Mercedes-Benz C-Class New Special Benz For You
Mercedes-Benz C-Class New Special Benz For You

Mercedes-Benz C-Class New Special Benz For You

Introduction Of Mercedes-Benz C-Class New Special Benz For You

Mercedes-Benz C-Class New Special Benz For You. That falls in a hatchback way at the end is now longer width and lower than the previous model measures 475 meters long, 182 meters wide and 143 meters high, the wheelbase has grown to 286 meters, curiously, the dimensions are the same in the two family and sedan bodies.

The height of the station wagon is two centimeters higher

The only difference is that The height of the station wagon is two centimeters higher, the MX system is standard, as are the optional LED headlights, it can be equipped with digital light and a large-format head-up display. Mercedes has always been a benchmark when it comes to innovating in safety matters. Proof of this is that the new c-class becomes the first car on the market to incorporate an airbag between the two occupants in the first row, a solution that On which they intend to return to the occupants of the first row in the event of an accident.

The passengers in the rear seats can also count on a front airbag, something that we already saw in the S-class, presentation level, the set consisting of the dashboard, the console, and the central tunnel, is everything Very well integrated, it presents a beautiful design and at the same time one of the most technological, unlike the S-class, on this occasion the large central screen is oriented 6 degrees towards the driver, which makes it the only model of the brand.

That has this screen in this position as standard this screen is 9.5 inches but it can optionally equip an 11.9 inch at the end of last year I had the opportunity to drive the new class s for just 20 minutes and I must say that this screen both at the presentation and graphics quality is amazing it is very good that is how you need a master’s degree in screen management to control everything that tablet can offer x xl I hope that the product experts who deliver the car to the individual who buys it will give a very good explanation of everything.

The screen is 10.25 but as an option

It can offer and how to jump from one menu to the other because with little knowledge of it you can get lost between menu and clear menu It has voice recognition and everything but there are so many functions and so many things without any physical button that the instrument panel now becomes 100% digital as standard, the screen is 10.25 but as an option, it can be 12.3.


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The steering wheel spokes are double as in the class s and, as in this case, it has tactile buttons, many tactile buttons with 10 fingers, it seems difficult for me to be able to manage all the possibilities that the air outlets of the air conditioning system offer, perhaps if we had 20 fingers They are not round but almost and the engine start button is in an almost identical position to that of the S-class, the passengers in the second row enjoy two cents extra meters for the legs not in vain.

The car battery is 25 millimeters larger than that of the previous generation with the battery hold mode you can keep the battery charge intact so that when you arrive in a city you can activate that mode 100% electric and have full electric autonomy precisely in this mode the vehicle is limited to 140 kilometers per hour according to Mercedes this hybrid version has an accelerator pedal with the haptic response at 97 degrees, do not continue to use it, try it to see what kind of answer sincerely offers to date the plug-in hybrids.

The 100% electric mode you have all the travel of the accelerator pedal

That most have driven when it is going to be the 100% electric mode you have all the travel of the accelerator pedal to modulate the power delivery of the electric motor and once you reach the end of the travel as in all automatic cars when you press there is an over-boost button under there that clicks and with that extra pressure the bike would enter there r thermal and you enjoy all the power of the hybrid set.

It will not be a question of trying it to see what happens unlike the class and plug-in hybrid the trunk of the C-class plug-in hybrid is completely flat and does not have a drawer there in the middle that takes away cargo space according to the state body brand with this hybrid mechanics declares 360 liters of expandable capacity in 1375 if we lower the rear legs [Music] in the hybrid versions the trunk cargo volume is 455 liters the saloon and 490 liters The familiar all engines have the 48-volt smart turbo system, therefore, all are eco power light hybrids.

OEM 654 in versions of 200 of 163 horses of 220 of 200 horses

This system has theoretically been designed to save consumption and lower emissions in addition to providing 15 kilowatts of power and 2 are the m 254 thermal engines It is gasoline available with two displacements 1.5 and 2 liters, it can be configured in three power levels from 180 to 170 horsepower. of 200 204 horses and c300 of 258 horses, the only diesel in the range is the OEM 654 in versions of 200 of 163 horses of 220 of 200 horses and c300 of 265 horses all these engines are associated with a box of automatic changes of new relations 9 Getronics.

There is no longer the option of the basic manual as there was before all of the series are automatic a box that integrates the sg the integrated starter generator that helps the combustion engine to major soil cities as a micro-hybrid the integral attraction 4matic is available as an option in the c 200 and c300 gasoline as well as in the 220 diesel there is no possibility of equipping it with airmatic air suspension but with piloted suspension, the optional directional rear axle can rotate the rear wheels up to 2.5 degrees when we can test it we will tell you in detail how this new generation of the C-class is doing, a car that has been completely renovated to compete from you to you with Audi a4 and BMW 3 series two cars.