Opel Plant-A101 100% Electric
Opel Plant-A101 100% Electric

Opel Plant-A101 100% Electric

Introduction Of Opel Plant-A101 100% Electric

Opel Plant-A101 100% Electric. The Opel Klaus land and this other car is also an Opel moca in which it was launched in 2016 as a redesign of the original moca x and venues catalog in 2019 we have therefore been two years without a mouth and although a car replaces the other the differences between the two are very important.

The former was 12 centimeters longer 427 meters

Let’s see beyond the size the former was 12 centimeters longer 427 meters in front of a 415 the previous mocha was a car developed by the subsidiary of general motors in Korea had a series of almost twin brothers developed on the same platform, including the Chevrolet tracks that were sold in Spain- and the Buick in Core and was produced in Zaragoza as well as in other countries from South Korea to Russia via china Mexico or Uzbekistan had engines gasoline and diesel and two- or four-wheel-drive versions was at least both.

A typical global product of the galaxy General Motors this new mouth instead shares its platform with models such as the citroën c4 el verso 2008 or the ds3 cross back because now Opel belongs to the PSA group that is inside this land tease after the macro merger with the Fiat Chrysler group like its predecessor this car has gasoline engine versions with a diesel engine but can not have variants with four-wheel drive in fair compensation It has a green version and I don’t mean this pretty green in the gear of our drive but green in the sense.

That this car is not a mouth conventional this car is an electric Opel moca and you already know that when we test an electric car we do a consumption test a new tardas Trafford to the cash and back not after the harrowing experience with the electric citroën c4 in which we arrived by chance did not We will risk again and we will not do it for two reasons, the first one although this car has the same powertrain as the citroën c4 with the same 50-kilowatt-hour battery and same 100 horsepower engine.

This car has an autonomy of 318 kilometers autonomy

This car has an autonomy of 318 kilometers autonomy approved by 351 of its brother of the citroën brand because you will wonder why this is the more equipped version of the mocha range is called ultimate and carries everything you can carry a mouth among other things these 18-inch wheels with 215 55 tires compared to 195 60 d lc 4 more economical and that to equal weight and a clear aerodynamic disadvantage in front his French cousin is noted hence the reduction of French autonomy.

I have French saying well look no the one that is French is this the mocha that is manufactured on spikes and next to the ds3 cross back the c4 instead like many of you You will know he is from Madrid, I am going to show you now the second reason why we have not made our usual excursion to port del Comte is this a mode 2 recharging cable the mono carries the mode 3 cable you have to buy it separately and whoever set up this car forgot to include it so that we are not worth the extra because.

We do a fast and intermediate recharge and we continue with the march because with this cable in a normal socket like For example, the one at my house charges the car at a whopping 6 kilometers per hour autonomy so that if we stopped to eat an hour and a half we would have gained nine kilometers and nine kilometers in an hour and a half like no This car charged at home from 0 to 100 takes 31 hours and 10 minutes so we are going to go to other places we will make a loop of 230 kilometers.

We will finish in Barcelona to see

Starting at Terrassa passing through Cardona and Berga and we will finish in Barcelona to see what is Before, however, let’s review a little what mocha is like and on the inside, even if he goes to you.


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A nose with closed grill the thermals also have a sporty design with the roof contrasted in black color the hood can also be black if we pay four hundred euros extra and two design lines, a black lower one that runs through the entire side and that includes the door protectors and another chrome that starts before the pillar and ending at the rear delimiting the top of the windows the rims are in finish my shade of series and in the back with a lot of sheet metal, the view highlights some very stylized lines and make and model logos.

If there is anything that I think has done very well the PSA group is to allow the designers of each brand to freely express the personality of each of them this car as I explained at the beginning they share a platform with the c4 with the 2008 and with the ds3 cross back but it seems to me that there is no possibility of confusion we will like one more we will like the other more but what is It is evident that each of these cars has a distinct personality of its own and finally a little confession this green stain admin I love it in the interior highlights.

The modernity of the design of very clean lines and that With its two 12 and 10-inch screens, remember the Mercedes or the new Hyundai Tucson the instrumentation is digital and is worthy of the name not like the little screen that little Corsa that would cost them since it is also in the smallest model it is a pasta issue already we know but there is a lot of difference and also logically it is instrumentation adapted to an electric car where we have the position of load or echo, that is, the use of the percentage of power.

If we are in load is that we load if we go to echo it is that we are spending and if we enter the power zone is that we spend more than the account on the other hand we also have here the autonomy both in the percentage of battery charge and in the kilometers that remain interesting, the controls of the air conditioning outside the screen although it is also true that we can through from the screen itself interact with it any way I insist we keep the physical controls and then here in the console area we have the lever to change forward or backward point dead position and parking position plus.

The button to insert the view mode regeneration we also have the driving mode lever and the parking brake. hand and of course both in this area and here as everything around the instrumentation we have square meters of this material so fashion and how much we like black and similar to the top of a piano mold that may have charger wireless if we pay 150 euros more and if we opt for this ultimate version we will have the large 10-inch screen in the rest of the versions is of 7 for 700 extra euros.

The magnificent agr sports seats upholstered in leather

We will have the magnificent agr sports seats upholstered in leather and electric Alcantara the heating of the seats and steering wheel are standard as keyless access and start the climate control or the magnificent smart led intel Hilux headlights without a doubt one of the best in the segment the central screen is well integrated with a frame in gray plastic and offers the usual information for the navigator the sound system and the phone is compatible with apple car.

Play and android auto and has a specific menu to control energy consumption power and autonomy as well as to schedule recharging rear seats quick review there is not many doors opening angle and there is to enter this car very forward which also forces us to be very careful with my head, notice that I have to bend it a lot to enter without hitting and I am not exactly a very tall guy measures a meter sixty-nine once sitting here there is a good thing and a bad thing with Regarding visibility, the good thing is that this seat is located higher than.

The forwards and therefore the vision you have from here to back is as down and therefore you have great visibility in the center east seat remains, so to speak, very far there and is low therefore the Forward visibility is good not to the side because the waistline is very high and it is also rising so that for example small children who were a little shorter than me human visibility towards the side is a bit more oppressive towards the front well towards the side not so much the seats are comfortable.

What is left for both legs and height

These two exteriors are very marked therefore they are very comfortable to sit here they have a soft also quite firm so that we do not get too tired on the trip and space is also well worth what is left for both legs and height, okay a taller person bigger than me will go a little fairer but for two adults here behind well for three no longer first because this central unit is the transmission tunnel even though there are no transmission tunnels but as the monocoque is the same as the versions thermals.

If there is a tunnel that is more for the exhaust than for the transmission so so much there is not much space here in the center and therefore the central square as always in these occasional use cases the review of the trunk begins with a gag you put your hand here to open it and here there is nothing because the open button is under here bad matter first. After all, the second is very low. After all, down here it will get very dirty more than if he was stuck in here in any case we open the gate and we find a 310-liter trunk any other mocha with engine gasoline or diesel has 350 you already know that this is the usual problem of electric cars that, as they have a very large battery, are reduced normally.

The boot capacity also happens to plug-in hybrids, in any case, it is a boot that usually has a double bottom and then usually has because the double bottom is marked here but this specific unit does not have the false floor that we can place at two heights and that essentially serves to flush with the opening of the road surface and with the folding down of the seats butts before we get going let’s take a look at what we have under the hood a 100 kilowatt 136 horsepower 260 newton-meter motor of the park that is Powered by a 50-kilowatt battery.

Now located in the basement of the car spread over the underside of the liquid-cooled car this car can be charged both in alternating current in a socket directly or in a more than advisable world box that Opel, by the way, does not give away or in current continuous in this case admits recharges of up to 100 kilowatts so that in a charger with these characteristics will go from 0 to 80% capacity in half an hour we left the well-known Terrassa Manresa highway that in addition to one of the most expensive tolls has a mountain highway orography here it suits put the normal mode and try to maintain the speed with little acceleration to maximize autonomy who the exit was 322 kilometers on the highway.