Citroën C5 X 2021 | First look
Citroën C5 X 2021 | First look

Citroën C5 X 2021 | First look

Introduction Of Citroën C5 X 2021 | First look

Citroën C5 X 2021 | First look. The large generalist sedans losing sales, the break retaining their small niche sub-become the repositories of the greatest demand and The crossovers trying to gain a foothold in the market comes citroën that does not was present in the segment since the c5 cataloged them some time ago years and presents a car that has the comfort of a saloon the ability to load of a break the functionality of a suv and the daring of a crossover Ladies and gentlemen with you the new citroën c5 x or the new model of the French brand stands above the c5 error has been built on the large platform of the group which gives life to the models of segments c and das.

The period 508 or s 9

The period 508 or s 9 and therefore may have electrified versions that do not at least for the moment aesthetically it is obvious that it is a citroën both for its unmistakable front and for its undeniable personality has come out the sun so that we can see a little better this frontal follow the line the brand with these two concave planes and very well marked already, For example, the c5 error has them and also follows another aesthetic feature characters that are the two chevrons of the brand that come to both sides marking the position of the daytime running headlights and the headlights of the car, therefore, this front with personality follows.

The same line as the latest citroën designs and also with this lower part a little more crossover so to speak on the side the first thing that catches the eye big 19 inch rims one element clearly crossover i.e. the wheel arch protector in plastic black that also extends into the lower skid plate an element characteristic of the design mentioned in this chrome line that runs through completely the upper part of the windows and separating the bodywork of the ceiling with this floating ceiling look that gives you the fact of being contrasted in black if this car instead of blue were white by example we would see much more this difference and finally one last aspect here behind in this pillar is with this small graphic element that in In a certain way it reminds the one that also has the citroën c3 aircross and in the rear.

We have this roof spoiler and then this spoiler above the hatchback

We have a curious element that is the double spoiler we have this roof spoiler and then this spoiler above the hatchback a hatchback with the cloud is inclined but very vertical behind here to increase this a little image of the break not of inner capacity we will see how the trunk finally some pilots who run to the side that have this kind of vee-shaped to cost here goes into a lot on the sides and finally the spelling the logo the brand name this is an increasingly common fashion to put the name of the brand here behind so that It is clear who made the car and this makes the name of the car model is derived there to the right side of the car with a distance.

The wheelbase of 278 meters is a large car 480 meters long by 186 meters width and 148 high heights that place them in the heart of the segment of you throw a look at the trunk that has an electric tailgate opener and what The first surprising thing is the dimensions of the loading mouth, it is very wide, it is very deep the trunk and despite this cross-over air that the car has the loading threshold is relatively low that it is very easy to load also we have these kinds of guides here that will help us a little to finish putting what that we have to place inside is 545 liters and has the peculiarity that the tray is made of cloth this tray that covers the content up with the gate when opening so that it is clear the trunk when we beat the seats maneuver that we can perform perfectly from here unlocking.


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We get one thousand 645 liters of capacity therefore we considerably and expand the tray support can be removed to have the ability to take advantage of all this space that is inside the car I am now going to see the rear seats to those that are easily entered because the door is very large, the ceiling is a little low when entering but enters without any difficulty and the space for the legs is huge they remain approximately it must be if the half a meter will be very little between the front seat in my position of driving and the rear bench a bench that is also very long and therefore it is a car in which travel comfortably behind here perhaps the height level due to the fact of wearing.

A little taller are hardly the only thing that can be reproached

The glass ceiling and this that it goes down a little more is not the best but for what others behind here there is a lot of space even this central square looks like to be quite useful not so much in height despite that I am still lame but people a little taller are hardly the only thing that can be reproached for height in a car that on the outside has this volume that gives the sensation that it is a tall car and that therefore it will have a lot of space inside is it has a lot in width a lot in length a little less in height but it is they are rear seats to travel comfortably tiny instrumentation accompanied by a large screen because the instrumentation is so small because.

This car offers a Getafe projection display on the very large windshield very deep and with numerous data then the brand has thought that with the Getafe display perfectly complements the fact that the instrumentation is a little smaller also having these pants huge here otherwise cool stuff keeps the controls of the air conditioning outside the screen, therefore, they are controls are touch controls and this is fine physical controls not tactile physical the rest a good design The qualities are not bad at all, even though this car is a pre-series are convincing for this segment this is a car made in china but the quality standards are perfectly comparable to those of any other product of the PSA group of this category and of course in the case of a citroën what we have are the so-called comfort seats are a type of seats.

That is very thoughtful for the comfort in long trips that have a double fluffy has a first fluffy that as you can see is very soft and that both facilitates the reception of the body and then underneath they have a second fluffy quite a bit harder than what it does is prevent the body from getting tired on long trips that is something we have already seen in other cars of the brand and that affects above all the comfort that is what citroën is mainly looking for in all its cars in all segments the new interface for the 12-inch touchscreen will allow you to connect cordless phones and recharge onboard and give orders or ask questions a personal assistant with artificial intelligence in the center console.

The keys for driving mode citroën has endowed this car with a great interior luminosity

We find the handbrake the lever for the automatic gearbox and the keys for driving mode citroën has endowed this car with a great interior luminosity with this glass ceiling and also has that this car is going to be very quiet something that today we will not be able to verify and that we will check when we can conduct it in the section on aid to Driving will have the highway driver system that combines cruise control active and long blind spot control lane-keeping distance from rear cross-traffic alert and vehicle control environment in the maneuvers with the 360-degree camera in the c5 x you will only have normal gasoline engines and hybrids will mount.

The 3 cylinders of 1.2 liters and 130 horses as a basic option and the already veteran 1.6 4-cylinder 180 horsepower as an intermediate version to top off the range with the 225 horsepower plug-in hybrid and with traction only front all versions will have an automatic transmission as standard there will be no 5x manual this is precisely the hybrid version has 225 horsepower power that is not the result of adding the 1600 180 petrol engine and the electric that yields 110 would be 290 but it is not the case because in these cars plug-in hybrids the two powers do not usually add up. After all, the two engines running at the same time at full capacity is something that practically does not happen ever and therefore electronically.

We commented on this engine has a torque of 360 newton-meter

It remains in those 225 that we commented on this engine has a torque of 360 newton-meter mated to a gearbox of 8 electrified gears too and has a battery that allows you according to the mark to do about 50 kilometers in 100% electric mode, the figures are still missing the end of homologation but the final figure will be around 50 kilometers perhaps announce.

The brand is a little more the whole range will mount the traditional suspension with brand progressive dampers that we already knew in the c4 and c5 errors but also in the case of the version hybrid electronic suspension control is added which will allow you to choose between different modes of hardness the brand mentions three normal comforts and Sports Citroën must be recognized that it has always been an original brand a brand that has always presented surprising designs and this is 5x.