Cupra Formentor 1.5 TSI 150 CV New High Voltage Car

Introduction Of Cupra Formentor 1.5 TSI 150 CV New High Voltage Car

Cupra Formentor 1.5 TSI 150 CV New High Voltage Car. A little more than 26 thousand if financed today we are going to test the Cupra for the first time with this 150 horsepower gasoline engine, the Formentor for all those who were in love with this car. ro they did not want or could not pay the 45 thousand euros of the 310 version cooper needs one to distinguish himself from the seat with his products and two to increase his sales volume and that is complicated by launching only 300 horsepower and 45 thousand euros cars up.

The first Cupra that neither has 300 horses nor costs 45 thousand euros

So we already have the first Cupra that neither has 300 horses nor costs 45 thousand euros if you want to immerse yourself a little more in the issue of seat and cupra of the reason for the second and of the strategies of both at the end of the video you will find one in the recommended section that talks about all this but today what it is about is to try this version of access to the Formentor range and first we are going to snoop a little under the hood here you have it is the 15 liters 150 engine horses of gasoline that.

We will also find under the bonnet of an Ibiza of an aircraft a lion of teak or a terrace of all the ea, no he electric does not carry it and the best car in the world for new families mimosas the seat Alhambra either let’s review a little the characteristics of this engine block and aluminum cylinder head 4 cylinders 15 liters cylinder head with 4 valves per cylinder and direct injection and turbocharger 150 horsepower and 250 newton-meter of the park and has the Cylinder disconnection function.

That allows to switch off two of them when the power demand is low and thus reduce consumption because Cupra does not offer this engine with light hybridization as is the case of the Seat Leon for example according to the brand because for a version of Access to the range was enough with the disconnection of performance cylinders 204 kilometers per hour and 89 seconds in the acceleration from 0 to 100 and about consumption.

The automatic with 7-speed DSG gearbox

The brand has approved between 63 and 6.8 liters at 100 for the version manual with 6- speed gearbox and between 66 and 72 for the automatic with 7-speed DSG gearbox, these for mentors are all front-wheel drive and here with this engine, there is no availability. the number of 4×4 variants that I am going to tell you about this engine because it turns the Ibiza into a sports car that is perfect for the lion and that here in the Formentor they begin to notice a little the kilos are 1,473 in this version with 7-speed DSG gearbox but.

It remains the same 1.5 I will always follow you a willful engine that pushes that recovers well Cupra tries to give its cars a sporty component accentuated a dynamic approach and this engine achieves it although it is true that in my opinion it is the essential minimum is to say the brand should not lower more but this engine is not out of place that is to say for a car like this it is an appropriate engine suitable for the dsg change this type shift wire which means that it does not have physical contact between.

The lever and the gear itself but it is operated electronically that is so in order to allow the car itself to actuate the gearbox, for example in parking maneuvers The shift assisted with paddles behind the wheel is a change that is fast enough not to clash in a car like this, although obviously it shifts gears at will in the event that we place it in manual mode and look for the injection cut-off or it denies us a gear. less in the reductions if you consider that it will be very close to the cut when putting the lower gear like all the automatics.

That seeks to apply Cupra to all its models

That can be handled as sequential on the other hand sportsmanship that is the premise that seeks to apply Cupra to all its models as it is, you will tell me well yes but giving One more step, for example, you know that the mv Evo platform allows you to choose between two types of rear suspension: the torsion bar and the axle, this second more complex, more efficient and of course more in the case of Seattle, where 150 horses are not entitled To a cost issue to the more elaborate suspension and instead of the Formentor and that the truth is that.

It shows to see the 150 horsepower lion is a car That is going well that it is not crying out for the multi-link suspension but here we are talking about a larger car that is more powerful that has a slightly higher center of gravity and so I think that here it does That more elaborate rear suspension is missing a suspension that closes the curves better that conveys more confidence behind the wheel because the car is less loose than a 150 horsepower lion can go so I think it was essential here and this also makes.

This car that is so to speak halfway between a lion and teak in the dynamic behavior section is closer to the lion that is, this car is more so to speak a lion cross over than a caacupé another interesting element of the xds is an electronic system that imitates the action of a limited-slip differential to prevent understeer what it essentially does is that when cornering the inner wheel brakes for a long time takes a few milliseconds when the speed of the inner wheel is reduced, the differential deduces that the curve is tighter than.

The inner wheel does not push the car out causing

It is and sends more torque to the outer wheel so that it advances more and is, as it is more supported, much better traction and takes advantage Better that bread in this way it is achieved that the inner wheel does not push the car out causing the dreaded understeer we have always maintained that this of the xds is a good invention for cars with this power level a 150 the horsepower car does not need a limiter mechanic on the front axle with this invention of the xds, what the xds does is that you gain, above all, more confidence behind.

The wheel because it helps you a lot to get the car into the curve and forgives even let’s say some excesses of optimism at some point eliminate understeer It makes driving a lot easier and for people who do not have a very high level of driving well, when you go a little faster it transmits that co Confidence that it is always interesting to have in a car of this type, the only drawback that the xds has is that it punishes the brakes a lot then on a descent from a mountain pass in a heavy car like this, let’s say that the car brakes twice.

When it breaks. You force him to brake to slow down and selectively brake the wheels again when you enter the curves and that means that the brakes can end up accusing him anyway, Cupra has mounted ventilated discs on both axles of this cover Formentor and therefore This partly compensates for the fact that the brakes are subjected to a higher demand to modify the behavior of the car, we also have the driving modes when we suspend the sport remains the.

The engine and gears are more reactive

Same since it is not electronic but the steering is stiffened and The engine and gears are more reactive, the first response more quickly and the second, the gearbox speeds up more gears in automatic mode and retreats. It has more in the deceleration it is perfect to attack mountain passes for the rest, comfort mode or eco mode to spend less We have been talking about dynamic behavior for a long time but you will wonder and good comfort because there are more comfortable subs.

You can have everything in this life you can’t have a car that is very effective and is also super comfortable, well you can’t if you don’t mount a piloted electronic suspension and Cupra has decided not to do it in this 150 horsepower Formentor, maybe later on it will offer an option but at the moment it cannot be mounted I told you that there are it’s most comfortable because it has a dynamic approach and to achieve a dynamic behavior that is precisely that dynamic the suspension must be a bit hard because.


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If not what we will have is a car that is worth a lot and here what has been sought is precisely that which does not occur Urra that the car takes the curves without noticeable body inclinations now you will see that I am practically jumping because I am on a road that is tremendous in that sense and therefore you can see that the car is also a little more bouncy by the fact that it is much harder if what you are looking for is a car that has the feeling of a magic carpet when it circulates is on the road this is certainly not your car is uncomfortable.

Wheel arches has specific 18-inch

It is not that but it is evident that it does not have the same level of comfort of saying a citroën c5 archers are night and day within this same segment the two opposite extremes so to speak well now that we know how it is going to take a look at the exterior of the car maintains the double tone in the bodywork with gray details especially in the wheel arches has specific 18-inch wheels although we can put them of 19 by paying an extra keeps the dynamic light in it to the rear and is offered in seven body colors, most of.

Which are gray and dark, except for white and this red from our unit. I think the best of the works by Alejandro mesonephros Romanos for seat and Cupra before he went to draw seems very balanced. The most powerful versions of a model arrive, let’s say the most modest, the basic versions, these often seem like a kind of want and I can’t and I get the feeling at least it’s my perception that with this car it doesn’t happen that is to say that it has 150 horses. the same elegance has the same elegance the same sportiness that the more powerful versions have and that is not always easy to achieve inside the sensation is of jogging.