Subaru OUTBACK 2021
Subaru OUTBACK 2021

Subaru OUTBACK 2021

Introduction Of Subaru OUTBACK 2021

Subaru OUTBACK 2021. Whole issue completely to the pan the downsizing Kubica two and a half liters second because this is an engine atmospheric and at a time when practically all the mechanics of gasoline are turbocharged it is difficult to find a propellant of this type and third because this engine instead of having the four cylinders perfectly aligned 1 2 3 and 4 or 1 2 3 and 4 depending on whether it is longitudinal and transversal has the cylinders lying down and facing 2 to 2 that is to say that is positioned 1 2 3 and 4 is, therefore.

This car is Subaru a Subaru outback

A boxer structure motor and since there are only two brands that currently use boxer engines and not there is no porch that has the boxer engine located in the forward position is evident that this car is Subaru a Subaru outback is the sixth generation of this break all road has just arrived in our market and we are going to try but before we start reminding you that we are very excited that you give us the like that we will be happy to receive you as subscribers to the few who are not yet and that if you give them there is the bell.

You will receive notifications to be the first to see our videos let’s go there but it goes that it is a familiar all road that derives from the Subaru legacy a saloon that the Japanese brand stopped importing a couple of generations ago is a completely new car but following the tradition, Subaru does not seem like it because aesthetically it is very continuous so much that unless we have a good eye trained, it will be difficult for us to distinguish him from his predecessor and the truth is that the new outback changes in its dimensions are longer.

Now it measures 4 with 87 meters is say 6 centimeters more is wider 3 centimeters for 187 and is taller 5 centimeters for about 65 and has a wheelbase of 274 meters that is identical to that of the preceding model, although it is usually precisely the wheelbase which gives us clues to the fact that there are cars that share the same platform in this case despite coinciding with the previous generation this car uses a platform completely new is a global platform on which the all-wheel-drive Subaru models the four wheels and it is a platform that is also more rigid and that.

We already know from other models of the brand

We already know from other models of the brand such as the forester or the x rises this time curiously with an extended wheelbase aesthetically the car is more campers than the previous one that is obvious from the front look the same but the hood is now more marked the headlights are more large grille has a more attractive pattern and the fog lamps are smaller the side is that of a broken cam but with protections very robust lower wheel arches that are no longer circular but rather have a shape that invades.

The body a little more and at the rear, The peak of the window has been highlighted by the chrome frame is more obvious and we have some sturdy roof bars that can be converted into a roof rack simply by moving the bars and placing them in a transverse position by behind it has different pilots a larger roof spoiler and with continuity on the sides framing the rear window and robust bumpers with bottom plastic protector, in short, that looks like the same car always but with the jacket component let’s say.

A little more exaggerated for these wheel arches the biggest is for these more important protections for these roof bars that are also much more generous it is true that in this case, the white color accentuates a little more the contrast with all these elements in black and this aspect let’s say more of off-road is increased but other elements also affect this perception, for example, this distance to the ground which is 21 3 centimeters much higher than that of the most of their market and on the other hand the distance that remains between the wheel and wheel arch which is a premonition in a way that this car will have suspension travel also greater.

Now starting at the back with the trunk

Then most of the current SUVs let’s take a look inside now starting at the back with the trunk, which is a break for something, the opening is electric and hands-free and there is no need to start dancing here by putting your foot in underneath so that it does not open in this car, what you have to do is bring the hand to the logo hold it for a couple of seconds and we have the gate open but you will say wow if it is hands-free and you need a hand to open the gate is that it is not in hands-free what will happen if we come loaded and not.

We have our hands available because nothing will be enough to bring the arm closer and the gate opens the same therefore it is effectively hands-free I leave the briefcase here because I want to show you the interior of the entrance We have a luggage cover that, if we plan it, goes up to make loading and unloading easier so we still need more space we can move it and it remains rolled up in its support we have a trunk of 522 liters which is 10 more than in the previous generation of this same car and as always.

The trunks of the Subaru several little details are very good for example the base that is made of rubber is an accessory but that works well because it protects the carpet protects the double bottom and we can leave dirty or wet things here and then clean I am going to remove it very easily basically so that you can see that in addition we have here below a double bottom with touch and a spare wheel that is one thing that we find less and less is also true that instead of buying a gasoline version you buy.

Where the toroidal tank is installed for the glp

In the LPG version offered by the brand, you are going to lose this hole because here where the toroidal tank is installed for the glp anyway in the latter case for the glp versions Subaru offers the possibility of keeping the spare wheel but that does place it in the trunk they place it very well supported but we will lose the space occupied by the wheel of those 500 22 liters I insist that this is a very well equipped trunk has hooks for purchases has a pair of hairnets have lots of hooks to attach nets and you also have.

The possibility of folding the rear seats from right here using these two handles, once the rear seats have been folded down, the boot capacity is 1,822 liters counted up to the ceiling the rear seats are the widest we have seen in a car of this kind good door opening angle and indeed the space behind here is spectacular legroom even two people who are much taller than me and force the driver to come much further back they will go super comfortable space for the roof to spare lateral space also to spare the head is at the height of the upper part of the window, not the roof therefore behind here there is a lot of space and as in addition to this car.

They have grown slightly in width since Also in width there is more slack so that the rear seats are almost perfect because almost because the central if we place ourselves here and it no longer ends work so much the truth is harder this here a lot harder we have a fairly large transmission tunnel and that is due to the presence of black piano rock is that I get scared with so much black chirping I said it is Due to the presence of this elbow support, what is interesting is also that here.

Seat heating and two USB sockets to recharge

We have seat heating and two USB sockets to recharge any device and in front, as we walk slowly because in front the same better look we have steering wheel adjustable in height and also in-depth we have electrically adjustable seats as well as upholstered seats in leather that pick up the body quite well, in short, to get a good driving position up here is a breeze the dashboard design is very Japanese, quite large steering wheel and with numerous controls for radio and cruise control among others push-button start-up of conventional instrumentation with color display in the middle of two analog gauges and as an element more characteristic.

A new central screen in vertical format from 11 to 6 centimeters of diagonal that maintains some physical buttons of common use such as the temperature of the air conditioner, the volume of the radio or the warnings and which leaves the rest of the functions for the screen, including the management of the air conditioner that is at least easy to use and does not require to divert the view excessively and the screen is large with large icons with good visibility and easy to understand and execute menus that allow the phone to control the audio equipment including the connection by Bluetooth the air conditioning and some extra functions of the vehicle no.

We have forgotten the browser and it is that it orba that it does not have a browser. Outback itself does have it, but the software that reaches Spain does not because Well, because the importer has thought that we all carry a browser in the pocket and therefore does not need to be duplicated in the car By the same rule of three we could say that it is not necessary to put sound equipment because we all carry one in our pockets, the problem is that you have to resort to apple car play or android auto but.

The equipment is Bluetooth but not for apple car

The equipment is Bluetooth but not for apple car play so that we do not there is another option to connect it and then yes we will have apple car play we can go to the map and therefore with the map work as long as we have taken the precaution of downloading the map previously because if we lose coverage we will not navigate to load bad is also missing by the way other very fashionable gadgets at the moment such as the wireless mobile charger, the Getafe display or the instrumentation digital but in return offers.


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A flawless finish and very good settings there is a lot of quality here inside the dashboard finished with this imitation leather also the also very robust central console, the truth is that although we continue finding the plate of the piano black for example here around the change in this area here that already has riot is because it is inevitable that this lines with practically only the truth is that the evolution that has given this car concerning the previous generation on the subject of finish is remarkable and that is something that.

We have already seen in the latest models of Subaru already passed in the forester it passed in the one that goes up and now it also passes in This Europe, which is to say, the jump in the perceived quality of the cabin is remarkable in this car and of course is very up to date in active safety launches the fourth generation of driving and insight aids with the novelty that when sitting behind the wheel performs a scan of the face to recognize you and adapt to the profile those elements.

Cruise control active speed recognition signals

That can be modified by the system includes common functions such as lane-keeping angle warning dead emergency braking also reversing camera with rearview front and right side cruise control active speed recognition signals and evasive maneuver assistant that hits a controlled steering wheel if consider that this way you can avoid a car by reach we’re already running the outback like every Subaru combines its boxer engine with a type automatic transmission cwt and all-wheel drive with symmetrical torque distribution.

Between both axes, the engine, as we have seen at the beginning, is four-cylinder and 2.5 liters and has a power of 169 horses that may seem few to first time if the truth is that it is not an engine that stands out for its thrust, this engine is atmospheric and has its best moment of torque quite up to three thousand 900 revolutions per minute, therefore, it is an engine that if we want it to perform we have to take it to that threshold of 4,000 laps so that when accelerating, not in the meantime the change to cwt.

It is also difficult to maintain an engine

But revolutions both the engine but of course it is also difficult to maintain an engine of these characteristics above for this we can play a little with the change but I insist that it is complicated and this CMT change even though it is better than the previous one and that it is an exchange rate that is getting better and better, it is still a change that skids a lot and therefore let’s say the speed gains recoveries are not one of the best features of this car the change has that yes 8 laws of passage can not speak of gears since any.

It has them and allows it to be used by paddles behind the car steering wheel big tall not very aerodynamic with naturally aspirated gasoline engine and shift automatic all the ingredients so that you officially spend a lot on this car It has a consumption of 86 liters per 100 kilometers than at high speed that is to say on low highway according to wl tpa 8.1.

It is a consumption to a certain logical point in a car like this but looks, I picked it up in Madrid and from Madrid, I went to Barcelona by highway last week and what are you going to see? Now it is what I recorded in Zaragoza after almost 300 km marks a consumption average of 6.9 and arriving in Lleida it fell to 67 this means that at 120 of cruise control on the highway this car has a consumption that does not reach 7 liters.