Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV
Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV

Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV

Introduction Of Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV

Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV.  The car that well Paris 14 years ago was the first generation of the Nissan Qashqai the car that completely revolutionized the segment of the compact vehicles today I am not in Paris I am in Madrid and I have the third generation of the ni Nissan Qashqai a car that from the first moment to the first glance makes it unequivocally clear that it is a Nissan Qashqai of the two previous generations of this vehicle more than three million units have been sold in Europe 5 already worldwide in Spain the Qashqai has dominated its segment with an iron fist since.

There a maxim in the automotive world

Its launch even though since then no less than 26 direct competitors have been launched with more than 325 thousand units sold Spain is one of the keys to the success of this car throughout the continent there a maxim in the automotive world that says that when a model defines a segment and leads it, it has to maintain an aesthetic continuity starting it has applied to the letter in this new Qashqai it is evident that it is a little bigger than it is much more technological that it is more refined but.

I insist at first glance that it was very clear that it is still a Qashqai aesthetically in the brand speaks of a more design emotional has a 100% Nissan front the headlights are more stylized divided into two parts and with matrix LEDs from the intermediate finishes the famous vee that defines the grille has been blurred a bit but it is still there the shell-shaped bonnet remains Add.

Some air curtains at the ends, the thinner front pillars and the mirrors now placed on the doors should contribute to improving the visibility of both the profile and the rear, they have a different design but are not at all far from the joint image of the current generation. yes, the new design of the rear pillar in the aesthetic section, therefore, there is no revolution but evolution where if there are news instead it is in the construction of this car the Qashqai is the.

The use of ultra-high-strength steels

The first European model of the brand developed on the cmf ce platform of the alliance Renault Nissan Mitsubishi and has emphasized in three aspects a greater rigidity a 41 more achieved with the use of ultra-high-strength steels a weight reduction of up to 60 kilos on the platform thanks in part to the front hood, aluminum wings, and doors and the composite material tailgate and improved habitability that we will now see if they are before Therefore, the dimensions of this new third-generation Nissan Qashqai are slightly larger to be placed again in a segment in.

Which its rivals have progressively grown its 442 meters three centimeters more in length, they move away from a little from the juke that has also grown width is 183 meters 32 centimeters more and the height of 161 the wheelbase of 267 meters is 2 centimeters longer than so far in the interior the same thing happens in the design there is no revolution as in the Hyundai Tucson but yes, the Qashqai has caught up with everything that did not have, for example, digital instrumentation.

The screen is larger, it is now 9 inches and has been placed in the highest position although it is also true that there are rivals that are already at 12 3 inches and finally, this information with these two screens is completed with the presence of a 10.3-inch Getafe display that is the largest in a car of this category in addition of course also incorporates elements such as the wireless mobile charger the central service screen a new multimedia system with a wifi access point for up to seven devices tomtom navigation with real-time information connectivity for android car and apple car play.

That combines active cruise control and lane-keeping system

The latter wireless and voice command recognition system compatible with the google assistant and with the amazon álex app, the nor are they connect service, on the other hand, allows you to manage different functions from your mobile through an application, including locating the vehicle open or close doors or receive maintenance alerts starting from the e level equipment n connects all Qashqai will be fitted with the pro pilot navy link system.

That combines active cruise control and lane-keeping system with the information from the navigator with it the car maintains the desired speed and distance with the preceding vehicle being able to get to stop and resume the march but also acts on the direction to keep it centered in the lane can even adapt the speed to the changes of limitation reading the traffic signs warn of the radars and reduce the speed in some curves previously warned by the navigator Driving aids and safety elements will be standard in all versions.


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But without a doubt where the changes in the interior are most noticeable is in the perceived quality of all the materials used from the leather to some new seats and that can have both massage and electric drive to the steering wheel also made of skin the plastic cos especially those of the upper part this is where it is most noticeable there are other elements also a more careful ambient lighting that makes this Nissan Qashqai a little more refined as if it had taken a step towards the top of the range so to speak And finally, listens to this sound from.

The rear seats is this 90-degree

The turn signals that seem like any other but that has been developed specifically with the video game company banda, the first thing that surprises in the rear seats is this 90-degree opening of the doors is very difficult to find in others. cars have an entrance space as frank as this one and once inside those three centimeters that have almost been gained in wheelbase are noticeable because really with the seat located at my driving position I have a lot of legroom here behind the same thing happens with the ceiling.

There is a little more space although it does not seem as perceptible as the one that I do have in my legs and that is what it is Always a skillful bench for three just for two comfortable because the central square is hard to back it has a bit of a transmission tunnel, it is not very high but it is very wide but above all this, from here the backrest enters a lot inwards and Therefore, the moment we seat a third occupant here, the one who was going here will move there and will be here in the middle between the padded part and this hard exterior part.

That is why these cars are more thought out than for three the Qashqai is not an exception, the trunk now has an automatic opening that can be done even with the foot although this unit does not mount this specificity we have a 504-liter trunk that is 70 more than in the previous generation in this aspect the Qashqai is not among the leaders of the segment but if it recovers a good part of the delay that it had in this specific section and at the modularity level it maintains the double split floor that we already knew until now.

The possibility of dividing the trunk both at the height level

The false floor is divided into halves that we can place as they are now, that is, flush with the loading plane or place the ones below the two, here we have one and here the other below they have a surface that is not carpeted, which is a little more suffered so to speak for when we load an element that is a little more dirty or wet for example and also has the possibility of dividing the trunk both at the height level because we have this space below as well as longitudinally placing this element vertically all this.

The previous Qashqai already had it, the customers appreciated it and therefore Nissan has kept it in this third generation with the seats folded down the total capacity of the trunk from 1,441 liters we are now going with the mechanical section Nissan announces that this new platform evolution of the user in the current Qashqai offers two types of suspension the front is always McPherson and has been optimized while that the rear can be by torsion bar for the versions with two driving wheels and up to 19 inches of a rim or double triangle in the 4×4 versions or those.

The brand assures that it has also modified

That have 20-inch wheels, the brand assures that it has also modified the direction that the brakes are more powerful and that in general, the car has improved dynamic behavior and increased refinement of running all of this, of course, we will check it when we can drive it and as regards the engines, the diesel is over in the normal range and then you will see why.

I say that, normally, it will be the launch one we will find two versions based on the same 13-liter engine block that is already used in the current Qashqai but conveniently electrified through a light hybridization of 12 volts there are two versions I insist one of 140 horses and another of 158 the first will only be available with a manual transmission while the second one of 158 will allow choosing between manual gearbox.