New Dacia Spring Electric 2021 Car
New Dacia Spring Electric 2021 Car

New Dacia Spring Electric 2021 Car

Introduction Of New Dacia Spring Electric 2021 Car

New Dacia Spring Electric 2021 Car. In emerging markets that are sold with a gasoline engine in South America India or China, first verification is cheap because it takes advantage of an existing platform in China, an electric version is also produced. Centrica this one that reaches us in Europe under the Dacia brand. The second observation is cheap because it is manufactured in China. 14 inches and has this crossover apprentice look essentially thanks to these robust black wheel arches to these underbody guards and the front and rear bumper guards interesting things.

We have the turn signal and the daytime running lights

The light clusters are split at the top we have the turn signal and the daytime running lights that are led in the lower part the main headlights which in this case are cheap halogens I have told you before that the wheels were 14 inches they are tiny and they are shod with 165 70 tires on the rim 14 they look like alloy wheels but in reality, it is a hubcap that is put on top and bolted to the rim is effective and is less.

For a while and a second thing the tiny rim contributes to the crossover aspect of the car because being smaller, it leaves more space between the wheel and the wheel arch and this is the rear rim which is the same as the front rim but instead of hiding a brake of disc hides a drum that is also cheaper Dacia is a brand that manages to make cheap cars by designing them from scratch so that they are cheap and not making them cheap once they are made but for a car to be cheap.

You have to make some sacrifices in aspects such as quality of materials, equipment, and benefits and if we talk about an electric car and knowing that the battery is the most expensive, these waivers are multiplied let’s see the interior of the cabin has a simple presentation all we see is hard plastic with a poor appearance although the assembly It is more than correct the instrumentation is simple with a digital outer part and a central part where we find a little monochrome screen in which the onboard computer is a computer.

It has a lot of buttons without function

That we have to control using a key that is here in the middle and that is very little accessible the steering wheel is completely plastic with a slightly poor appearance and it must also be taken advantage of another model because it has a lot of buttons without function that in other cars will be used for something but in this case there are simply little stands, the fact that the steering wheel takes advantage of another existing car makes the product cheaper and there is another element that also makes.

It is cheaper and is that this steering wheel is fixed, it has neither depth nor height adjustment, the central screen, the truth is that it is not bad at all, it is 7 inches diagonally, it is compatible with apple car play and android auto and it offers us a navigator that for a car 100% urban is a very useful element, yes it is true that it is not a new screen, it is not the one of the new Sandero, it is the one used by the previous model. It indicates that it does not have so many functionalities but for the use to which we are going to give it works perfectly and of course, being older.

It is cheaper below we find the air conditioning controls that are also simple but good effective and finally the seats that in this comfort plus version They are upholstered in leather in synthetic leather of course and with these blue seams that fit the mother well, it is a relatively comfortable seat that has, however, two problems, one that the lateral support is very simple, they hold very little although it is also true that In the city of this second aspect the other characteristic is that they are very narrow and they are because.

The opening angle of the door is not bad

The car is also in short and fourth observation is a cheap car because it is a simple car with very simple materials sometimes taken advantage of other models and that therefore it gives up a series of elements, especially equipment, that if they have other cars In this same segment, much more complete rear seats, the opening angle of the door is not bad, you have to bend your head a little to avoid hitting and once inside we see that it is a small car also inside the seat is adjusted to my position driving a meter 68 and I like to drive a little forward.

So that with this space someone who looks more than me and especially if the driver measures more than me and therefore drives a little further back here behind we will be It is very fair that it is also true that if the seat comes more, note that here it enters a lot and therefore there are a few more centimeters than it appears but, in any case, we will have the seat very high, we are not too high, I have two left fingers to touch on the ceiling so that a taller person will probably be grazing and will have to adopt.


New Dacia Spring Electric 2021 Car

A position not a little more cramped otherwise I do not sit on the central seat because there is no this is a two-seater car behind here and the truth is that width would not give for more finally we have anything there are no holes to leave objects in the door or the seats we do not have aerators we have those and electric windows rear, although removing the head is a bit complicated closing the trunk is a simple unlocking it is not an electric unlocking as you can see the gate does not have interior trim simply.

We have a loading mouth quite narrow

This element that supports the wiper motor is a customer and we have a loading mouth quite narrow because of the cut of the gate itself but this trunk is 270 liters and that is practically impossible to find in a car of the segment where you will fit a shopping cart from the entire supermarket well the contents of the cart, not the car itself, of course, interesting things about this trunk that underneath there is a normal size wheel 165 70 r 14 like the other 4 and also in the hue co that is in the center we can place.

The recharging cable so that it does not stumble through the trunk itself so that this is very usable and negative things that when we want to lower the rear bench to expand the load capacity we will have to do it completely because It is not split, therefore, the fifth observation is a cheap car because it is for two or four the Dacia spring is a front-wheel-drive electric car that has the electric motor under the front hood because here we have an electric motor located in the front compartment that yields 45 horses and 145-newton meters of the park with this motor pulling 2048 kilos.

That weighs this of Asia spring we achieve a performance of 125 kilometers per hour in the maximum speed and 19.1 seconds in the acceleration from 0 to 100 the figuring power and acceleration are comparable, practically identical to those provided by a 1980 seat panda 45 although the panda pe I knew 350 kilos less, therefore, sixth observation this is a cheap car because its performance is modest but we must not forget that it is an essentially urban car so enough talking and we are going to drive it like the Dacia spring has a battery of 27.4 kilowatts.

The smallest of an electric and a range of 225 km

Now the smallest of an electric and a range of 225 km approved in the wl pp standard that becomes 295 kilometers and we use it only in the city is not bad since doubling it from a smart Forfour, for example, to have the maximum autonomy with this car, we have the possibility of giving the eco button that we have here on the center console, if we do, we increase the autonomy by 10% but in return, the 45 horses become 31 and on the other. On the other hand, the maximum speed drops from 125 kilometers per hour to only 100 it would be a bit like getting off the panda.

We were talking about before and getting on two-horse jokes apart what It is true that this extra autonomy can be very useful when at some point we get home to justifies it can be worth us to get there and on the other hand in the city that the maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour is not outrageous since after all, if we move in a 100% urban environment, the speed is limited to 50 the city is the natural habitat of this car with it, you have to forget about the highway because it is small because.

It runs little because it accelerates little and because it eats up kilowatts now at breakneck speed this car is a car for the city I told you before that acceleration 0-100 is modest with 19.1 but instead at the exit of a traffic light the acceleration of 0 50 is more than interesting, it accelerates well, it is also true that it is a car that makes more noise than other electric cars and that is because it is less isolated and therefore if it is noisier but always with This feeling that when you accelerate you can hardly hear the noise from the mechanics like in any other electric and finally.

You can access any urban center in any condition

It is also ideal for the city because it is a very small car and then you put it anywhere in any corner and park it anywhere and many times free and that without counting that you can access any urban center in any condition since we must remember that all-electric vehicles enjoy the safe conduct that is supposed to display the zero label, our car did not carry it because it has a French registration but it did The license plate is here you will have the zero. The suspension of this car is a bit strange. Let me explain, for example.

Now that we enter a roundabout if we take it a little fast and turn hard, the car leans a lot, that is, the extension of the suspension is remarkable. suspension that has a fairly long journey this means that for example, I know why those people who buy this car in Not in a rural environment, because when it comes to moving along certain roads or even in streets with many potholes, the car will copy well and there will be no risk, for example, that the bottoms hit but on the other hand when we find a speed retarder they touch or touch Some big bump.

That we take at a higher speed than due, the reaction of the suspension in compression is a very hard reaction, that is, it hits the back a lot, therefore it seems very unbalanced, that is, on the one hand, it is hard in compression a lot and on the other. extension which makes the car lean in support corners for example quite good in reality it is a suspension quite adapted to an urban environment where the roads are more uneven and it does not go very fast and therefore the car manual more or less copy the brakes well