Citroën C5 X New Car
Citroën C5 X New Car

Citroën C5 X New Car

Introduction Of Citroën C5 X New Car

Citroën C5 X New Car. Its undeniable personality the front continues with the style of the other models of the brand with a bonnet with two large cavities on the sides, the chevrons that stretch towards the upper day lights and towards the main optical groups, and some bumpers with cross-over features in the profile highlight the large 19-inch wheels in almost all versions the extended black wheel arches on the front and rear plastic protections another very typical crossover feature.

The top of the crystals the floating roof in black

A chrome line that runs along the top of the crystals the floating roof in black and a rear pillar with a graphic element reminiscent of the c3 aircross at the rear the tailgate with a quiet vertical drop to seduce the family lovers is framed by a double spoiler that of the ceiling and the one located at the base of the gate itself, the pilots are large and enter the fins in the shape of a vee lying down and under the logo we find the name of the brand passing the model to the right side with a wheelbase of 278 meters.

It is a large car 480 meters long by 186 wide and 148 high. that place it at the heart of the segment and offers a trunk of 545 liters expandable to 1640 by folding down the rear seat trunk that by the way we still cannot see because the brand has not shown it in the first launch videos but it will have hands-free electric opening and a retractable curtain located on the gate itself.

Which according to citroën have an exceptional space

We do not have video of the rear seats, which according to citroën have an exceptional space for a first-level width and a generous distance from the ceiling when we can sit on it, we will confirm or not these statements in the interior we see the traditional citroën seats that are large and announce a very comfortable double-layer cushioning an elegant dashboard faced with digital instrumentation.


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A huge get-up display in color the touch screen in raised position a central console with the handbrake and the minimum level of the automatic gearbox and the climate control controls fortunately separated from the screen if they bring adopted to the car from a large glazed surface including a glass roof and very high acoustic comfort, something that we will have to check when we can drive it, the brand has not anticipated which engines will carry the cx 5 but in the press release it only talks about gasoline and hybrids.

The diesel engines

So it is possible we can say goodbye to the diesel engines, now the most demanded in this segment if we take a look at its closest relative the price 508 it seems clear that this citroën will mount the 3 Lindros from 1 to 2 liters and 130 horses as a basic option and the veteran 1.6 of 4 cylinders and 180 horses as an intermediate version to finish the range and this is sure.

We will have the hybrid or 224 horsepower plug-in only with front-wheel drive, the entire range will mount the traditional suspension with progressive shock absorbers that we already know in the c3 and c5 errors but also in the case of the hybrid version, the electronic control of the suspension is added.

A new interface for the 12-inch touch screen

This will allow Choose between different levels of hardness and other elements of equipment provided are a new interface for the 12-inch touch screen that will allow you to connect phones without cables and recharge them on board and also give orders or ask questions to exist staff with artificial intelligence in The driving aids section will have the highway driver assist.

That combines active cruise control and lane maintenance, it will also have long-distance blind spot control, rear cross-traffic alert and control of the environment in maneuvers thanks to the 360 camera. degrees a distinctly different approach to the gene segment It lists a segment that is in the doldrums and in which citroën nevertheless aims to stand out with a model capable of seducing the lover of traditional saloons, those looking for a model with the virtues of a familiar tailgate included and those in love with crossover aesthetics.