Introduction Of JEEP GLADIATOR Pickup

JEEP GLADIATOR Pickup. Which a cargo box has been attached and therefore has good transport skills also good skills off-road and is a car with a striking aesthetic comes directly of the United States to wage war within a segment of the pickup truck in which the jeep had not been present for 30 years hence it’s suggestive name gladiator the jeep gladiator arrives in Spain to fight a group of trucks that outnumber size and power 5 59 meters long 189 wide and 184 high is 23 centimeters longer than.

A diesel engine a v6 multijet with 264 horsepower with 600 newton-meters

A ford ranger raptor for example and has a top wheelbase practically three meters and a half between axes We are therefore facing a pickup of respectable dimensions and weight 2,400 three kilos a very American-style pickup although in the US in that of aitor it is considered a surprising mid-size pickup I take this moment to remind you that all the information about the vehicle Again you can find it on our website and in our application also there you will find all the offer of a car of kilometer zero has the same structure of the wrangler based on a frame of stringers and rigid axle suspension cross members on both axles and integral transmission with reduction is a classic pure and hard.

Tit scheme and has decided to sell it in Europe only with a diesel engine a v6 multijet with 264 horsepower with 600 newton-meters of maximum torque and coupled to an 8-speed torque converter type automatic transmission the offered 285-horsepower Pentastar Pentastar v6 engine is discarded in other markets It is the first pickup to launch the jeep in the last 30 years after the director’s original from the 60s and 70s it is manufactured in toledo Ohio for the whole world look at this trail emblem in rated 4×4 identifies jeeps with older skills to advance in hostile terrain and this other long edition that it only carries this fully equipped and mass-produced launch version.

The roof rigid and the wheel arches in body-color

This limited edition lunch version also comes standard with the roof rigid and the wheel arches in body color and with 18-inch wheels inches with Bridgestone dweller ht tires among other details This finished lunch edition comes standard with this canvas cover that covers the cargo box a canvas cover that as a country is new they have left us up to the label and that it is very easy to fold you have to do this gesture and automatically unfolds to the front once we have arrived here is caught with this strap I wanted to show you some details of this box of cargo, as you can see, is one and a half meters long and is also covered with a specific material that makes it non-slip also has good details in the background.

You will see there that there is a mark of some tires is for when you want to load up some off-road or motocross bikes so that the front wheel is securely attached and does not move while moving to the circuit of course comes with several hooks with which you can attach the load and also equipped with this rail system in which the hooks we can move to the position that interests us the most and they look good posted across this street said finally just tell you that it comes with a 230-volt socket and with led lights Despite the considerable size of the body.

This cargo box is no larger than that of its rivals is even narrower that is why we wanted to check if this box fits or a pallet of European size, in particular, we have uploaded a pallet full of boxes of sparkling wine weighing more than 600 kilos almost the maximum load of the pickup which is 613 kilos is a figure somewhat poor less than the ton of weight that most of their rivals look how the suspension lowers as you can see yes it fits the pallet perfectly as long as the width of the.

Wheel arches prevent us from placing it

Wheel arches prevent us from placing it horizontally although It must also be said that this inconvenience could be overcome by placing a second pallet underneath to save this height of the wheel arch the review inside is going to be very fast. Basically what I have to explain is that the interior of the wrangler is the same traced the same design with this horizontality with these details that indicate that we are in a whole not pure and hard thorium like this passenger handle is another driver’s handle that serves to be able to get into the vehicle because this is a very high car the position of driving is also very high you have.

A lot of frontal visibility you are in a position as very dominant very off-road the dashboard because what We already explained to you in the angle it has good finishes, the visual aspect is very good has a good sense of perceived quality although the materials They are a little hard but well, the appearance is good and we also have a certain level of digitization centered on the box of instruments with this 7-inch digital display in the center between two analog watches with also with very good visibility all perfectly offers good information and we have this other 84-inch screen from the system connect and a fairly complete system with many functionalities although.

The graphics are also a bit improvable as I will show you below, this screen has a protective rubber to make it waterproof remember that this interior can be hosed down on the display several menus can be handle with gestures similar to those of a smartphone we can even order the applications to our liking [Music] otherwise the air conditioning control is all through pushbuttons no small pushbuttons are very large pushbuttons with hardware insight here behind this stage we have three connections one aux a usb and a usb also if we want to connect the smartphone we have another connection here inside.

The glove compartment as you see the controls

The glove compartment as you see the controls of the windows They’re in the center position right here on the console because they’re not here on the door simply because this is a car with removable doors remember this we also see how the wrangler the two levers the change of automatic gears and that of the transmissions that of the reducer physical type levers is a hard-core all-rounder and wants to show it clear what is very objectionable in this car I already told you when I tested the wrangler is the lack of holes to place objects such a car large and we have very few holes to place the mobile or wallet or any other element while.


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We drive yes there is this hole here to place the drink this other man ashtray a glove compartment yes but that does not leave things at hand a little hole here in front of the gear stick and another here on top of the dash but it really stays there is just a grid inside the doors where we can place an object at a specific moment and this other small keyhole next to the handbrake lever Seats are made of leather with removable cover, something does not fit. Engraved the logo of the overland version when this unit is a long edition Climbing into the rear seats of this pickup is not an easy task we have little space to enter and also a lot of height to the ground facilitates.

What usual in a pickup the backrests

It stirrup and also this handle once inside because we find what usual in a pickup the backrests are in a very vertical position but in this case, I have to say that they are quite comfortable seats too we have a lot of room for the knees and a lot of height to the ceiling not so much width the door is very pulled towards the passenger and passengers from the central position will also find the usual a hard backrest because this serves as armrests and a stool relatively comfortable the shift of transmission in this pick up does not bother.

Because it is very low what is still annoying is this tray with these two holders drinks here in a slightly awkward position there are two vents and here we also find them in a central position the buttons for the windows as in the front seats two new details that demonstrate the practical and functional nature of this pickup rubber mats that are removable and perfectly washable and this one the Sidewalks can be raised to expand cargo space if the box does not give us is enough to put any object and we can place it here in these rear seats and also just under the sidewalks we find two lockable trunks in which we can place any object raincoat is tools what.

We want a very practical aspect

We want a very practical aspect that we only find in this twist and one last gadget behind the backrest we found nothing less a portable speaker to take you to the music wherever you want this is a rough car not too refined it has a ride comfort let’s say correct but it is not a car that is too soundproof the engine diesel sounds a lot and also has the circumstance that its structure is a base of a suspension with rigid axles instead of independent suspension and This makes it good to notice the rebounds a little, the irregularities of the asphalt these rigid axles also sometimes cause the car to move a little not at all is accurate in your skill direction and always.

You have to be a bit correcting the address this is something that you have to get used to when you buy a great glr and also when you buy a gladiator in this case it must also be recognized that if he has improved Quite the on-road driving dynamics of your purest off-road vehicles and hard and this in this case in that of aitor because it benefits from the latest advances that incorporate the wrangler in its last generation in 2018 This is a fairly heavy vehicle and it also has a very long wheelbase and for, therefore.

The curved roads are not your best scenario where you are best It develops on the highway and highway-type roads, a little is the philosophy of American cars there usually do not have roads are finished like European roads and therefore this gladiator does not disguises his American origin this diesel engine is and it shows very powerful 264 horses it is a v6 that responds very well pushes very well from low revs think it has 600 newton meters of maximum torque that maintains from 1400 to beyond 2,600 revolutions.