now find on the lower grille and finally what also changes is the position of the brand’s logo before it was here in the middle of the grille and now it has risen to the zone superior on the side there are no changes because retouching the monocoque implies getting into a fortune is that they do not come to mind but behind There are also some new features behind it, the same thing happens, it is from this line that breaks the fin.

That the pilots take with them and that continues along the base of the gate that upwards everything remains and downwards everything is new the headlights are new the bumpers are new and in the upper part there is a small exception and it is the taillight not the shape the shape remains the same but if the distribution of the lights changes a bit speaking of lights let’s take a look where There are those of this car, brake position, reversing, intermittent anti-fog, all very distributed, the result of this redesign is a four-centimeter longer body.

Now measuring 420 meters exactly and still maintaining the width of 180, the height of about 56, the wheelbase of 2 60 meters are also new the 17 and 18-inch wheel designs and 5 new colors appear with names as suggestive and not very explanatory as blue. l die feen jeju the red ignite flame or the off mixed green jungle I love the marketing welcome inside the new cone here not so many things change but there are some that are worth highlighting from the outset.

What the brand has tried is to give a sensation of higher perceived

What the brand has tried is to give a sensation of higher perceived quality and this is achieved in some aspects, such as the feel of the steering wheel in these higher versions or in the new design of the aerators now in the shape of a turbine, the hard plastics are kept both in the upper and lower part And only in this central part there is a plastic that is a little more worked, beautiful and a little softer to the touch, although it is still quite hard, what changes the instrumentation the most, now it is 100% digital in the more equipped versions.

The central screen happens to be 10.25 inches the same that we had already seen in the new Hyundai i20 that, as you know, shares the platform with this cone In addition, there is also the possibility of having a wireless mobile charger here in the middle and also changing other elements such as the upholstery, this beige leather is a novelty with this cool red trim the system has the latest blue link update the brand’s software with user profile last kilometer navigation with google maps connected routes or parking information in real-time and a new electric handbrake appears.

New fabric upholstery for the basic and leather versions in black beige or khaki the rear seats that do not stand out for being especially spacious does not change while the boot is now slightly better used and goes from 361 liters in the previous version to 374 another improvement is found in the amount of driving aids available with control Intelligent cruise with automatic stop and start active angle control m port with braking in case the lane is invaded warning of the advance of the vehicle in front.

A centering function in the same detection of pedestrians

So as not to fall asleep in traffic jams lane maintenance with a centering function in the same detection of pedestrians and now also of cyclists in the emergency braking system warning of possible rear collision with braking speeding warning and rear seat occupancy warning engines here there are important changes because hyundai has decided and to provide both the basic gasoline engine and the light hybridization diesel engine

I will try to summarize In the range, the 120 horsepower 1.0 engine, which is the basic option for the conama, is available both in a normal version and in a light hybrid version, above we will have a 1 6- liter gasoline engine also with light hybridization and in this case with 198 horsepower. automatic transmission and four-wheel drive in the diesel range we will have two variants of the 136 horsepower engine.


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They are both with light hybridization and they are different because one is manual front-wheel drive and the other is 4×4 automatic and finally we have this car that has the same 16- liter engine with a support electric motor, is the hybrid version that has 141 horsepower. Power to all these versions mentioned must be added the electric variant that preserves the two versions already known with 136 and 204 horses and homologated autonomies of 305 and 484 kilometers respectively.

A first-price cone we will buy insurance 11.0

We have requested for this first contact a conventional hybrid unit with 141 horses because Our understanding is the most interesting version of the range for those who consider a cone and doubt between which versions we say this because if we are looking for a first-price cone we will buy insurance 11.0 with or without light hybridization but if we doubt between the automatic light hybrid of 120 hp 136 light hybrid diesel and 141 conventional hybrid in our opinion.

The best is the latter one of the most interesting advantages in my view of this hybrid version is the consumption we have done the entire r2 complete and then we have done about 30 kilometers on the road and the average consumption since we have started is 5 liters and a half but there have been times now on the road I spent a little more but I insist that I have seen consumption below 5 during the highway zone so that it is a very low consumption for a car that we do not forget it is gasoline but it is.

It also has other advantages, one, for example, is the acceleration capacity, that is, when you step on this car it has an output thanks to the support of the effect that you are if you want to call it that of the electric motor that supports from very low revolutions very interesting I think that in acceleration It is even better than the conventional gasoline version and the diesel version, therefore it has two advantages, on the one hand, it is a car that spends little and on the other, it is a co the that responds very well in acceleration and recovery.

The light hybridization that consists of a small electric motor

Therefore to me, seems that it is the most balanced version of the range with actually the light hybridization that consists of a small electric motor connected to the crankshaft that also replaces The alternator and the starter motor is something for cold starting, it is still a simple solution to slightly lower consumption and emissions, such as direct injection or the stop & start system, only in this case having an electric motor to someone He gave them the qualification of hybrids and the dgt lacked time to grant them the label.

He left the normal hybrid has that same label but its electric motor is worthy of that name and its larger battery allows the electric motor to complement the gasoline one in accelerations and recoveries and replace you in favorable conditions, that is, at low speed in a traffic jam for example or in aut opist when we maintain the speed at full throttle on flat terrain or in slight descent this is a car that at the level of behavior does not pose any problem it is a car that goes well in all circumstances to be a sub does not balance excessively.

The next section is already heavy braking

It has a suspension I sincerely thought it would be a little softer and it is not firm enough, it holds up very well in support changes, especially your car is well positioned, which traction well, what I like the least, maybe the steering is very heavy, it is not too assisted. It has a little glide at the beginning but then you need to move it hard for the car to turn it is a direction I insist a little strange and the other thing also a little realistic which is the touch of the brake at the beginning it is a little spongy it seems that the car does not brake and then.

The next section is already heavy braking and it pushes you a little forward, in reality, these things one has to get used to us maybe z It costs us more because we are jumping from one car to another but the people who buy this car will always brake the same because it will be a matter of getting used to it and they will get used to it very quickly are peculiarities that different cars have but I insist the dynamic behavior is very satisfactory both on the road as in any other type of highway on the highway in the city what suits you very well.