Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 2021 New Car For You It's Super Amazing Car
Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 2021 New Car For You It's Super Amazing Car

Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 2021 New Car For You It’s Super Amazing Car

Introduction Of Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 2021 New Car For You It’s Super Amazing Car

Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 2021 New Car For You It’s Super Amazing Car. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is possibly the most misunderstood saloon. Despite all the virtues that its sales have been practically testimonial, it may be due in part to the European taste for german saloons and it may also be that.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia offers everything I would ask for

Alfa has never managed to get rid of it entirely Of that reputation for bad reliability that perhaps was earned a few decades ago but that for years has been meaningless regardless of the reasons, it is still a real shame because at least on paper the Alfa Romeo Giulia offers everything I would ask for. a motor enthusiast, that is, a suggestive design, a first-class chassis and a wide range of versions.

That include such exciting models as the quadrifolio the GTA the unit that we are going to test in this video corresponds to the speedy version that with its 280 horses does It is neither the most powerful nor the most performance of the range but at least, in my opinion, the most interesting and in this video I will try to explain why so at work this is the first time we have tested the alfa juliá Veloce on video and we already wanted to do so this sporty version is in the range above the super sprint plus.

It finishes but below the quadrifoglio with which it keeps an important difference in power and price, both apart in which the model with the four-leaf clover practically doubles the juliá Veloce is for sale in Spain with two different engines that share those and the q4 all-wheel drive and the eight-speed automatic transmission speeds, on the one hand, we have the 2.2 diesel option with 210 horsepower and on the other, the 2.0 turbo gasoline option with 280 horsepower. This is the engine that equips the main unit of our video and, in my opinion, best fits with the sports concept.

The wheels that mount 19 wheels

That we are considering. The Veloce model, by the way, these engines are the same ones that the Italian saloon already offered in advance of the restyling applied at the end of 2019, the fact is that said update n did not affect the exterior design of the vehicle in any way, which has remained practically the same since its premiere in 2015, so let’s focus on reviewing what are the key aspects that define this version of the speedometer, the first and most striking, the wheels that mount 19 wheels. inches and give you to choose between several designs in the classic.


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Alfaz style like this one in a dark tone and then the brake parts can be painted in black, yellow or red, the side windows have glossy black moldings and the rear windows are also painted The model identifiers, the version, and the four-wheel-drive system come in black and these two beautiful exhaust outlets are also black, which are also authentic because if we do not get angry passing into the passenger compartment the juliá Veloce immerses us in a sporty setting with its upholstery in black even for the chest.

The seats are electrically operated and are fully equipped. infected in black leather or optionally and free of charge in red or brown, these seats seem very suitable for a multipurpose saloon like the juliá because it offers support and comfort at the same time without sacrificing either one or the other, the three-spoke steering wheel shines A very attractive design presents these sections in perforated leather and incorporates an engine start button, a very racing detail, but.

I like are these oversized shift paddles carved

What I like are these oversized shift paddles carved in aluminum and fixed on the steering column, they give a very good feeling of quality. and it has a very precise click and by the way, the sports-style pedals are also made of aluminum this combination of pedal seats and steering wheels gives rise to a driving position that stands out above all for its ergonomics, it is easy to accommodate people of any height and feel comfortable at the controls or the others, the interior of the juliá remains the same as we already knew with an elegant and traditional design and Rather normal finishes.

This is something that the brand tried to improve with the last restyling but in my opinion, it remains a little half-baked because there is still a difference in quality between the sections that are visible and those that are not where Yes, a better change has been noticed in the central console, which has been extensively redesigned and in which both the gear lever and the other control knobs give a better feeling of quality and solidity. The last important novelty is the infotainment system that presents new 7-inch screens for the instrumentation and 88-inch for the dashboard.

The operating system has been redesigned now it is more intuitive and has gained in speed and yet it still seems less sophisticated than those offered by other prestigious brands but always good we can resort to the use of android auto or the car play app before moving to the rear seats remember that the Juliane measures 464meters long with a generous wheelbase of 282 meters has a width of 186 meters and a height of 145, therefore, the rear seats should offer our passengers a very generous space, let’s see the opening angle of the doors is very correct but. Comment It Alfa Romeo GIULIA VELOCE 2021 New Car For You It’s Super Amazing Car.

A little low and you have to be careful

The Ceiling height is a little low and you have to be careful when entering but from here on everything are advantages because we remember that the juliá in a vehicle that has a long wheelbase and is also quite wide and that translates directly into the interior we have a lot of room for the knees the seat is in my driving position and you can see that there is no problem so the width is also more than enough and contrary to what it might seem the roof is not very close to the head because in reality the seats are in a low position in short.

Two adults will travel very comfortably. The worst thing is that the central tunnel practically prevents accommodating a third passenger. What is a pity in this and in other sedans at least the rear row has two air vents and a single USB port? I fit where four doors and therefore the trunk is covered by a lid instead of a tailgate.

However, the boot capacity is good, we are talking about 480 liters and it also has an interior with regular shapes and that is very well finished, what happens that of course the loading mouth is small and it is not an easy thing to pass objects here in that sense it seems to be a pity that alpha has not decided to launch a variant with a family body as if the rest of the market competitors have done it and I’m sure that many of you miss a hypothetical alpha version juliá Sportwagon or I’m wrong and now to drive but.

How you eat because very easily

Before we ask you for a little affection and that is how you eat because very easily that you like our videos let them like us and if you want to subscribe do not come forward and remember that e he juliá veloce that we are testing equips a 2-liter, 280-horsepower turbocharged gasoline engine that is accompanied by an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive, this turbocharged four-cylinder engine surprises more for its thrust than for its stretched out, it is powerful from a very early stage. down and maintains.

Its force in a very linear way up to the maximum power point that reaches 5,250 revolutions per minute and from there little more until it reaches the injection cut-off which is only 6,000 revolutions per minute. A turbo engine with a turbo character the best thing is that its respectable for the maximum of 400 or 2 meters is available from only 2 thousand 250 revolutions per minute and therefore the biggest kick reaches a relatively low speed in terms of sound it is curious that when driving At a slow pace and especially when cold.

What is not available with manual

This gasoline engine sounds and vibrates almost like a diesel, but as we gain speed it becomes to offer a very accomplished musicality and above all very natural without artifice, to put it most simply, this is not one of those cars that sounds like an exhaust, the juliá Veloce sounds friend, the fact is that this one proposed is enchanting me for the vividness of its reactions but above all, because its power level is more than enough to enjoy and a lot on the roads of the real world where it ended.

Some rules comply with a car like this and that has an engine like this we can squeeze it in a section of curves Without feeling that we lack power and there will be no room for frustration as it can happen with it, on the other hand, a wonderful quadrifolio that any road falls short remember that the river of what is not available with manual but automatic transmission in this case the well-known and impeccable eight-speed ZF torque converter type transmission that we have enjoyed so much in this and other vehicles of the brand as always stands out for its speed ad with which it performs exchange operations and due to its smoothness in habitual use, curiously in joyful driving, it happens with this gearbox the same as with the engine.