AUDI RS E-Tron GT New Car In 2021
AUDI RS E-Tron GT New Car In 2021

AUDI RS E-Tron GT New Car In 2021

Introduction Of AUDI RS E-Tron GT New Car In 2021

AUDI RS E-Tron GT New Car In 2021. It is its first fully electric sports car but also in a broader sense because with this car Audi tries to reinforce the notion that an electric car can also be a car exciting to discover to what extent audio is exciting has brought us to Madrid and has put in our hands the wildest model the rs strong gt with 598 horsepower the bad.

The Audi e-Tron gt is a sports car

News is that a day like this is going to make it difficult for us but in, In any case, keep in mind that it is only a first contact and there will be time to test the car more thoroughly and in better condition and the good news the good, not ticia is that we are and we are going to do everything possible so that you can meet with us the new Audi electric grand tourer so.

I read the Audi e-Tron gt is a sports car that at first glance might remind you of the Audi r8 and fact comes out of the same production line in Bellinger of a Germany but its bodywork is not that of a coupe but that of a four-sided Gran Turismo and therefore responds more to the concept of an Audi rs 7 or a Taicang porch exactly that of a Porsche tie cam because the Audi e-Tron gate is built on the same platform and uses.

The same set of technology, therefore it could be said that Audi finally has its tie can as it mounts two electric motors, one for each axis and the range is divided into two different models, each with its power level, the rationale Tron ​​gt4 if we can call a car with four hundred and seventy-six horsepower rational and the emotional rs drone gt.

The 500 98 horses are impressive figures

That goes up to the 500 98 horses are impressive figures of course although slightly lower than those of its Porsche cousin and they are quite far from those of its other great rival the tesla model s that can reach 1,100 horsepower crazy the design of the vehicle is striking although not entirely a novelty because its exterior image is almost a copy of the other in gt concept unveiled at the end of 2018 and from which the ironman himself brought us his first test drive in that avenger’s movie, therefore, no there is much more to add but.

Some key aspects are worth explaining gives the characteristic single-frame grill is no longer exactly a grill but rather an identifying symbol of the brand because in electric cars cooling is no longer a critical element anyway it is important to ensure airflow to maximize aerodynamic efficiency but also to cool the brakes something important care like this one.

Which is sporty and very heavy, the standard headlights or LEDs can optionally have adaptive matrix lighting and can also be laser-type as an option, the vehicle’s silhouette is very aerodynamic and reaches a coefficient of only 0 24 helps to assess the fully cowled underbody and rims available in sizes from 19 to 21 inches whose aerodynamic efficiency is inversely proportional to the beauty of their design, by the way, the brake discs can be coated with tungsten carbide as is the case with the RSS throne gt or emotionally.

The roof is made of heat-insulating glass

It is the carbon-ceramic name that made everything easier to be and the roof is made of heat-insulating glass but as an option and although it is not noticeable with so much water, another roof is offered in polymer reinforced with carbon fiber, the same material that we can also have in zion. the mirror housings here hides a retractable spoiler with automatic operation and that can be positioned in two inclinations s different and under that one, these rear optics extend across the width of the vehicle.

Whose spectacle of light and color dazzle the nostalgic of the car is fantastic under that we have rear optics that extend across the entire width of the vehicle and finally, we could not expect to find here with some exhaust outlets but yes with what there is a huge rear diffuser since we are here let’s take a look at the trunk or rather the trunks another aspect that this car shares with the tie cut the loading mouth of the rear trunk not very wide gives access to a capacity of 405 liters that in the rs model stays at 350 liters because.

The premium sound equipment bang Olufsen steals space and under the front hood we have another trunk of 81 liters of capacity very similar to the one that also we can find in a ford mustang mac and match or whatever it is pronounced the new Audi electric is larger than it seems it measures 499 meters in length and has an ampThe wheelbase of 290 meters is 196 wide no less and instead, the distance from the ceiling to the ground is only 1 with 41 meters at its highest point, so we have a lot of wheelbases, a lot of widths and little height for a four-door vehicle.

The rear row will feel like passengers or prisoners

Let’s see then if the rear row will feel like passengers or prisoners apart from the complication that the ceiling supposes so low the interior space is wider than expected the knees are far from the front backrest the width is very good and it is true that those who measure more of meter 80 you will notice that we have a lot of space for the head but overall.


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The habitability is good for being a grand touring car, we will also find details to appreciate such as the climate control, by the way, an interesting detail you already know that the pure electric batteries are placed under the floor but those of this car has been designed to leave these sections free so that the floor can be lowered and with it, p provide more comfort to the occupants and now we go to the place that we like the most, the one in front of it, as the big little boy on the road would say, that round thing, also known as a steering wheel.

The case that when standing here one feels a little intimidated by so many screens and so many buttons but on the other hand it is very easy to feel well integrated into the vehicle thanks to the good economy of the driving position, unlike other high-end audio, the central section does not house two touch screens but only the upper one, which measures 10.1 inches diagonally. and contrary to fashion it is integrated into the dashboard for my taste giving up the lower screen is a relief partly because I never found it useful and above all because.

We are sitting in is the rs model with an equally luxurious

It is easier and safer to control the air conditioning with real buttons on the instrument panel too It is digital with a 12.3-inch screen and gives prominence to the speedometer, power delivery, and battery status. The car we are sitting in is the rs model with an equally luxurious but more sporty orientation and that transmits the ambiance of the cabin all in black with red contrasts and this particular unit with carbon fiber moldings. By the way, you are liking these leather-upholstered sports seats with electric drive and even massage and with the steering.

Wheel of this rs version I have mixed feelings to see its design is very attractive but I am not convinced either that it is tied underneath or these irregular shapes of the lower section and then this finish in Alcantara or Alcantara, call it whatever you want, it looks very good, it has a very racing look but as you do not wear gloves when you smell alpha re, you are going to spoil the duration of two newscasts by the way the cams anchored behind the wheel They are not used to change gear but to vary the level of energy recovery of the electrical system.

When we stop accelerating the vehicle is c It is true that the rear engine is connected to a two-speed transmission but the very short first gear will only automatically come into action when it comes out forcefully from standstill the rest of the time the second gear will remain active acting as the only idea that we are talking about gear Let’s get going I say as I said before, this car has two electric motors, it’s total combined power is four hundred and seventy-six horses in electron gt4 and five hundred and ninety-eight horses in the rs3 gt.

The high-power electrics that its delivery is instantaneous

Which is the one that we are also driving. As each propeller moves an axle of the vehicle, an all-wheel-drive system is obtained that does not need a transmission shaft, and as the rear engine is twice as powerful as the front one, it could be said that this is a sports car with camouflaged rear-wheel drive. the four-wheel drive is convenient in a sports car capable of delivering 832 meters of torque and that for at least a few seconds c continue to obtain a peak of the power of 646 horses this combination allows the RSA model to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 33 seconds.

We are going that this sports car accelerates like many sports motorcycles and is that its kick is simply brutal and this is the part A good one of the high-power electrics that its delivery is instantaneous and reaches its maximum value even when the motor or motors are running at low revolutions really that it is difficult to explain in words what it feels like to gain so much speed in such a short time and what.

What does it feel like when you realize that you have to lift your foot right away if you don’t want to break the rule, what if we lose with electric motors is the sound of eight-cylinder petrol instead of a 6-in-line or a boxer. six cylinders but in return, we are offered the possibility of enjoying other synthetic and unnecessary emulated sounds right now I’m driving with the artificial sound activated.