Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car
Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car

Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car

Introduction Of Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car

Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car. The construction of diesel and gasoline models. Pure electrical appliances on the same basis and manufacture them on the same assembly line. The advantages of this system are that development costs are reduced since a single platform is built for numerous models and that production can be made more flexible according to demand. of one type of vehicle or another, for this reason, this f 4 is manufactured like its brothers in the green life plant in the community of Madrid ‘ national product listen, although.

The batteries do come from abroad another advantage

The batteries do come from abroad another advantage of this platform is that customers can choose the type of propulsion their car is going to carry, that is, if you like the citroën c4 but you don’t want electric, you have it, other brands do other things, Volkswagen, for example, you want a golf 8 but you want it electric, well here you have it. Conventional thermal of this electric the first difference we have here look at this under the front seat and also under the rear seats are the batteries another difference.

We have here the hatch is in the same place as the tank but if we open it we find the recharge connector ah this stage that looks like the cover of a day is the battery here next to this motor seems thermal but evidence, Of course, it is not what is here below, it is another difference concerning diesel or gasoline because it is an electric motor but as cars when they circulate they usually have the hood closed and the fuel hatch, we can also only identify that this is an f4 car if we look at the discreet logos and of course in the absence of an exhaust pipe, otherwise.

Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car
Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car

We are not going to bore you repeating what we already told you in our test of the c4 diesel the other day the dimensions are the same 436 long an 80 wide and 152 high and the wheelbase is 267 meters, the rear seats are also exactly the same, which have the disadvantage of their low ceiling height and the advantage of their good space for the legs and the trunk with a capacity of 380 liters expandable to 1250 when we beat the second row and that has a double bottom in which to store for example the charging cables and what to say about the seats front because.

What we don’t like the most about super comfortable seats

They are also the same, let’s go over at lightning speed what we like and what we don’t like the most about super comfortable seats. the instrumentation and it is very useful and the numerous holes and storage spaces including the mobile charger up here and this drawer to carry the tablet with integrated support for it, we asked since the last time and the Citroen has confirmed that it does not have any problem with the airbag that although we carry the tablet here in the event of an accident.

The air cushion when deployed protects both the tablet and the occupant, you will understand that we did not verify it, and now we go with what we do not like from the outset the excess of Piano black all over this very small instrumentation and with graphics that look like those of a stereo from the 90s and finally.

This steering wheel reports that it is neither round nor square, but on the contrary, the standard equipment is also identical , the availability of up to 20 driving aids with warning and lane keeping, a rearview camera with 360-degree vision, angle control dead parking assistant in short, what we already told you about the c4 diesel whose video we invite you to see after this one what differentiates this f 4 from the c4 because we go with it, the most important thing is the electric motor the battery and the charger figures the motor.

The batteries have a capacity of 50-kilowatt hours

It has a power of 100 kilowatts that is equivalent to 136 horses and a pair of 260 newton- meters. The batteries have a capacity of 50-kilowatt hours and are cooled by liquid which is the best in these cases with this system the f 4 accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 97 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 150 kilometers per hour, that is, it is two tenths slower in 0 to 100 than diesel and runs less for that it has the limited speed to preserve autonomy and since we are talking about autonomy, Citroën announces 350 kilometers of autonomy for this electric car so.

I thought about how to check it, for example doing the same route that I did a few months ago with a Mazda MX 30 that has 200 kilometers of autonomy we are going to go to the port del come from here from my house in Terrassa we will do 115 kilometers 35 percent of them at the beginning on the highway and we will see what the final result is as a reference I will tell you that with the Mazda.


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I arrived at the portal with this with a 3% charge and savoring that fantastic thing about the anguish of autonomy we will see how axis 4 behaves we left home with the car fully loaded and with the announcement of 340 kilometers of autonomy that is very well taking into account that the route we are going to do is about 250 km we should not suffer we start on the Terrassa Manresa highway which is a highway of the mountain where we certify that the comfort of 10 and 4 is identical to that of its diesel brother, it has double-stroke shock absorbers like.

A firmer second to avoid excessive rocking

That with a first soft compression phase and a firmer second to avoid excessive rocking, you have to get used to it a bit but the result is good and comfort is high as well as acoustic comfort already stands out, especially when we test the c4 or diesel, but in this case, being electric, it is even less noisy because the engine practically does not sound, yes, it is true that when we accelerate, something does a little noise very little and then when we keep the gas tip, we practically only hear the rolling noise.

That is not very loud a little bit the mirrors sound a little but in reality, it is very little therefore comfort It is still one of the clear assets of this car also in this electric version after the highway we have to reach its area by z Yuria and Cardona is a national highway of 90 per hour wide with some points with double lanes to overtake trucks and that is always in his life that is to say what he likes least about an electric car the landscape is beautiful there is not much traffic and We take the opportunity to check the performance of the car and especially the differences between.

Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car
Citroen E-C4 electric 2021 Car

The different driving modes. Driving modes we have three the normal one the echo that slightly reduces the power delivery and also reduces the power of the air conditioning if we wear it and finally the sport, which is the one that allows us to take advantage of the 136 horsepower that the electric motor of this car has, it should also be noted as one of the differences concerning the thermal c4 that in the console we have a little button right here that if we press it is like a shortcut that takes us directly to see on the screen

Which is a common mode in all-electric cars is activated by a key

The energy flows inside the vehicle and therefore we can better see what in the instrumentation where it is a little small if the car is spending how much it is spending and when we have it recovering energy its area is very beautiful so that we are going to get into its streets if only to show you how lc4 is going in the city that is Where its qualities are best used, the city in the province of Lleida is the capital of the Solsonès region, episcopal headquarters and the scene of one of the most picturesque carnivals in Catalonia, however.

It does not reach ten thousand inhabitants and as a curiosity in September 2020 nine new positions were registered in the city it is quite interesting to use the be a mode which means break and which is a common mode in all-electric cars is activated by a key here next to the gearshift keys what this mode does is that when we lift our foot, for example when we reach a roundabout.

When we see that the car in front of us slows down or at a red traffic light As we lift our foot, it generates much more deceleration, that is, the car brakes more by itself, and with that what is achieved is to recharge the battery more, which is something very interesting when we drive in the city.