Porsche PANAMERA GTS V8 2021 Special Car
Porsche PANAMERA GTS V8 2021 Special Car

Porsche PANAMERA GTS V8 2021 Special Car

Introduction Of Porsche PANAMERA GTS V8 2021 Special Car

Porsche PANAMERA GTS V8 2021 Special Car. What is at least for me the most attractive variant of the range the Panamera GTS the gt versions that is an acronym for Gran Turismo sport are present in different models of the Porsche catalog and are characterized by offering a greater degree of dynamism without the need to mount the most powerful engines that said the engine of the new GPS is outrageous it is a 4-liter biturbo v8 that delivers 480 horsepower 20 more than in the previous model so if the GTS model is a powerful sports car whose chassis has been adjusted to increase its performance will serve to tour a car like this no matter.

A comfortable saloon without ceasing

How much it tries to be a ci saloon. no doors because to summarize it in two words and as my Cordovan friends would say them of course and it is that the Panamanian you know in a comfortable saloon without ceasing to be a porch its ride quality is extraordinary the chassis with pneumatic suspensions is comfortable if we carry it in the normal setting and the soundproofing of the passenger compartment is first class with hardly any aerodynamic or rolling noise, the only noticeable thing is the purr of the engine.

Which at highway speed turns with all relaxation and I say who is bothered by the sweet beat of a v8 completed the motorway section we make a stop in Empuriabrava it is one of the largest residential marinas in the world and it is also known as the Venice of the Costa Brava because of its navigable channels. on your yacht but we already have a yacht in this case with four wheels and since we have it parked here we could talk at length about its exterior design but as in this update practically nothing has changed.

We simply admire its beauty and oh well actually some things have changed and, to begin with, the rear optics that present a new light signature and the red line that joins them is now perfectly continuous in addition these sections in the form of care now painted in the color of the body also arrive new designs of rims in measures of 20 inches or as is the case of 21 and of course the brake calipers are still painted in red on purpose to the tires are some great Michelin pilot sport four times in measurement of 275 millimeters in front and 315 behind, otherwise.

The same as before and as a good gts

The exterior of the vehicle remains the same as before and as a good gts it sports black finishing details also in our unit it equips the sport design package including glossy black front grille painted in the same body color lower lip of the front bumper the side skirts and the rear bumper and then on the rear two details drive me crazy, the first is this retractable spoiler that is identical to the one on the Panamera turbo s I never get tired of looking at how it folds and then and the second.

These double exhaust outlets that emit a glorious sound to this is something that the TACAN will never give us we say goodbye to Empuriabrava and we change the highway for the secondary roads once it has been verified that on expressways the Panamera GTS feels like a fish in the water it’s time to find out how you feel changing from freshwater to saltwater because it seems to me that if this car could talk it would tell us the same thing as bruce lee be water my friend this shark that is the gts lo.

The river water gives the same water as the seawater gives the asphalt of the highway the same as that of the road, few sporty Levinas adapt so easily to this change in e scenario in which it stops being a saloon to become sporty and sporty for a while it almost does not seem that it measures five meters and five centimeters long and it almost does not seem that it weighs two thousand and twenty kilos when empty when you activate the sport mode it is as if.

The GPS was already extraordinarily efficient

The for less is transformed into a smaller and lighter car and this is where they come to reduce the magic of its mechanics and the magic of its electronics the GPS was already extraordinarily efficient and balanced and yet Porsche has once again raised its level The brand tells us that its engineers have re-calibrated the active suspension, the power steering, and the traction and stability controls, in addition to checking the stabilizer bars and the engine and suspension mounts, with all of this, the result is that.

I have spent many kilometers trying to find fault with this car and I can’t find them and that annoys me because my job is also to find a defect and all I’m doing is enjoying d e this Panamera GPS and a lot and the reality is that the changes applied to the chassis have only refined even more if possible a driving experience that was already of the highest level the running gear is lowered by 10 millimeters the suspensions can be stiffened enough to make the.

The car turns flat at any speed and just enough not to bother the driver the steering is almost perfect for speed, weight, and sensations, in addition to the directional rear axle that turns the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the front when driving at low speeds speed and in the same sense from 70 kilometers per hour greatly facilitates direction changes all this is very good but good brakes are needed to safely stop the two tons that this car weighs and what arguments does the gps have since the same as Before restyling.

This braking equipment is that its power

It already had fixed six-piston calipers with 390 mm ventilated discs on the front axle. sy on the rear four-piston fixed calipers with 365-millimeter ventilated discs the best thing about this braking equipment is that its power is very good as we accumulate curves at a good pace, the brakes will begin to suffer and may lose part of their effectiveness, Of course, we can prevent this problem if when configuring the vehicle we choose the optional ceramic brakes but it is a real pity.


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That is a sports version like this they do not come standard, you will see and when you find a problem with the Panamera GPS in terms of the engine we remember that the gts mounts a turbo v8 of three thousand nine hundred ninety-six cubic centimeters and that in the new model its power has increased by 20 horses to reach 480 horses this value is far from the 630 horses of the Panamera turbo s but its 620-meter minutes separate 1800 revolutions per minute are nothing to put more than greatly increase the maximum power.

The upgrade of this engine pr It always tends to give it a less turbo and more atmospheric character, depending on the brand, and in this sense, the power delivery is very full, more powerful than abrupt and therefore very linear, which is, after all, that was intended, they say that cars never They have plenty of power but this, of course, has all that we could need and torque has a good pack this v8 without being the most performance of the range is a real beast one aspect to take into account is that the Panamera GTS is a car with Four-wheel drive.

The tires are in charge of controlling the skid

That gives priority to rear Dresden the good work of the electronics and the tires are in charge of controlling the skid that, if it were not for their help, the sport plus driving mode would be very easy anyway, which relaxes a bit The traction and stability controls do allow a certain lateral and forward slip which gives that touch of spice to the driving that we like so much about the gearbox. The automatic is the latest evolution of the renowned 8- speed pdf in chain uphill gears with amazing ease, although as usually happens.

It is not so fast when lowering it but in any case, its transitions are very loose and this or any other for Mere offers manual gearbox but instead the manual mode of the automatic gearbox behaves as we would expect from any good sports car, that is to say, that if we take the vote of the injection cut and the gearbox does not go to a higher gear it is because we have not done it and this is how it has to be with this combination of engine and gearbox we can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 39 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

The consumption is good 10.7 liters at 100 according to wl 3 and 11.5 according to our measurements but it is also about talking about figures because the most fascinating aspect of this v8 engine cannot be measured yes it can be measured in dec Sibelius but also with creeps, we said at the beginning that the objective of our route was to reach the eastern end of the Iberian peninsula ‘to do so you have to go through cadaqués and due to the respect that your neighbors deserve we activate the normal driving mode and raise the bodywork to access this beautiful town without making a lot of noise and without tripping over its projection on purpose.

The cove of Port Lligat

Since we are in Cadaqués it is in the cove of Port Lligat and in that house in the background lived the great Salvador Dalí, perhaps the greatest exponent of the surrealism and speaking of a Porsche that may be more surreal than its prices let’s see the new Panamera GTS costs 161 thousand 688 euros which is already outrageous compared to its closest rivals it is 22 thousand 237 euros more expensive than a four-door Mercedes amg 753 that has four hundred and fifty-seven horses and 23 thousand six hundred euros more expensive than.

A bmw m eight hundred and fifty and great coupe with 530 cab Allos above that price the unit that you are seeing in our video adds a long list of extras that raise its rate to 198 thousand 859 euros, you see it is not that expensive if it does not even reach 200 thousand euros, also taking into account that the changes either.