Skoda ENYAQ iV 2021 The Special Car
Skoda ENYAQ iV 2021 The Special Car

Skoda ENYAQ iV 2021 The Special Car

Introduction Of Skoda ENYAQ iV 2021 The Special Car

Skoda ENYAQ iV 2021 The Special Car. The first Skoda that is a show nor the first to receive a weird name this is not the first Skoda plug-in and not even the first 100% electric Skoda but yes the first designed to be electric and only electric we are in the presentation of the new Skoda in jack and use therefore we will have a few hours to drive it for the first time explain its main characteristics and our initial impressions have to focus on the basics so.

The first Skoda based on the mv platform created by Volkswagen to give life to a whole generation of electric cars

I read how to focus on the basics let’s start at the bottom this is the first Skoda based on the mv platform created by Volkswagen to give life to a whole generation of electric cars of the different brands of the group all of the subtypes including the score danjaq and even share the same structural and technological base so that it is not wrong to say that this product is similar to the rest in fact if we compare it with its cousins ​​of Volkswagen the Skoda is just 65 centimeters longer and has the same wheelbase measures 27 centimeters wider and 41 shorter by at least both.

Its dimensions are practically the same, which would be an error is a state that this car is identical to and out of 4 beyond technical issues or morphological because from there the electrician of the Czech firm presents its personality your design, and of course your brand image and is that no matter from what angle we look it is clear that this car is a Skoda and goes up to a quick look to resemble the current expensive and code a clear family trait is the design of its grill, although in this case.

It is cover since as I know and electrical do not need so many cooling inlets in the in Jacques and v are only here in the bumper and then you see that the grille is black but the brand threatens with bringing to our market and specifically the top-of-the-range models this exotic grill that lights up the dark as Bussi the side view reflects a silhouette of sporty character for being a sub defined by the roof the slight drop and with longitudinal bars the spoiler on the rear window the rising line of the windows and the marked rib running along with the doors above the handles their well-marked wheel arches with wheels reinforce the image of the vehicle oversized.

New model reminds us of the current code with the shapes

Whose tires can be between 19 and 21 inches as in the otherwise it is that they are beautiful but here the design succumbs to aerodynamics If we look at it from behind, this new model reminds us of the current code with the shapes of the opticians and by the inscription of the brand in the center although here the fold of the gate is lower and its corners are rounded and although the surname and use is already present in all the models scola electrified this is the first sub in the current range that does not begin here but for him of Electric Mart note that the unit that we are presenting corresponds to the standard finish but the brand ends to bring to the Spanish market the sport line version which.

As its name suggests, is a sporty style line is finished brings with it elements specifics that make him look bad but it doesn’t end there too features a lowered ride height sports undercarriage and maybe that Explain the fact that for now the sport line finish is reserved for the more powerful versions of him in ya before continuing a pause for affection ok on youtube there is no love button but there is a like button song out is for the same thing that if that’s what it is thanks for your love And if you do not want to subscribe, come now that we have already seen the car for outside let’s go inside once inside the first impression that we take away is that its design is reminiscent of that of brides although in reality and as is logical.


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The distribution of its different elements is much closer to that of a Volkswagen and 4 one of these elements shared in digital instrumentation with a small screen 5.3-inch that gets too small in my opinion although at least it can be complemented with a head-up-display projected on the windshield and that it is capable of displaying augmented reality indications given than in the in since the instrument panel is located under a visor already we will not find here the gear selector in the case of dry psuv is It is located in the central console by going to the touch screen that as you can see is tablet type and is embedded in the dashboard can be larger than the of the and 4 and in fact.

Dimension to the use of navigation menus and android auto and apple car play

It reaches 13 inches diagonally and if it is not wrong this is the largest center screen we’ve ever seen in a school a screen so sharp so bright and so large it is an enjoyment and is that having such a surface gives another dimension to the use of navigation menus and android auto and apple car play would have I preferred that it be oriented a little towards the driver and I can even forgive that there is no rotary volume knob because if we have it on the steering wheel it that I do not quite understand is that we have to use the screen itself to control the air conditioning what stops me a nuisance and also something potentially unsafe but good at least always.

We have direct access to the temperature here as she is the mark of the house we will find many places to leave things we have two portals drinks this hole right here the whole bottom of the center console the chest under the armrest a good glove box and the interior spaces of the doors by the way the center console is much wider than that of they four enough to fit two phones unless one of them be it as the mobile tank of our camera Miquel Kraton would have already given notice that released many references to the Volkswagen and four and that is so for all that these cars share but also for what they do not finish share and I am referring specifically to print quality.

The fact that Skoda looks good materials and settings is no surprise but at least for me it is a surprise that unfortunately begins to become a habit to check that almost all new Skoda generate a higher perception of quality than their counterparts of the German brand and in that sense, the Skoda in and axis was a luxurious car is clearly above him and 4 speaking of finish the new Skoda sub replaces the traditional ones trim levels for some settings or design selections as they are called in the house that combines different colors, materials, and finishes to transform interior atmospheres these design selections.

This relatively large car with a good wheelbase

They present names as suggestive or as hipsters as loft lots lounge eco suites and suites that is the one that shows the proven reality names I facilitate everything this relatively large car with a good wheelbase in a way that at least a priori the rear seats should be the spacious moment we find that the opening angle of the door is still being correct it is not as good as we would have liked and the height of the ceiling it is not as high as we would think and we must be careful not to find the head once seated there are no complaints about the legroom the floor raised by the drums if there is any remaining distance to the ceiling although there is no burden and the width is more than correct for two good-sized occupants.

A third passenger will be fairer and more close to hitting the head but at least the absence of a central tunnel will allow you to keep your feet in place the experience onboard can be enhanced with options such as retractable blinds the control of the air conditioning heated seats two usb ports and even a power outlet overall we are talking about a rear row that stands out for its comfort and that also offers a lot of space although not as much as a Kodiak model of the Skoda family more comparable for exterior size than according to the code.

It is not electric but it does offer two things that they read since it cannot offer the first is the sliding bench and the second the third row of seats the tailgate has an electric drive and access in 585-liter boot capacity is pretty good but it’s 250 liters less than a Skoda Kodiak what happens is that of course and under and on the rear axle the electric motor is located in any case of line that offers a very well thought-out cargo space the lines of the mouth of the entrance are very straight the bottom has approximately one square meter of surface the sidewalls do not intrude and also as in everything is a thing worth it is salt we have hooks nets and folding corners to fix and separate objects.

The rear backrests operation that is possible performed

If we lower the rear backrests operation that is possible performed remotely, we will take advantage of the maximum load capacity that reaches 1,710 liters, too bad there is a step between the floor of the trunk and backrests folded and that they do not fit perfectly horizontally last, since the motor is down there, there is no longer any space for a spare wheel but at least we do have a curious organizer in which we can deposit different objects including luckily the charging cables in line here v is a car of rear-wheel drive but also offers all-wheel drive variants in which case They have a second motor that is responsible for moving the front axle in any case.

The battery is always located under the vehicle and its capacity will depend on the chosen motorization as the available combinations are a mess os I explain how the range is for Spain the base model for our market is the ENIAC 60 which has a propeller 132 kW electric power ie 180 horsepower ENIAC 80 rides a single rear 150-kilowatt engine 204 hp while variant 80 x incorporates another motor for the front axle obtained is a system of four-wheel drive with 195 kilowatts of power 265 horsepower at early 2022 will arrive.

The sport version rs with traction at four wheels and 306 horses of which there are still no definitive images regarding Li-ion and the liquid-cooled battery is available in three different capacities helenio 60 mounts a 58 battery net kilowatt-hours that according to the wl tp homologation can complete 413 kilometers on a single charge ellen since 80 rear-wheel drive is the one with the longest autonomy offers 537 kilometers its 77-kilowatt battery net hours is the same as 80 x whose range of use is reduced to 400 96 kilometers for its special characteristics the online version.

A jazz 80 with a 150-kilowatt motor and 77-kilowatt-hour batteries

They will lower this figure by about 10 km the only one we’re driving is a jazz 80 with a 150-kilowatt motor and 77-kilowatt-hour batteries are, therefore, the same configuration as the one that my partner tell we have approved the Volkswagen and of 4 video tests to the that we leave you the link and in this car, because logically the benefits are similar is more on paper their 204 horsepower are identical allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in the same 85 seconds and as it happens in German and in all versions of ellen since.

They are for sale the maximum speed is limited to the same 160 kilometers per hour all these figures are very good but in practice in which translate into instant throttle response inherent virtue of electric motors a great facility to gain speed and a good ability to recover thanks to the maximum torque of 310 meters is available practically from standing, in my opinion, the 150 horsepower motor is more than enough to move with ease a car of this size and weight even more considering the immediacy of the delivery of said power only that.

That request Alenia 80 a greater vividness to starting at 100 kilometers per hour on motorways but it is clear that here the priority has been to conserve battery over the performance of the paddles behind the wheel they do not serve to change gears since there is no gearbox as such they serve to choose between different levels of recovery of energy in decelerations that consequently alter the degree of vehicle retention the effect of engine braking so that we understand each other in the case of en.

Since these differences are notable but did not accuse another option is to choose through the gear selector the mode b instead of the brujos that maximizes the recovery of kinetic energy and thus the retention of the vehicle although this retention is never so strong as to be able to circulate by the city without needing the brake pedal in terms of consumption.