Introduction Of CUPRA BORN 2021

CUPRA WAS BORN IN 2021. The Volkswagen and d3 and d4 the Escola in ya that is to come and this Cupra will be the fourth of these models and something else that has changed are that contrary to what has initially projected this car as You see it is not a seat but a cupra that has changed the most these last two years in seat apart from the president because we will tell you all that in that You can consult by clicking on the link above because today of what I know It is about telling you everything we already know about.

New Cupra born the car compact and sporty electric

The new Cupra born the car compact and sporty electric say that it praises the aesthetics of your car expresses that electric models do not have to be bored the front is very extreme 2 especially if we compare it with the and 3 of Volkswagen the headlights are of course led we have this black line that joins them where we have the brand name the logo highlighted by these two lines above here and it will say of the bonnet, in reality, this is already the bumper because the hood ends up here but the most distinctive thing about.

This front is this part down here is the cooling grill the electrics they need much less to cool I know than a car with a heat engine but they still need a little air and therefore it is achieved through this grill that is also made by this piece in this copper color so typical of the brand in the profile the first thing we observe is the generous height of the car this happens in practically all electrics when putting the battery in the lower part, this forces the passenger compartment to be raised and to preserve the habitability must also increase.

The dimension of the interesting car on this side some things like for example this area from here this box bass is very aerodynamic what it does is also the car visually and we also have the wheels in this case of 20 inches They are available in 18 19 or 20 and in the case of the 20 inches there are two designs is in more silver tones and another with a few more tones in copper color and finally the last thing to highlight on the side is this rear pillar that It is textured and that separates the ceiling a bit from the lower part looking for this floating ceiling sensation.

The cars and the back and like this one cupra

So common right now in the design of the cars and the back and like this one cupra it is a sports car it has sports elements a very large spoiler on the roof and this diffuser also very large and painted in the color of the body at the bottom and then like all the latest models of the group both as Cupra we have this line of light that connects the two pilots and in situation preeminent so that it is clear which car is the logo this surfer and the brand name car dimensions are 432 meters long by 181 meters wide and the wheelbase is 276 meters seen from the outside.


Subaru OUTBACK 2021

We go inside in the tests that we have already done of the volkswagen and of three and four we have criticized the fact that the entire dashboard was made of hard plastic that the good impression of quality perceived when you get in the car quite poor here things change a lot in the first place we have this large piece that is upholstered in a kind of neoprene that is not in the volkswagen and let’s say visually supports both the screen and the instrumentation is true.

That instrumentation is the same with the same control for forward and reverses travel and for the parking brake. The parking lot that the iii of 3 has is a configuration very similar to the one that has already had the BMW i3 for many years but the rest of the components and materials change a lot about the Volkswagen for example this part top this plastic is soft this part of here we have a plastic that is also a little textured we have this center console that is not in the folk Hagen and that in addition to some warehouse spaces extra important allow us to support.

The passenger cooper has decided to put this console

The leg of both the driver and the passenger cooper has decided to put this console not only for him storage but because as this is a more dynamic car when it comes to driving the support for the right leg according to the brand is essential other differences change the aerators all these details in copper color are in the Cupra and they are not in the Volkswagen and finally it changes also other important elements such as the steering wheel this is a cupra steering.

A wheel sports car that is the most powerful versions will also have the famous brand satellites the start button and the button to insert the cover mode the center screen is 12 inches is slightly driver-oriented and has all the functions that already we know about the latest models of both this brand and seat by the way that if the instrumentation seems small to us that it is always so we can use the Getafe display with augmented reality that shows information by layers on the windshield and of course the car has all the usual electronic braking aids to lane-keeping to the speed programming and to avoid any type of incident Another aspect.

That changes remarkably concerning the folks wagen and 3 is text the seats all buyers will carry this bucket with the integrated head restraints a seat with a much sportier design and that augurs good lateral support for this obviously it will have to be tried and therefore check two upholstery that we see here in this fabric technical and another that will be made with a fabric that is called thus which and which is a recycled fabric with marine plastics when we talk about marine plastics, not We mean that they grow in the sea but someone has thrown them.

That is dedicated to collecting them

Before there is an association that is dedicated to collecting them therefore to clean the seas and those plastics are used for a type of technical fabric that is the that will carry the less powerful covers in the central part of the seats here behind we are going to see some of the advantages of electric cars the fact that the platform has a very long wheelbase favors habitability the fact that we have the engine placed in position rear also allows the entire cabin to be overtaken and this car also has a huge door opening and a very large entry angle.

So that entering here is very easy, we also take into account that the floor it’s a little higher for people let’s say older like me can enter and exit very easily and once inside He already tells us about a large amount of space we have, especially with Regarding the front row, these seats are indeed a little larger and therefore somewhat limit the forward visibility that we have here back but instead the side visibility the door is quite low and is frankly good the distance to the ceiling I am about four fingers a person taller than me probably It will be touching this is because what the car explains at the beginning is higher base by having the battery under.

The floor and this makes it have You have to climb the car a little but if you raise it a lot you also lose the sporty proportions that are intended to give a car of this type and therefore so much the habitability concerning the ceiling that is satisfactory in my case the central square may be a bit more complicated for a taller person seems quite usable among other things because the floor is flat and therefore we can put our feet without any problem the backrest is a little harder than the outdoor squares but this.

He case of all compact cars are always better stopped

One you already know is the case of all compact cars are always better stopped than for three but within that this central square is not bad at all and we are going to see the trunk that opens with the logo there is no electric opening of the gate and inside we have a space of 385 liters which is 5 liters more than a seat Leon Obviously here there is no double bottom because we have the presence of the motor just below this area this is a rear-wheel-drive car with the engine therefore above the driving axle and we do not have the double bottom and we do not have for the same reason a spare wheel this car uses their platform of the Volkswagen group.

The one of the and 3 to understand us quickly and will be available with two power levels 150 or 204 horses with the addition of the package optional and post in the most powerful that raises the power to 231 horses always that the Cupra mode is used or in the rest of the modes it resorts to the quit down the package is completed by 19-inch wheels and a brake system upgraded headlamps available lithium-ion batteries will be 45-kilowatt hour series for the 150 horsepower and 58 version kilowatt-hours for the 204 but with the aforementioned ‘post’ package.

You can a larger 77-kilowatt-hour battery

You can a larger 77-kilowatt-hour battery must also be fitted in all cases the battery is cooled by liquid with the battery with the highest capacity Cupra speaks of an approximate autonomy of 540 kilometers that can reach being from 780 100% urban which is outrageous the autonomy of the version with 45-kilowatt battery is now 347 kilometers and those that mount the 58-kilowatt battery now reach 420 kilometers all autonomy figures are still pending homologation this car admits recharges in sockets of up to 125 kilowatts in a way.

That adds 100 kilometers in just 7 minutes as long as we find a clear station where to charge to 125 kilowatts this is a rear-wheel-drive car and the engine is located on the axle later the benefits are quite good has an acceleration from 0 to 50 in 26 seconds and from 0 to 100 in 66 always talking about the version more performance, that is, the one that carries the package and you and the 58 battery kilowatt-hours that weigh less than 77 and therefore allow the car accelerates a little faster the brand explains that the terminal will have the sportiness typical of all purchase models the chassis has a rear axle multilink in its weight distribution is close to the ideal 50/50.