Ferrari F8 Spider 2021

Introduction Of Ferrari F8 Spider 2021

Ferrari F8 Spider 2021. The f8 right now there are more than 230 second-hand Ferrari advertised on There are them from just 32 thousand euros that yes one thing is to buy a Ferrari another very different keep it since we remember to give the like to subscribe to the channel as well as give the bell to receive notifications in your smartphone and be one of the first to see our videos you can also find on Instagram Facebook Twitter and tick-tock Everything indicates that this.

F8 will be the last mid-engined sports car

F8 will be the last mid-engined sports car to be Ferrari will market with a v8 engine hence the version with bodywork closed receives the name 18 tribute the electric future is getting closer and closer and it is speculated that the next generation will arrive with a v6 engine Biturbo dot a hybrid powertrain If everything indicates that it will be the last, we will comply with that English phrase drive it like just smell or what is the same drive it as if it Navas is from steal we had not stolen but if we had the police very close to custom to the Andorra mobility apartment coordinated.

The closing of an Andorran principality road so that we could test the Ferrari as it is due and to the service of circulation as dan cam was with us during the recording at almost 2,000 meters of altitude but before continuing to listen to the music that this v8 emits at 90 degrees with dry sump cooling it’s time to know its design or to parks where parks attract everyone’s attention, it doesn’t matter where it is also this yellow color helps to turn it into a magnet for all eyes its dimensions are more compact than it seems and 4.6 meters long 198 wide and 12 high.

Its distance between axes is 265 meters and for the needle of the scale at 1400 kilos it is 20 kilos lighter than the 4 88 spiders and that it has 50 more horsepower with the top closed few would believe that it is a convertible version only the most expert eye can identify it but take care of the f8 tribute is distinguished by windows that are just behind the driver’s and passenger’s window that are not on the f8 spider The great advantage of the rigid roof lies in better insulation from the wind and inclement weather also when you drive with the hood closed, the rear window can be used to better enjoy the v8 engine sound this hardtop needs 14 seconds to open a maneuver.

45 kilometers per hour as always Flavio Manson

That you can do both while standing and running up to 45 kilometers per hour as always Flavio Manson and his design team at Ferrari have done something spectacular this front part can come to remind a little of the 488 track with that shape of shark that Flavio would say is incredible also this unit It has this yellow color and how sad I have a three-layer color that is scary depending on the light you have it changes color and on top of it goes loaded with details in carbon but.


Opel Plant-A101 100% Electric

That you can not put anything else in carbon as always Ferrari to apply solutions developed in the competition in your street cars here we have an age this air duct that enters through here leaves through here in a way that turns this front part of the vehicle in a spoiler also this unit is configured with this part completely in carbon through these rims have been finished gray color that feels great set we have the ceramic brake kit from series what we standard is the scudetto this shield is an extra.

That is not cheap but it implies changing the fin on the spot you configure the car without scudetto the lx completely smooth, however, this one already has the slit to be able to fit the scudetto everything has a series price has these tires Michelin pilot sports cap 2 semi slip that goes from noses that if it’s time to warm them Well if the front has that age in the back it has a Drs system at the bottom in the diffuser there is a hatch that opens to certain speed so that it brings even more load to the whole this spoiler is fixed, however, it is barely visible to the naked eye it is a spoiler that is perfectly integrated into the rear Ferrari is the only one in this category that with its spider version allows enjoying.

The red butts of this v8 720 horsepower Biturbo

The Ferrari engine is extremely important hence this version you can get to see down there the red butts of this v8 720 horsepower Biturbo yes the engine here is a little more hidden in the f8 you can see it through a large rear glass bezel. the format that exposes it as a true work of art that is if it were we have seen that there was carbon to give and take here everything that is the trunk outline is finished in carbon It is beautiful that yes of plastic I suppose that it weighs the same and it will cost a little less.

This trunk if you look at it is huge for a car with these characteristics which usually have very limited cargo space, the part is quite wide higher if you remove these sets that come standard With some instructions and others you can take advantage of the maximum distance that there is here at the level of width and then towards the front wherein the part of silk that down here there is still more space for a trolley of the cabin you can get it to put it longitudinally is to see here in the triangles also with the logo.

I will close before loading the trunk in all Ferrari there is this plate on which you can see one by one all the extras with which this unit is configured if the 200 liters of the boot is not always enough you can use the hole behind the seats here you have to take advantage of everything outside we have seen carbon in the trunk there was also carbon here inside is also full of carbon all are extras the different carbon parts are extras apart as they are ex as apart from.

The good steering wheel Ferrari

The special finishes of this sports seat the good steering wheel Ferrari is a brand that makes suits almost every customer can configure his car to his liking from top to bottom yes of all this carbon and I would do without reading an accessory of the cams, yes and the carbon bases are very cool but the standard aluminum ones are I love them and above all when you touch them you have that cold touch of metal that does not just for tastes are the colors at the level of the steering wheel this upper part with the LEDs that light up when you rev ​​up this is amazing because you have even more racing car sensations in a streetcar as you can not miss the typical manettino and all the controls.

That you would always have in satellite pineapple in controls here behind the steering wheel to which the letters are so big you have them all integrated into the same steering wheel the screens are the same as we already knew in ’48, each of the two on both sides of the analog tachometer will be manages with an independent control it takes getting used to but once you pillars del trick is already eye now has to apply to play with what to through the right screen you can manage your iphone without problem in the central tunnel are the controls to operate both the hardtop like the rear openable window a window that when you go open-top acts as a windshield of the elements that most surprised me in the cabin were.

The sports seats for well fastened very well as expected but at the same time is that they are very comfortable the advantage of having the headboard cut off by the police is to be able to prove this Ferrari as god intended this is a car designed for the real world set very fast but when I say the real world is because this car has amazing suspensions that allow you to be effective even with asphalt shifts with broken asphalt They are very noble cars, it’s amazing And what pushes this insane 8 Biturbo insane 198 of 39 liters of displacement.

That declares 720 horsepower at 8,000

That is a beastly biturbo engine that declares 720 horsepower at 8,000 revolutions per minute if a high displacement engine bleeds capable of reaching the 8 thousand lap barrier also in the lower area authentic bomb a just 3,250 laps delivers the maximum torque of 772 meters The best thing about this mechanic is how you win as you go up in laps. almost atmospheric behavior a nice sound and on top with a kick huge is a real work of art the engine is incredible but it is that the chassis also Ferrari have given rise to an effective and at the.

Same time comfortable suspension set no matter the road surface condition the f8 absorbs potholes with ease amazing all this offering a high degree of communication of the inertia of what is happening at all times is a set of the most transparent and Sure and it does not end and if you find a completely broken asphalt then you can press the button with a logo of a shock absorber that is in the steering wheel with it you activate the bumpy road mode with it still further improves the filtration level of the suspension.

I remember 48 tracks and it is that the sensations

This other planet is crazy I remember 48 tracks and it is that the sensations of that stop the power is the same are incredible the mechanics are associated with the seven-speed gearbox the box is perfect and maybe the best gear I’ve ever tried because it’s ultra-fast a light touch to the cam japan already speeds up is almost like like a rifle dad ultra-fast I had the manettino in cc-mode with this mode the f8 let’s drift while still enjoying a margin of safety not in vain the f8 mounts.

The latest evolution of the side slim system with a system designed so that you can have a great time behind the wheel but at the same time the electronics are there latent to throw you a cable in case it is necessary if the system detects that the maneuver you are executing is correct you let enjoy without intervening otherwise act and what about the brakes the strawberries are incredible you can be very late scrubbing if you have a bite but huge you can fill when you want how you want with incredible precision that a force.