AUDI S5 Sportback TDI 2021 With New Features
AUDI S5 Sportback TDI 2021 With New Features

AUDI S5 Sportback TDI 2021 With New Features

Introduction Of AUDI S5 Sportback TDI 2021 With New Features

AUDI S5 Sportback TDI 2021 With New Features. A car that has a 341-horsepower v6 TDI, it was a matter of testing it to see if it has lost or won with the diesel before continuing, remember to give the I like how there is below you also have the button to subscribe to the youtube channel of there is also the bell once active you will receive notifications s on your smartphone and you will be one of the first to see our videos you know that we are everywhere facebook Twitter Instagram our website our own why because.

The largest offer of cars right now is an s5 Sportback

We have the largest offer of cars right now an s5 sportback like this one costs 83 thousand 550 euros but Hey, it’s not coming for new in the second-hand section of we have right now more than 80 units of that 5 of the different generations from 15 thousand euros the sportback bodywork presents a very attractive design of a course that occupies is the Coupe and that typical three-volume with two doors is perhaps the most beautiful option of the 5, however this five-door variant is also spectacular at first glance, one can see.

That it is a large car measuring 476 meters long, 184 wide and 139 meters wide. high, the wheelbase is greater than 2.8 meters and it is not light either, it declares 1.8 tons, the saying goes that for tastes there are colors, I like it ta more the front of the first to 5 s 5 the design was very pure very clean here especially this part that the hood is mounted on the headlights all a little strange but well maybe with time one gets used to the grill presents the design of.

That in this case are not functional

The latest audio and with three slots here in the upper part that in this case are not functional are sticky these here are functional but at the height of the license plate it is closed, grille in black is an extra as an extra is that matrix led laser headlight equipment as standard the matrix led is already coming but the option is going to be optional as an option there are also the different assistants here are the radars that are in the bumper as well as these 20- inch Audi sport wheels shod with tires Dunlop sport Maxx 265 30 20 one of the details.

That reflects that this s 5 Sportback is practically identical to an a5 Sportback with removes line is this piece here in this we see a number 5 on a 5 e s form with Stella and Mary Amos s line and otherwise for the fact that this way everything would be identical although two-sixths of black color that we have seen on the front is part of a set the cases are charged separately.

I will not be that we leave something to pay the body line is very beautiful this descending shape but at the same time, it offers a good interior space that later we will see in the rear also it is still practically identical to an a5 Sportback with remove line it has this license and flap to improve The aerodynamics and what is most surprising is that you see four tailpipes, two round double outlets.

Audi sport wheels with 5-spoke star design € 2,300

However functional, there are only those on the other side Audi sport wheels with 5-spoke star design € 2,300 thousand laser matrix led headlights € 130 gloss black inserts € 740 mirror housings and n gloss black color 140 euros panoramic glass roof 2000 50, these here, as you can see, are made of white paint, ibis 375 euros and aluminum euros darkened rear windows 565 euros as in the exterior inside all are extras like this steering wheel with the flattened lower part.

That costs 155 euros sports seats s 740 euros leather thousand 210 euros electric adjustment and memory of the seats 275 euros pneumatic lumbar adjustment and massage function 660 euros carbon inserts 1,325 euros head-up-display thousand 320 euros bang Olufsen audio equipment three of thousand 105 euros package assistance driving three 1,620 euros and the truth excess comfort 1,440 euros an hour almost 365 euros exterior cameras 1,545 euros all these extras make the final price exceed.

The barrier of 100,000 euros 101 thousand 510 to be more exact as is a tradition in audio quality of finishes of the cabin is very high everything you see and touch is very well finished and on top of it gives the feeling of quality that you expect The seats are very comfortable to be the sportiest version of the seat offered for this model because the truth holds well and on top of it the softness is pleasant and on top of it both the steering column and the seat offer you so many adjustment possibilities.

The feeling of space is great for a car

That adult of any size feel comfortable here even the feeling of space is great for a car so low with the panoramic glass roof you still gain more in this feeling of interior space and the great novelty is the touch screen a touch screen that eliminates the rotary knob with the other buttons that there was next to it and they allowed you to manage the multimedia telephone system and everything else was very comfortable before because with the hand resting here it was turning entering and exiting the menus now instead of the remote.


Citroën C5 X New Car

There is a hole with a cover to store the remote toll remote and you have to release your hand from the steering wheel to distract yourself a little from the road to access the different menus one by one to notice that you are pressing what you wanted in the way you wanted for my taste it was more comfortable intuitive and safe lm that you also have voice control, the only thing that is not as evolved as that of other models of other brands that allow you give commands like I’m cold I’m hot here it’s just called Pepito or take me to Zaragoza.

It’s a good system somewhat outdated even so the central screen measures 8.3 inches and presents quality graphics a screen that is complemented by the instrument panel 100 % digital from 12 to 3 inches the habitability of the rear seats and we reviewed it in this video together with luís Miguel Reyes he tested an a5 Sportback that was identical to this that 5 sport the five-door bodywork allows you to enjoy like God commands from the spacious rear seats and offers comfortable access to its generous trunk those and lowering.

The 1200 45 liters and the boot capacity

The second city of ‘hundreds this volume grows up to The 1200 45 liters and the boot capacity of the s5 sportback is a tad slower than the 5 sportback which has a 48 volt system of the micro hybrid system here below the space is limited with which it remains in 430 liters instead Of the 480 of the conventional version, it even only allows to open that hole in which there is the anti-puncture kit.

This part down here you cannot play about starting the engine and listening to this diesel sound and how good the s5 sounded previous with sub-6 gasoline supercharged by a turbo declared three hundred and fifty- four horses but it seemed that it even had a few extra horses what I like the most about this car is to drive in comfort mode and enjoy a suspension that filters well a very smooth ride is a very comfortable car on a day-to-day basis.

This is the great advantage offered by this slightly soft configuration that the s5 Sportback has, however in a race. Mountain tea like this his thing is to change to dynamic and the truth is not bad at all the suspension is a tougher point and it shows the level of engine thrust is more than enough to move the car with great ease is an engine that has been throughout the entire range pushes with a huge forcefulness yes the musical note well it will not be bad for diesel but of course it is not the same as the v6 turbo.

10 liters 11 projects that have used 7 liters wants to declare

That previously had the 4 s 5 is that it weighed very well pushed a lot and on top of that the consumptions are quite contained this car on the days that I am not testing it moves around 10 liters 11 projects that have used 7 liters wants to declare lower figures that have a sticker made by the hybrid4 system the consumptions are what they are this new engine is also v6 and it also has 3 liters of displacement, yes it is v announces 341 horses from 3,800 to 3 thousand nine hundred and fifty revolutions and seven hundred newton meters of torque.

Available continuously between 1,750 and 3,250 revolutions, its 58- liter diesel tank gives it an autonomy of around 700 kilometers from time to time. changes is an audio Tronic eight-speed ZF that goes nose in automatic mode is a joy the smooth and comfortable that is that if it does not have a manual mode 100% true as if you have the rs this is an Audi s and here when you get to cut the box its speed automatically I think that it is not so difficult to program it so that it reaches the cut it will be the giant marketing ones.

This engine does not lack thrust but it gives the feeling of being a normal Audi with a diesel engine powerful not a 5 s there is already a 5 Sportback 54 with 286 horses and 620 minutes within torque the s5 is faster accelerates to 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds while the other stays in only 5.3 seconds guns are not that far, both also have a top speed limited to 250 kilometers per hour and all this enlivened with the Quattro all-wheel-drive system that sets the degree of mechanical grip offered by this car very high. the sport Maxx.