Hyundai Bayon Review In 2021 With All Features
Hyundai Bayon Review In 2021 With All Features

Hyundai Bayon Review In 2021 With All Features

Introduction Of Hyundai Bayon Review In 2021 With All Features

Hyundai Bayon Review In 2021 With All Features. The new Hyundai sub is called Bayon about the south city outside the Basque-French country from the brand have wanted to give it a European name for its clear focus on the client of the old continent that if it has something to do with the locality will be rather young with a daring and irreverent spirit as well as the design of this urban crossover that will be manufactured on the i20 platform with which it shares many details and that arrives for completing one of the widest ranges of subs on.

Opinion About Engine Of Hyundai Bayon

The market is just down the road under the canal then there would be the Tucson and to finish the Santa Fe but hey The position we have chosen to start this will not seem strange to you The truth is that I would like to start differently by saying what I least They like this car that is behind it, some of them love it, I don’t bring it, but well as this is a subjective opinion let’s go to what matters to you we are going to talk about the engines we are going to talk about.

The equipment and about all of the first impressions at the wheel of the 120 hp with gearbox automatic and mail hybrid technology so let’s drive it the ball arrives to compete in a complicated segment but few are the cheapest alternatives in that sense we will find the Ssangyong Tivoli and its cousin the key as a tonic and in the function of the equipment to the citroën c3 aircross then they are already above other options like Nissan juke Peugeot 2008 Renault captured or tied As I said, it is one of the most complete ranges on the market together with the con a Tucson and Santa Fe.

It is also one of the most renovated since have been updated in recent months Hyundai is very insistent that design is the main argument of Bayern but it seems to me that both in this car and in the rest of the range Korean is its relationship in quality-price equipment that is at the level and even above typical German models we see it by example in the cabin of this Bayern that is identical to the i20 and that has given a very important technological leap but also at the quality level of sensations including a sensation of spaciousness.

The quality of both screens

Its commercial offer is divided in the essence max and style finishes we are as usual before a unit equipped to the brim, hence we have a central screen of 10 to 25 inch semi-integrated is typically 8 for lower equipment and the instrumentation panel that also measures 10 to 25 inches is digital and customizable I like the quality of both screens especially the central screen that also being semi-integrated have placed it in a higher position so you do not have to divert your eyes a lot when you’re driving navigating through their menus is very very intuitive because it looks like what you would find in your smartphone something they are doing with the interfaces and that.

The truth is that they go very well then the issue of not having buttons for the menus more common like going to the navigation to the maps and others have solved it very good because they have placed it down in a tactile way but very easy to understand even remembering where each thing is positioned and then why not they have put the typical piano black for those commands so it’s nothing and we once again have the button larroudé appointment of the volume that to me that yes that me like that it continues to be a little wheel Hyundai equipped.


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This model with the service blue link with a remote connection to know details such as time, traffic and even car maintenance but compatibility with apple car play and android auto this can be done wirelessly in this equipment but we also have two usb sockets just above the surface for mobile wireless charging and below the air conditioning what or if it is a button on a traditional day so a 10 for Hyundai but not all It is going to be positive and it is that in terms of design it seems to me that it is too reloaded I think the trend is so minimalist that.

A design a little simpler than it also creates more of a feeling of space

The sector takes me like it because it reduces a little the feeling not of being as very enclosed in that sense there are decorative elements that make it look very loaded this dashboard I would have gone to a design a little simpler than it also creates more of a feeling of space before moving to the rear seats let’s review its dimensions the ball measures 4 18 meters long by 177 meters wide width and 149 high with a wheelbase of 258 meters is, therefore, shorter, narrower and lower than the cone but with the same wheelbase of the i20 that is most used these similarities with the i20 make the access is also quite uncomfortable because this shock fear meter 60 me.

I have to stop I don’t want to imagine someone from meter 80 anyway in As for space, I think it is very successful, we see that the distance up to the roof of leftovers I think that for someone from meter 80 to 90 there would not be a problem and also for the legs because I have placed the seat of the driver for someone from subway 80 subway 85 so as you can see there is no problem for two people in the squares behind the ball if we move to the square central here they start to go a little bit just if they were all my size no problem but it is not the case also besides the backup is very straight.

So it would be uncomfortable to travel many hours here as a curious detail we have a usb port to charge the phone but not we have air vents because the air conditioning is only for forward but on the upper levels we have heated seats effectively in general terms it is smaller than a comma but has more trunk specifically 411 liters capacity compared to the 374 of his older brother a cargo space that is extended to 1200 5 liters and reclined the rear seats we also have this functionality for the tray that allows us to keep.

The tires that can be 15 to 17 inches

It and not leave it lying over there and we are behind again and I will explain why I do not like it for start has a bezel that is very narrow despite the visibility inside it is not harmed but then it has these volumes that it seems to me that makes it sound like unbalanced looks like flattened angry then too much black surface here plastic and of course we have the typical strip of led lights stretcher begins to seem repetitive [Music] I repeat that for tastes colors and everything The one who I asked liked this unique butt is more the volume game reminds me of Lyon and c 5 but in this electric with the roll Neo retro more square.

I liked it a lot so it will be my thing one hundred percent but up to here my darts with the designer of the ball because otherwise I have to say that I like it a lot and it seems like a success to acquire this design language of sensus sporting is that we have already seen in the con a too in the Tucson even the Santa Fe and I have to say that the spoiler has liked much more in person but hey let’s go to the side where we see some lines very marked the quite high waist that is typical in SUVs then we have the tires that can be 15 to 17 inches like the one on the unit that we are testing and then the 9 body tones can be combined with the two-color roof in black seen in profile.

We note its distance from the 18-3 centimeter soil that is not bad for a city car is also notice much more the impact of light and how the geometries make attractive this ball that has a silhouette almost pulling a coupe but very compact the front will remind us a lot of the one with there is that it has a distribution very similar to the headlamps with the daytime led strip in this position just below the bonnet and we also see this fine grill somewhat sports that can remind us at 1 the real important optical groups are located in this area right here integrated into a kind of entrance to air that is very small but good that it cools the brakes and does not pass unnoticed this huge inverted vee grill that they have finished with the piano black in addition to the typical protections.