Porsche 911 GT3 New Car In 2021
Porsche 911 GT3 New Car In 2021

Porsche 911 GT3 New Car In 2021

Introduction Of Porsche 911 GT3 New Car In 2021

Porsche 911 GT3 New Car In 2021. It is a pleasure to see it and above all to hear the images speak for themselves is the new Porsche 911 gt3 that the German brand has just presented to the world, it becomes the version with more features with the most sporty character radical of the 992 series, the most recent of a gt3 saga.

The 996 gt3 that saw the light in 1999

That has been presented in the last 20 years since the 996 gt3 that saw the light in 1999 already with a water-cooled naturally aspirated engine and 360 horsepower through the 997 gt3 of 2006 that already gave 415 horses in its first versions until the 99 1 gt3 launched in 2013 initially with 482 horses and innovative solutions such as the rear axle with steering, all of them sports derived from the competition practically racing customer to go down the street the new 911 gt3 It is based on the latest generation of the 911 from the 99 2 and is, therefore.


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Larger than the previous one but just as powerful and light. It is fitted with the naturally aspirated six-cylinder boxer engine. The last Porsche speedster is a 4-liter engine that gives 510 horses at 9,200 revolutions 10 more horses and offers excellent performance from 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds, reaches 200 kilometers per hour in 10.8, and places its maximum speed at 320 kilometers per hour 510 horses may seem few considering.

The 650 of a 911 turbo

The 650 of a 911 turbo is more than enough power as Andrea Springer, head of development of the gt3 told us, we must take into account the difficulties that Porsche has had to homologate this naturally aspirated and large-displacement engine for an issue of emissions, the exhaust, for example, has a double particle filter but it is not for that reason heavier and as.

It sounds before being presented to the press, the porsche 911 gt3 has already broken the lap record speed of the previous gt3 in nürbürgring is 17 seconds faster is greater effectiveness achieves it as a studied aerodynamics look at the peculiar design of the rear wing that e gives four times more downforce and an improved chassis in many respects for the first time a multi-link suspension is mounted on the front axle derived from the le mans 911 rsr, and new shock absorbers and larger diameter front discs are added to the steered rear axle Among others.

The bodywork has been lightened with carbon fiber

The bodywork has been lightened with carbon fiber on the hood, the roof or the mirrors, the interior follows the line already seen in the last generation of the 911, but there are specific details such as the bucket seats, the instrument panel with specific information for driving. circuit or this automatic gear knob that allows you to insert the gears manually replaces the brawn razor-type lever used in the rest of the versions of the 911 that in this sportier variant it is clear that these details do not fit.

Gt3 is a car to be driven not only driven in addition to the pdk a six-speed manual gearbox se o It is offered as an option for the most purists as it is also optional the interesting protection cage for those more frequent clients of the track days the 911 gt3 raises the bar already very high from the previous gt3 the continuous improvement present in itself creates excellent products like this ground up that we are eager to drive, let’s hope that before the touring version without a spoiler and with a more civilized look is launched, but they have also confirmed that it will arrive this year and later an even more radical gt3 is expected, the gt3 rs.