Skoda Octavia COMBI New Combi Special Car In 2021
Skoda Octavia COMBI New Combi Special Car In 2021

Skoda Octavia COMBI New Combi Special Car In 2021

Introduction Of Skoda Octavia COMBI New Combi Special Car In 2021

Skoda Octavia COMBI New Combi Special Car In 2021. We are going to check the qualities of a diesel family car and for that, we will travel from Barcelona to Madrid with this Skoda Octavia with an intermediate stop Sergi Monteagudo de las vicarías Let’s go before leaving we fill up the tank of our Skoda Octavia combi that we will arrive in Madrid ‘at a stretch it is evident we are talking about a diesel gentleman although it is also true that those runs of 1000 1200 kilometers without refueling are today within the reach of very few cars you will ask yourself the reason.

The capacity of the fuel tank has been reduced

True because the reason is very simple, the capacity of the fuel tank has been reduced, that of this Octavia is only 45 liters and the reason is this we have another 12-liter tank in this case of AdBlue next to the diesel If the blue one did not exist, the diesel one would be over 60 liters and those 1000 kilometers of autonomy would be more than guaranteed Another aspect that can harm the consumption of our Octavia is the fact that it is an automatic car. It is the seven-speed DSG and it will also influence the fact that now.

This station wagon is slightly larger than its predecessor at 4.69 meters long by 183 wide and 147 high and weighs a little less than 1500 kilos the main difference between an Octavia saloon and an Octavia combi is in the trunk capacity of the saloon is 600 liters below the tray and with the seats folded down from 1,555 liters to the windows in the combi version whose gate can be opened electrically we have a load capacity of 640 liters that is 40 liters more than the saloon and the other difference concerning the other one would know of the.

Octavia is that in this case if we placed a cargo separation network behind the rear seats would have a little more space not much more but a little more cargo space up to the roof so that also, in this case, we would gain a bit of practicality or greater capacity compared to the Octavio Saloon we are going to take a more detailed look at the trunk since we insist it is the main difference between the five-door saloon and this combi practically everything that we will show you is optional and comes in some of the packages offered by the brand.

Skoda offers us three cargo securing nets

But they are not very expensive elements, for example, Skoda offers us three cargo securing nets that are placed vertically on the sides or through the trunk a separator longitudinal load this kind of plastic brackets with velcro at its base that allow us to fix suitcases and other objects this canvas that is placed on the tray and that allows us to leave in it some fragile and light object and the already mentioned net of cargo separation the separation network that we could put on top of the rear backrest we can continue to use.

It, when we beat the seats to use the entire cargo space up to the ceiling, is another use for the third anchor point of the Isofix we place we think and we already have the net more or less put all this without forgetting the double bottom where we can place the floor at the bottom to gain a little more It is taller and if we keep it where it was at the beginning, that is, flush with the loading plane below, we can place, for example, all those junk that we have seen for when we do not need them or there is even a specific hole to be able to leave the luggage cover.

When Let’s not use it either and to finish very interesting details, the first fundamental is that under the double bottom we have a what I call a triple bottom, perhaps where we have the tools and an emergency spare wheel, all in detail and we can also fold down the backs of the second row using these handles that we have on both sides of the trunk and one last thing if we are one of those who have a trailer or go on vacation with a caravan we can install an automatic hook system.

Whose capacity once the rear row

We give this button appears below and tap it we have seen the trunk whose capacity once the rear row is lowered is 1,700 liters 145 more than In the saloon we see the rear row again and let’s take a look at it, do not expect miracles in these rear seats because they have a design for two and not three it is true that the bench is quite wide and therefore here in the middle despite the transmission tunnel and that this is much harder, a third occupant will be more or less comfortable but the ideal as always in these cars is.

Those two are comfortably installed, one on each side, what is behind here is a lot of small accessories that make life a little easier for us, for example, in addition to the traditional pocket to leave things behind, we have a specific one to place the mobile, we have two USB air conditioning sockets behind here and a 230-volt socket and we also have sun blinds and finally for Sleepers like me have a nice accessory on the headrest that allows us to stay comfortably when we fall asleep and not go head-banging around here.


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The neck of Skoda is simple in cream because that in the front seats the design is more elegant than in the previous generation the screen has risen to an ideal position and is 10 inches although you have to go through it to operate the air conditioning and it has a control for the volume that will force us to use the steering wheel regularly, which is the wonderfully red steering wheel, our unit that carried everything that an Octavia can carry had a wireless charger that is optional electric heated seats with memory and upholstered in velvet and leather that.

Expensive configurable digital instrumentation

They are optional like the full leather ones that are not much more expensive configurable digital instrumentation that is not optional reversing camera that is also standard and get up display that is not the navigator if it comes standard as in apple compatibility car play and android auto whose functions were explained perfectly by Juan Carlos grande not long ago in two fantastic tutorials that you will find in our channel and that allows us to use those compatible applications of our smartphones and there is also a very nice lady inside there, ok laura.

What do you want to do? Put the ok in front because for example in my case my daughter’s name is Laura and it would be a bit of a mess every time she pronounces her name on the way to what Sergio Monteagudo de las vicarías was like that thanks on the way to Monteagudo de las vicarías we adapt to circulate on the highway and of course pay tolls this has an expiration date of August 2021 and there it is doing now.

The octavia is a very comfortable car on the highway is very well insulated and makes very little aerodynamic and rolling noise in addition It is very comfortable of all the cars of the volkswagen group the skoda with few exceptions such as the rs versions are usually those that have a suspension system with a softer degree this is so because.

A slightly firmer suspension

They are cars more oriented towards your familiar towards ride comfort than, for example, those with a slightly firmer suspension because their orientation is Let’s say a little more sporty, more to feel the car in the curves than to guarantee a foolproof comfort that makes the Skoda cars that for example on the motorway or on roads in not very good condition have a superior ride comfort they filter a lot Potholes are better than seats, for example, but they have the small drawback that in long curves they are high-speed highway curves.

As they tend to incline a little more and when braking hard as they tend to pitch a little more is a choice. that has made the brand make suspensions that are more comfortable anyway as I have explained before this unit of the Skoda Octavia carries everything that You can carry a tablet and among all those things that an Octavia can carry there is also the suspension to drive so.

That this Octavia can modify the setting of the suspension this is an extra that is worth a little more than a thousand euros and that for those who they like to have a car with two faces that is to say that it is comfortable for the highway and that it is a little more agile or a little more reactive on curvy roads because it is very good that they mount it anyway this is not a conventional electronic suspension system It is not chosen here between the normal mode, the mode is board and no longer in the last generation of these models of the Volkswagen group.

The road this 2-liter diesel block of the Volkswagen

This active suspension system has up to 15 different points, that is to say, that we can modify the hardness very little by little until we find the right that we like the one in which we will feel more comfortable on each type of road surface, therefore, if he does not manage to put that car to his liking, it is because he does not You will want we have set the cruise control to 120 to check the consumption and when we get to the exit of I have it on the tip of the tongue Monteagudo of the vicariates that the consumption said that.

The car marked was 55 liters at the 100 kilometers somewhat far from the 4.8 liters that according to the wl tp protocol this car consumes both at very high speed that are those 120 of marker as a combined average but beware that we will see later that everything has its explanation taking advantage of the fact that the nágima passes through Monteagudo de las vicarías I have done well Sergiy said that taking advantage of our excursion we also tested the car a little on the road this 2-liter diesel block of the Volkswagen group is an old acquaintance is an engine that is used for practically all the models of the segments Teide from the group of all brands of Audi from Volkswagen from the seat and of course from Skoda.