SEAT Tarraco e-Hybrid vs KIA Sorento PHEV
SEAT Tarraco e-Hybrid vs KIA Sorento PHEV

SEAT Tarraco e-Hybrid vs KIA Sorento PHEV

Introduction Of SEAT Tarraco e-Hybrid vs KIA Sorento PHEV

SEAT Tarraco e-Hybrid vs KIA Sorento PHEV. The Kia Sorento against sea terrace but sun life were so important in these the two are the most saving versions because they are plug-in hybrids correct so in addition to seeing how they are offered and How are they going? We are also going to check if the electrical autonomy they declare is real two generously powered plug-in hybrids but with some differences let’s see the Kia Sorento open opts for a 16 turbo gasoline engine liters of displacement with 180.

Electric motor capable of delivering 91 additional horsepower

Horsepower is joined by an electric motor capable of delivering 91 additional horsepower powered by a battery lithium polymer 13.8 kilowatts now when working at full time at the same time performance the power that is achieved is 265 horsepower and a torque of 350 newtons meter all associated with a six-speed automatic transmission already the four-wheel-drive the sea terrace hybrid also mounts an engine of turbo gasoline but with 14 liters of displacement that delivers 150 horsepower the In this case.

The electric motor yields 116 horsepower and the combined power is 245 horses and 400 newtons meter of for the change is also automatic but in this case of the double-clutch also with six relations all four wheels quick summary the Kia is more powerful as a whole but the seat appears to offer superior performance using only the engine Before continuing with the in-depth comparison, the prices go the Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid can be equipped with the access level drive or with the version.

We are testing corresponding to the equipment level emotion much more equipped with a price of 50 thousand 941 euros discounts applied the raco hybrid set is available in excellence and fr finishes like this one that It has yielded us from Spain ‘it is cheaper than the Korean in particular almost six thousand euros cheaper with a discounted price that stays at 44 thousand 980 euros remember that in we have the greater car offer so if you are looking for either of these two models or some similar either new kilometer zero or second hand enter because it is certain that you will find the car you are looking for and at the best price and don’t forget to download the app on your phone to keep up to date with everything.

The mode 100% electric to carry out around 10 kilometers

We publish and to follow us in social networks is that we are in all facebook instagram twitter and even on tick tock with the battery fully charged we select the mode 100% electric to carry out around 10 kilometers in urban route this It could be the distance a driver travels to cross the whole of Barcelona or even to leave Madrid afterwards we will circulate on the highway and highway until we check how many kilometers we can do with the rest of the load without use the combustion engine but.

First let’s go step by step the advantage of free plug-ins is that it is good in the city if you want you can circulate 100% electric mode with hardly any noise in this case noise is heard a bit because artificial engine sound well it’s there it’s not very accused but it’s there The best thing about this version is that good on the road, the fr is very good. sports that happen here in the city we can bumpy copies a little more than your thing is to select the individual mode of the rave select and with this individual mode there you can choose the suspension in comfort mode because in the different driving modes you have There are only the normal and sport echoes.

However when you take the individual there each of the parameters of the car can be changed and in the suspension which is the cc dynamic chassis control there you can select the mode comfort so that now a manhole cover absorbs a little better it is not as comfortable as tobacco without being a plug-in hybrid because the extra weight of the batteries is noticeable but good it can be used and it is also comfortable in the electric motor that it equips it is more than enough to move the terrace without problems and they are going to find an advantage over the Kia, it must be said that the set is more manageable when strolling around it is a little smaller and on streets narrow.

The electric mode in the city is amazing

You can see the electric mode in the city is amazing it is super smooth very Quiet has enough force to push the car into fitness which is almost perfect and then there is the theme of those that it is a car so comfortable that as you can see the highlights is that Athens Athens feel they filter very well any uneven road surface good has enough force to move it with ease even if you want to start a little hard at a traffic light you can also what I did not like so much is that turns little and when it comes to strolling narrow streets with sharp curves It is difficult for him to even do the maneuvering the same as at the time of parking is a car of almost 5 meters and turning.

A little better will force us to give more than one of two and three maneuvers not only does the Sorento seem larger but indeed it is specifically the Kia is eight centimeters longer six centimeters wider four taller and even the distance between axles is also three centimeters greater there is also a difference appreciable on the subject of weight the sea Carrasco is shown 306 kilos lighter on the scale and that can be a determining factor On the highway, both models are large car rollers designed for traveling with the family even loaded to the brim they have the power to spare to maintain legal cruising rhythms with hardly any mess but there is one that stands out above.

The other in terms of ride comfort indeed the Kia Sorento offers a degree of ride superior to that of the seat Carrasco basically due to greater filtering in terms of suspensions and also in the section on soundproofing the interior with the fr finish of the Tarraco that we are testing adds a slightly sportier suspension something firmer than the conventional one but that is not at all uncomfortable, it even offers some more information regarding the Korean but if traveling comfortably is treats we believe that the Sorento was a point above displaying.

A to roll practically from a category suv in terms

A to roll practically from a category suv in terms of consumption in highway both models can travel at high speed using only one engine electric without a problem and even if we use the hybrid model we can appreciate how they use 100% electric propulsion in many Llanes phases, our autonomy test was passed in about 25 percent of the route in the city and 75 percent on the highway and highway with quite surprising results the homologous Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid an average autonomy in electric mode of 57 kilometers while.

The seat arracó hybrid exposes 49 kilometers of the half at the time of the truth nothing new the battery of the terrace gave us for do a total of 39 kilometers before a combustion engine was started while the Sorento was able to withstand electrical conduction up to 40 kilometers there is only one kilometer of difference but the Kia still had practically a quarter of the capacity, what happens is that the Korean does not fully deplete, activates hybrid mode and reserves some charge for use it in combination.



If we had traveled more kilometers per city than It is where an electric car spends less we could stretch that much more autonomy we are even sure that we could do more than 50 kilometers without any problem said this turn now for him dynamic behavior in this scenario the roles are reversed if the Sorento displayed an excellent ride comfort on the motorway this is where the terrace brings out a better-tuned chassis set-up to withstand driving a little more dynamic What a pleasure to go together without a mask, man, but the stick does not give so much pleasure Well, the truth is that no but hey sometimes you have to suffer a little I know It will produce that.

The KIA If there is notice that is to be noticed good

I suffered if madam says the saying good at a dynamic level that to me in Tarraco treads this car very well I believe that in this aspect you win over it sorento del Sorento is very comfortable we have seen it in the city to travel in highway workers soft car was changed this I do not know the sensations that das is more dynamic if in the direction it has the point this how good who wants to put you in the lane and you always have to be deactivating the system and it is but for everything in addition to how it rotates to the touch that.

It has suspension the car is fine and how it comes out is also and it also gives us the impression that the engine, not the hybrid assembly, is as fuller also the reprise wouldn’t tell you my grandpa is real and it is stronger here on the ground also almost 300 kilos less than the KIA If there is notice that is to be noticed good let’s go to the Kia and I’ll tell you now, come on that I think of that car we are going there a man here everything is more filtered in a magical way if more work of one you go up to the other and the changes are very appreciable is what.

I was telling you is which is also a very large car and here on the road the lane looks stretch yes yes yes you can see a car that is above all yes at the time of drinking the curves swing straight also without respecting what you say you are floating and there is one thing that is that I can not stand this car is that when you put the gear in manual mode When you hit the cam it takes more than a second to listen to you, I go in third gear I give fourth and now it changes well it’s like a dubbed and subtitled movie Well.

The steering transmits more and is much more precise

They are little things that if the slow pose is very comfortable that in the city on the highway but the road the dynamics of Tarragona a superior the terrace hybrid is to have a less powerful engine than that of the Sorento open se shows clearly fuller and alive in its way of delivering it is also a lot more dynamic in all other respects more forcefully slows down the steering transmits more and is much more precise and even automatic transmission double clutch responds better with slow so you have to take things with a little calmer the soft suspension and the greater weight of the set will give you dynamic qualities remain in this aspect is a car that rocks.

A lot especially in support changes but it has one very good thing and that is able to recharge the battery much better when braking or with the same engine combustion, which makes better use of the hybrid system after this test of around 300 kilometers the average fuel consumption that has been recorded the tarraco and hybrid have been 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers that of the kia sorento plug-in hybrid slightly lower 39 liters due to its higher use of the electric motor this shows us that there are two cars that.

We can use it daily without spending hardly any gasoline as long as we can charge it at home or at the destination and that at the time to make a trip are also able to maintain figures of consumption quite good now well do not be fooled because without charge in the battery both models exceed 9 liters on average we have already seen how they are going to see how are they a man one is black another red the one being black is bigger and looks bigger.