New PEUGEOT 308 New Latest Car In 2021
New PEUGEOT 308 New Latest Car In 2021

New PEUGEOT 308 New Latest Car In 2021

Introduction Of New PEUGEOT 308 New Latest Car In 2021

New PEUGEOT 308 New Latest Car In 2021. A kind of crossover coupe or one more car in the line of its posh cousin the new ds4 maybe you will be a little disappointed because the 308 will continue to be a compact car as it was conceived so far, therefore it replaces the previous one without any kind of revolution, however, this new Peugeot 308 has a lot of news that we are going to begin to explain in this and that they go much further than this imposing new shield that presides over both the front and the back a front.

The brand’s past with the aforementioned shield

That recovers the essence of the brand’s past with the aforementioned shield and the already usual name of the model in the space that remains between the grille and the hood with a new spelling by the way and that combines that homage to the period of a few decades ago with the characteristics The brand’s design is a wide grille with a 3d effect that integrates the stylized main headlights less extremely than on the new 3008 and the now-famous fangs of light that descend from the sides and sink into the false entrances.

Years to understand the change in proportions well I have to explain some data about this car is now 10 centimeters longer it measures 4 36 meters but it maintains the width of 180 and is a little lower now it measures 140 and 32 centimeters less than before where are they those 10 centimeters more because half between axes the battle is now 267 meters and the other 5 are from here onwards. After all, the brand has wanted to settle plus the car gives it other proportions as I said at the beginning and that has been done by lengthening.

The bonnet keeping it very flat that it does not drop so much and making a straight front is what is carried now in this segment let’s say a little inspired by what the brands have done premium but it wants to be a semi-premium brand to get closer and it has also done it in the proportions in the packaging that the car engineers call by the way that in our visit to know this new 308 we visited the wind tunnel s 2 to a joint venture From PSA now this Landis and the Renault group where there is a small fan with carbon blades measuring.

A wind of up to 240 kilometers per hour

A meter and a half each that generates a wind of up to 240 kilometers per hour to study both aerodynamics and the interior sound of the vehicle to the millimeter and what weight it has employed during long hours of testing to fine-tune the performance of his new model the result is a cx of only 0 28 and a great job on efficiency ncia with a completely faired background and elements such as the active front grille returning to the design in the profile we have a character line only one that begins here in the headlight.

That we say is blurred a little in the central area but that returns here behind to be marked and That makes this shoulder so pronounced at the back is believed, there is another interesting thing and that is that this thick rear pillar is maintained that was already in the previous model and therefore gives it a little aesthetic continuity concerning the 308. previous another characteristic of this car is that this glazed part is narrower without this affecting excessively as we will see later.

There is the visibility from inside and finally one last curious detail the rims look at this is a plastic insert with them they are obtained in the first place close the rim a bit because this is a plug-in hybrid version that needs less brake cooling in certain conditions. The circumstances, secondly, it reduces weight and thirdly, it allows customization because this could be exchanged for plastic of any other color, the rear part is also heavily worked with an irregularly shaped rear window, a very large roof spoiler on the gt versions.

The style of those of the 508 with a strip

Some pilots monochrome in the style of those of the 508 with a strip that joins them and with the three usual claws in the rear light signature this time more horizontal and if the lion’s shield is very present so much that we also have it on the sides in the gt and the versions the rims but she is very proud of this new shield and has put it everywhere the 308 premieres for the brand on the platform and mp 2 v 3 is tv3 it means that it is the third version of it and it shares it with its cousin the ds4 But beware, it is not a completely.

New platform and therefore it does not allow the electrification of the car so that there will not be an electric 308 for the electric versions of the group’s medium and large models, we will have to wait for the new platform and BMP to be ready, which will actually be the fourth evolution of this same base and which is currently under development, it is expected.

That the third generation of the Peugeot 3008 will be released in 2023 and what does this mean at the engine level, now I am telling you because in this sense there is a certain continuity concerning the previous generation, gasoline only one engine, the three-cylinder 12-liter engine in two variants, 110 horsepower only with a manual gearbox. 130 horses to choose from manual gearbox or diesel automatic gearbox, only a 1.5 hd engine, and 130 manual or automatic horsepower, and then above there are two plug-in hybrid versions.

We already know is the one used by the rest of the PSA models t

The two front-wheel drive, one we already know is the one used by the rest of the PSA models that They use this same platform has 225 horsepower but to avoid that there is such a big jump between the 130 horsepower engine because the 308 in principle it will not mount the variant of 155 and this 225 plug-in hybrid engine the brand has developed another version of the electrified mechanics with 180 horses, therefore gasoline in two powers a 10 in a power and two plug-in hybrids of 180 and 225 horses there will be no electric version because.


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This platform is not removed at the moment, we have already seen it from the outside, we already know what engines it will carry so let’s see it inside Hey, what does the Peugeot have inside? the combination of a small steering wheel and instrumentation that can be read above the steering wheel and a central screen that in this case is 10 inches, the truth is that the screen is halfway between those we have in the 208 or in 2008 that is put up here with a slightly lower dashboard and also with the higher instrumentation and the 508.

That has it in an even lower position, the impression has been explained to us They have opted for this intermediate to keep the aeration outlets above that, according to them, are placed, this is where they are most effective, while at this point it is not necessary to deviate excessively from the road my opinion I would have put A little higher up the upper line of the dashboard includes the quite well-concealed aerators and the center console has the change with this ridiculous lever I do not know.

The cars of the Volkswagen group

If they have copied it from the cars of the Volkswagen group but they could have saved the driving mode selector a wireless charger and various recesses and usb sockets the recesses for objects extend over a meter between the elbow rests and the dashboard and next to the doors they total 134 liters I already know that there are things with which I cannot one of them It is the flattened steering wheel, this is also not above to be able to see the instrumentation well and below so that it does not hit us in the legs.

When you ner to take it so low to be able to see the information other than I like piano black here it is again present practically everywhere in this whole area that is already gathering dust also on the steering wheel and finally the nooks and crannies here for example in This area is going to accumulate dust, whether we want it or not, many times that these sophisticated designs have counterparts on the other hand and even though this is a pre-series car it is also true that it is a gt, that is, the top of the range.

After finishing the materials, the assembly seems to me to be of a premium level and it is that but it is a brand that, without wanting to stop being a generalist, does aspire to become an alternative to premium models and for this what you need is that first visual impression above all and then the tactile impression of everything that is inside the car is premium and in this case, it gives me the feeling that between me they have achieved the 308 is There is a new interface in which the instrumentation and the central screen are united in the same software in both cases.

What elements we want to see in front of it as it is a 3d system

We can choose what we want to see in each one and the instrumentation what elements we want to see in front of it as it is a 3d system, the most interesting of all These keys are down here, this will always take us to the main page of the menu on the upper screen, but in these other 5, we can place whatever we want, for example, our favorite station, our home address, the 360 cameras if we use them very often. Often, anything that we need to use several times while driving and that we want to access by simply touching the rear seats.

The space is similar to that of the previous generation. to resemble the prizes of the segment to the ado mv class would be one that also involves that which is cut from the door forces to walk be careful with your head so as not to hit when entering once inside the space is reasonable without more there is space to the ceiling there is space to the front seat there is less lateral space if we put a third occupant I have to take a little more for here I will already be playing with this Part of the roof in short, the previous 308 was not a reference in the rear seats and this one has improved.

The steering wheel well so the space for the feet is scarce

So little that it will not be either and there is one last thing and it is the space for the feet these electric seats are now under everything but there will be many people who drive down to be able to put the steering wheel well so the space for the feet is scarce so to speak therefore it is not a reference in terms of rear seats this car boot is 412 liters than for an A car with these characteristics and this size is not bad at all, what you see here, however, it is not 412 liters but between 350 and 360 because the homologation is not over yet.

The difference is that this car is a plug-in hybrid and therefore here below instead of having a rigid floor that we can slide down to reach those 412 liters, what we have is the battery of the plug-in hybrid system there will be three trim levels active to your and gt with the possibility in each case of two options, the basic one and the pac, which will add elements, especially driving aids, the equipment for Spain is not closed yet but it will have all the usual driving aids plus at the beginning of 2022