New Peugeot 308 SW | New Peugeot Special Car
New Peugeot 308 SW | New Peugeot Special Car

New Peugeot 308 SW | New Peugeot Special Car

Introduction Of New Peugeot 308 SW | New Peugeot Special Car

New Peugeot 308 SW | New Peugeot Special Car. They are camouflaged cars and is that they are pre-series prototype cars that cannot be seen by everyone world we are going to drive them exclusively on the open road the brand put at our disposal four units of Peugeot 308 station Pre-series wagon fully camouflaged with a vinyl that hides its shapes a vinyl and something else as usual and also if you look, this is not the original shape of the car.

Peugeot 308 of the generation first

It will not be the one will have when the series comes out this is pure cardboard with these cars we made a loop tour in convoy around the mule factory I had to drive a Peugeot 308 of the generation first above the one that is currently being sold a good detail is usually not It is usual to compare the new models with the ones that come out, but in this case the brand French wanted us to check how they make improvements to the new generation compared to the current one.

It was a question of doing a test similar to those carried out by the brand’s operators before launching some of their models, hence they also made available to the press a sealed unit léon sport-tourer fr to compare with the competition [Music] and the first pre-series I took was the 225 hp plug-in hybrid the top version in the 308 station range wagon and what do I have to tell you, basically that the first sensation is that the car pushes very well from low revs as is logical in a Plug-in hybrid has the help of the electric motor and therefore has a very nice driving dynamics also shows a very good car soundproof even though you don’t forget that.

What I’m testing is a prototype is a pre-series car is not a definitive car but hey you can be some first conclusions of how this new 308 station wagon is going to be a car that is going to be a comfortable car that is going to have good motorization, in this case, the plug-in hybrid and now that I’m braking I’m realizing that it has the typical feel of plug-in hybrid cars with system degenerative with a first braking phase in which the system works degenerative and a second phase in which the whole issue works let’s say mechanical, therefore.

This brake touch so typical of the plug-in hybrid

We will have to get used to this brake touch so typical of the plug-in hybrid as you have seen is a prototype car a car camouflaged on the outside and I wanted to tell you why I This detail has been very funny, they have even camouflaged the Peugeot logos who are at the wheel but it seems absurd because it is obvious that this is a Peugeot you just have to see the lay peak with this little steering wheel but hey I guess they are camouflage protocols.

This plug-in hybrid version charges your battery from 12 to 4-kilowatt hours in 7 hours on a 37-kilowatt household outlet in three and a half hours on a three-phase plug and less than two hours in a world box with a power 7.4 kilowatts with full battery power can run on electric power up to 60 kilometers according to the cycle of wl pp then it was the turn of the 308 with 130 horsepower gasoline engine the version with a gasoline engine that is the one that I am driving right now does not It has functioning as refined as the province and brit is logical it has a 130 horsepower three-cylinder engine much less horsepower than the plug-in version also in the 110 hp version.

A three-motor cylinder that is a little louder and that also comes from low revolutions recovers a little slower does not have as much force in the recoveries is therefore emerging as an ideal version for those who look for a 308 station wagon that is a little cheaper because it is evident that the plug-in hybrid version will be considerably more expensive than this version of Neusoft gasoline did not bring any diesel units will hit the market a little later it is clear that the priorities commercial do not go through diesel engines.

The Peugeot 308 station wagon will mount a blue HDI of 1.5 liters 4 cylinders

That little by little are becoming in the second plane and with a limited offer, in this case, the Peugeot 308 station wagon will mount a blue HDI of 1.5 liters 4 cylinders and 130 horses all the versions I’ve tried of this 308 station wagon these pre-series or prototype versions demonstrate a good ride comfort level are very comfortable is what you will meet when this car comes to the series because surely the Peugeot will transfer this same dynamic to the cars that leave its factory in here of Evo light, therefore, I can confirm that it is a comfortable car which has a very agile driving dynamics that also inherits from the previous generation that.

We have even been able to compare with him is lion fr we have had a unit to be able to compare it is something that brands do buy cars of the competition to compare their products and I can tell you that although they do not have the dynamics of the pse to the lion that is more sporty yes than the agility are very similar on the other hand there is a detail that I also want to finally highlight and it is the fact that it mounts some seats with gel homologation something similar to what people did at the time and that.

We sold in its products some very comfortable events that hold the body that also has a positive influence on this ride comfort in new 308 station wagon seems to power every one of the aspects that made the previous model a very competitive familiar the improvements they are not spectacular but they are remarkable it seems more comfortable more powerful more economic in its plug-in hybrid versions and safer by incorporating more technology and this is perceived at the wheel after the dynamic test with the camouflaged pre-series units Elliot unveiled.

We could see it in static and analyze it more in detail

The ultimate car in a private event in the factory itself there we could see it in static and analyze it more in detail this family version and the hatchback she showed a few months ago Joan Dalmau will arrive at the end of the year with a new platform that is a derivation of the current and known mp2 but something bigger this family grows six centimeters in length compared to the previous station wagon and five centimeters and a half in wheelbase is 4.8 centimeters wider and 2 centimeters lower.


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This platform has also allowed hybrid engines to be mounted on the 225 horses we tested and one with 180 horses can also be purchased with a three-cylinder gasoline engine with powers of 110 or 130 horsepower and it will offer a single 1.5-liter 130-horsepower blue HDI diesel engine the new Longer platform makes the car more visible at first glance aerodynamic since it is also somewhat lower than the previous one but what generates This effect to a greater extent is the higher inclination of the windshield and the new hood that appears to be more elongated this feeling that the capo is prolonged forward is achieved also through this piece a piece that comes from the fins and that Peugeot called soft nose has a basic aesthetic vision.

But also functional in case the car has a small impact on the front the damaged area will not be the bonnet but simply this A detail that will draw the attention of many of you is this huge Peugeot emblem that is released in the 308 we will see it on all the fronts of all versions of this model and in the gt and gt pack version it is also we will see on the sides the gt versions and with gt finish, They also mount a 360-degree camera that you can see here on the front and these 18-inch wheels with these plastics that in addition to a function aesthetics also fulfill an aerodynamic function this molding in the lower part of the doors and the emblems that.

The side is plain simple but changes the height of the wheel arches

I have mentioned before the side is plain simple but change the height of the wheel arches with a marked character line that gives volume to the car a line that lengthens up to the trunk area the front grille is large in the style of suv of the brand and combines black with small chrome elements that converge outward from the brand emblem the new headlights stand out for being very slim type led or matrix led as an option the look of the front is quite aggressive in the style of the last Peugeot products can not miss either the typical led daytime running lights tusk-shaped identity of the French brand for some years these lights extend to the bottom of the bumper.

The back is very worked at the design level, you see that the shapes are more angular shapes with various volumes we have a double This spoiler that seems to join the optics to some optics that also have a new design but maintain the typical graphics of the three Peugeot claws the position of the license plate has also been lowered and the whole set makes the car seems wider which I do not like because basically, it is this bumpers in piano black with the reversing lights and the professor in a very vulnerable position and once again false leaks.

The Skoda Octavia combi in addition to the ford focus sport break

I think the car has won I do not know what you think to do your comments and that’s how we value them the Peugeot 308 station wagon is a very important model for the brand This is demonstrated by the fact of having summoned the press only for this estate version parallel to the hatchback for Peugeot the 308 station wagon is a different car from the saloon it is not a simple derivative of bodywork these family members are very popular in Europe their sales carry stabilized years or go up and down unlike the compact hatchbacks that They have been losing steam for years in favor of the arch-bought put that pull the market this new Peugeot will compete against.

The sales leader in the segment the Skoda Octavia combi in addition to the ford focus sport break the Volkswagen golf variant the Toyota corolla touring sport and the sea the Lyon sport tourer as main rivals the brand wants the new 308 station wagon to be unchecked of all of them for the quality of their equipment and for their finishes more closer to the premium segment than to the generalist, so to speak ride on new safety systems such as semi-automatic lane change.

Which will propose to the driver to advance the car in front and return to the lane of automatically always on expressways from 70 kilometers per hour it also improves everything related to connectivity and equips a new eye connect infotainment system that allows you to connect two phones at the same time via Bluetooth with a 10-inch screen that is handled by touch and through widgets with the gestures of a smartphone.