Opel Astra 2022 First Look And Upcoming Cars
Opel Astra 2022 First Look And Upcoming Cars

Opel Astra 2022 First Look And Upcoming Cars

Introduction Of Opel Astra 2022 First Look And Upcoming Cars.

Opel Astra 2022 First Look And Upcoming Cars. Not every day a signature counts with you for the final development of your vehicle and even less when that is not so important as the Opel Astra for the German firm so when we They called so that we were part of a select group of journalists who were going to be able to drive two pre-series units of this compact we do not doubt it so we have come to rüsselsheim where their design headquarters is to to be able to drive two of the engines.

The gasoline 130 horsepower manual

That will be for sale in our country the gasoline 130 horsepower manual I’m driving right now and the plug-in hybrid of 180 horses then there is another of 225 that I know if we have not I could try but we bring you the sensations of steering suspensions and above all about engines since we will be able to speak very little about design the new Opel Astra will be officially presented in a few weeks and will arrive at the market at the beginning of next year.


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The objective of the German firm is to offer a distinctive product based on the essence and tradition of a model with more than 30 years of history for that reason they have cited only a few journalists to make this first contact with the vehicle camouflaged no one external to Opel has yet seen the future compact German of which we only have some photos that you can see in the article of our website by the firm we know what to offer to the body of the new Astra with victor combinations.

That will use black on the ceiling pillars and mirrors is more even on the seats seem not to be the definitive even though its design is like the filtering in the images as you can see and as much as we want we can comment too much on it the new design of the Opel Astra because it has a yellow almost full camouflage and black that does not let us see anything that the firm has advanced us is that it will have the new front Opel visor that we did see in the mocha more of the new design language of the firm that is characterized by some lines much more marked forceful and dynamic which makes it have a more youthful appearance, in general, having it in front.

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They feel much more poised capable and dynamic an evolution more than necessary after six years of life to compete in a segment of the hottest piece of the cake in which we find rivals like the Seat Leon Peugeot 308 ford focus honda civic and premium alternatives like Volkswagen golf Audi a3 and Mercedes Benz class to compete openly has it clear must keep intact the origins that have prompted him to launch a more sensory extra will do so with the same mp 2 platforms used by the Peugeot 308 an architecture known for its modularity and simplicity has changed half of its components incorporating safety assistants driving the latest generation as well as the introduction of electrification without triggering.

The manufacturing costs in terms of its final size measures 4 37 meters long which are 4 millimeters plus 86 wide which are 51 mm more and 148 meters high that is 15 mm – with a wheelbase 13 millimeters longer up to 267 meters this data is visually translated into a car that looks fatter and sportier while ensuring a space more spacious interior and a luggage compartment that reaches 422 liters of capacity 52 more than in the previous model but of all the data that they offered us I would highlight that the driving position is 12 millimeters closer to the ground essential detail for those of us who want to have more connection with the road what they have.

Let us see if the new led lighting signature a lot finer that is made up of 84 modules which makes it not automatically dazzle moss so much but yeah let’s see the road better so let’s lead what it is to what we have come and what we can contribute in as for sensations I take advantage of a stop on the way to tell you a little about the interior design that we cannot teach you because they have everything covered with membranes and with some fabrics but we have been able to see an image and they have advanced us basically what will be the theme of the design of the dashboard and the doors that you will not be able to see it looks a lot like the Opel moca since.

The exterior with the Opel visor

The same happens with the exterior with the Opel visor because in the passenger compartment they will use the same concept open your panel of the two screens focused on the driver but it is that also the lines become much more minimalist and simple which makes have a greater sense of space within the Astra 2021 that will be put to the sale in 2022 the first units will arrive in January but you can already do it book from October of this same 2021 In general, the button shop has been reduced to the maximum but has maintained the access to air conditioning radio volume and most important menus are also elegant refined and superior quality to the previous model is also of appreciate.

The design of the new steering wheel with a thick spoke and pleasant touch at the same time How youthful to draw definitive conclusions on pre-series vehicles is quite unfair but they can serve us as a trailer, not as a kind of advance of what we are going to find so we are not going to whip the brand in aspects that we have already been told that they do not have completely adjusted like the gearbox the steering and also everything that has to do with the infotainment system is more to me going through the autobahn I have suddenly activated the heating that I can assure you that we do not need heating today in Germany as the chassis is one of the points that.

They already have finished and they do not lack very little for the adjustment they have brought me one road the truth that we are enjoying curves an asphalt that does not It is completely flat and that it has its bumpy so we can check in our meats how about the suspension of this 130 horsepower Astra which is the one I’m driving right now and we even give the first impressions regarding the engine that, as it happened to me with the mocha, seems the most balanced of the range starting because surely at the level of price is more accessible than the plug-in hybrid and then because for a usual driver is that you do not need more than 130 horses I am in a curvy road.

The only thing is that we may find a little lack of power

I’m having a good time the only thing is that we may find a little lack of power in the area low the lap counter something that in the plug-in hybrid we have it thanks to the introduction of electric power If we want to have a good time we will have to play with the gears raise much more the Lap counter to fully squeeze the sensations of this 130 engine horses but that is where it feels quite forceful and you can have a great time so I think it is a more than reasonable option and I return to bet on this as the most balanced taking into account the extra cost of the plug-in hybrid.

This 1.2 block I have tested can also be combined with 8-speed automatic transmission is more that same engine will be marketed with 110 horsepower automatic gearbox manual gearbox and there will be a 130 hp 1.5 diesel also with a manual and automatic option during a few kilometers we sat behind the wheel of the 180 plug-in hybrid Astra horses with automatic transmission will also arrive a fit option of 225 horses which is made up of 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline next to the electric block and a 12 to 4-kilowatt battery now.

But we don’t know about much more the automatic transmission that I have tested on I liked the plug-in hybrid model but it is also true that in a moment of maximum demand to be able to turn out even a little lazy something than the manual as it allows you to have your control over the revolutions we can play a bit more in this case.