Toyota MIRAI 2021 Is Hydrogen The Future
Toyota MIRAI 2021 Is Hydrogen The Future

Toyota MIRAI 2021 Is Hydrogen The Future

Introduction Of Toyota MIRAI 2021 Is Hydrogen The Future

Toyota MIRAI 2021 Is Hydrogen The Future. Hydrogen stations called hydro generators or hydro lines is less than incipient, it is logical that if you think that you cannot refuel a look and bought by yourself today, say good because and I invite you to think a bit about the phrase With which I started it in the background, Toyota was the first to bet on self-rechargeable production hybrids and now look at how normal we understand it and how common it is to buy a model of this style, for that reason.

A little bit that will help you discover a technology

Let that most curious part of you fly a little bit that will help you discover a technology that is still another alternative to plug-in electric propulsion, it can even be more realistic so let’s get to know this look and second generation and to dismantle the myths that accompany hydrogen this Toyota look and second generation is better in all practical aspects of its use it has more autonomy more power and a more balanced distribution of weights for a conventional driving sensation is manufactured on the gea.

l platform of Toyota that also uses the Lexus for its ls and that anticipates its rear-wheel drive and first sight prize spirit and there are 11 thousand units enrolled that have served them to sow the necessary learning for this second model with this generation will try to grow the market it is about the future and as such, they do not seek immediate results they have increased their production capacity to 30 thousand units a year.

We are faced with a much more beautiful model in proportions with a very elongated bonnet and that could well go through any electric in our market, for that it is, hence, we see a grill that is quite opaque but has a grille of considerable dimensions, which I do know. especially liked is this interior splitter that gives it like a sports roll that even though the car is not welcome to the improvement in terms of the aesthetic taste of this look and directly damages its aerodynamics we are facing a car.

A coefficient of 0 29 x compared to 025

That has a coefficient of 0 29 x compared to 025 that can have a Prius but hey it wins on the one hand and It is lost on the other, here you can see the 19-inch wheels and in addition to the launch color that is called for there are only eight colors in total in the palette, it is larger in all its dimensions except the height where it has lost 65 millimeters with some data At the end of 4.97 meters long by 188 wide and 148 meters high, it has a 292 wheelbase and the track width has also grown by 75 millimeters at the front and 60 at the rear.

So we have a fairly spacious interior of the saga. Two details to start the fall on the ceiling occupy that I like so much they seem to be the most beautiful silhouettes on the market and then this small finish in a kind of ducktail that is not but hey gives it an A little sporty touch that is not also like the front splitter then we see that Toyota follows the trend of putting the headlights almost in a completely horizontal position through the tailgate and if we open the tailgate we will access the trunk of only 300 liters of capacity.

It is small small without However, its shapes are not bad at all to take advantage of with trolley-type suitcases and the placement of the tanks directly affects this space so let’s talk about the entrails and you will understand we put ourselves in dissection mode of the sight and we found the first change In these tanks, the previous model had two gas tanks, now there are three and they have been relocated, all of them have a cylindrical shape and 56 kilograms of gas inside, which means a total weight of 100 kilograms is stored in these tanks.

A higher energy density and that can be introduced

The hydrogen which then comes into contact with the oxygen but is produced upfront in the stack Another important novelty resides in this smaller fuel cell but with a higher energy density and that can be introduced in all types of vehicles. This use reduces the cost to 0.79 kilos per 100 kilometers, 10 percent less than the previous one. In addition, now there are 650 kilometers of autonomy 30% more in the cells of this battery that are now less air and hydrogen are injected This reaction generates electricity that goes to a new lithium-ion battery.

That is lighter and smaller than the Nickel above is the only residue that arises from this hodgepodge, from there the electricity drives the electric motor and we are facing an emissions car but with the typical driving sensations of that propulsion, the resin-built exhaust system is in charge of expelling air and water vapor and is 30 percent smaller in this second generation the interior of the new look and takes a step in cu Regarding quality and technological presence, it is one more in the fashion of screens placed in a panoramic position.

The central 12 3 inches and the instrumentation of 8 both have good graphics but are somewhat old to changes they are easy to handle intuitive and the important panels They are still buttons of a lifetime when you sit in the new look and the first thing you feel is that even though it shows that it is a spacious vehicle there are so many things so many buttons and in reality, the dashboard is as outstanding as you feel that you lack a bit of amplitude and space in the driver’s area, it also surprises me that despite being a Japanese vehicle.

The passenger and not towards the driver

It seems that everything is a little inclined towards the passenger and not towards the driver as is more usual and even some commands that they are a bit far away, it is appreciated that they continue to use the buttons despite being a very innovative vehicle in terms of its propulsion and then we are in A luxury version, that is, it reaches the top of the equipment, for example, we find here the wireless charger for the mobile phone that gives me the feeling that it is too free, there it would be easy for it to fall but.


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We also find heated seats and the odd chorradita Very funny that she has her sights and now she is explained, the unit that we are testing arrives very, very well equipped, it has the latest in Toyota safety sense with the most avant-garde help and security systems on the market but it also has a mobile application capable of performing functions remotely before going through the curiosities let me tell you the very comfortable driving position quite close to the ground allows you to feel well what is happening below especially you can find your ideal position thanks to the electric adjustment of both the seat and the multifunction steering wheel in the one that you can control.

A lot of things and already happened to Two curious details, one of them is that while you are circulating there is a menu that talks about the air that you are purifying while circulating since it has a filter that needs to clean the oxygen and the air to create that union between hydrogen and oxygen and then What it releases is purified air, therefore it remains like this, it is a very Japanese detail that you see the people who would save with the clean air that they can breathe while running and the other is a little button for the water.

Which is completely pure water that you could even drink

That serves for the accumulated water tank which is completely pure water that you could even drink the access to the back seats as long as you take into account the roof so as not to hit your head is fine then me with my 60 meter the truth is that I am very comfortable the seats pick up very well They even seem individual, but if I take into account the distance to the ceiling, I think that someone measuring 80 meters here would be uncomfortable, so it seems like a negative point of view. and then here.

We have the armrest that has a screen where we can control the heated seats system that is also ventilated and even the music that we have from the speakers. I am giving myself to imagine someone taller than me that it is not difficult to achieve it so it is worth if this square exists but completely discarded as I have commented to you, you see it behaves like an electric car for that its propeller is the engine yields 182 horses of power and three hundred newton meters of torque compared to 154 horses and 335-newton meters at the maximum of the previous model.

This rear accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 92 seconds and is capable of reaching 175 kilometers per hour, what is most surprising when driving is looks at you and second generation is how isolated the cabin is, you really are quite separate from what happens or from the r Usual driving fluids except the rolling, there it looks a lot like an electric but I would even say that in that sense comfort is better is another of the key points of this car, which is why it is marketed as a premium vehicle of representation but.

The suspensions indeed become too soft to my liking it

The suspensions indeed become too soft to my liking it is a vehicle designed for larger markets such as the American or Asian markets, in which this type of damping fits well as it drains everything very well but at the same time in the curves. You can see some parking and it is easy that because the distribution of weights is a little uncomfortable to pick up speed, the direction despite being quite assisted too much for my sincere taste. designed so that the steering wheel is very loose the car certainly felt heavy and that is 200 kilos less than.

A Lexus ls pe When it comes to braking, I think that the system is not so effective, especially at the beginning, it is like it is difficult for you to hook up, then at first, it is true that we have hit each other like some rudder or squeeze and until you do not get the hang of it. pedal the car does not stop completely that there it is true that you do not have any problem then also good the performance data is not amazing it is not an electric that accelerates from 0 to 100 in key mode but it is not what they are looking for in a car.

To comply with a habitual circulation, especially on roads and highways in which comfort stands out above any other electric vehicle that I have tried, it is even perhaps too much as too soft but hey that’s the one approach to this vehicle and that is why it is intended as a representation car, the new one, you see if it is available for private purchase, it does so with starting prices of 65 thousand euros For the vision finish that arrives very well equipped and without the help of the moving plan if we want to have more premium details.

It is almost identical but it has a crucial advantage

We will have to opt for the luxury or luxury brown that only changes the tone of the upholstery and that starts from the 72 thousand euros that you see. It is similar to driving an electric vehicle if it is almost identical but it has a crucial advantage which is the autonomy is more hydrogen is the key propulsion the bigger the vehicle more than anything because the battery does not have to be so much you imagine a truck with five tons of battery well. After all, if we put the hydrogen tanks that we could save ourselves because.

It is not becoming a coherent or realistic alternative to the electric ones that we plugin, it is basically for one point and it is the network of service stations called Hydroelectric plants or hydro lines, and there is only one in Madrid ‘of high pressure, which is 700 bars, which is what a car like the Mira and for pod er charge as we have very little time with this second generation of the mira and we wanted to leave a separate day to explain everything that has to do with the hydrogen charging process.

Since it generates many fears and some questions so we are going to dismantle the myths Of this propulsion we have not forgotten the key point of the sight and its refueling is here when we touch the fiber of this model and its most peculiar aspect we go to the only active high-pressure hydrogeneration that is located in the avenue manoteras in Madrid and that has been built thanks to the association of various companies, among which is Toyota.