Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish
Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish

Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish

Introduction Of Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish

Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish. The new Mercedes-Benz which identifies it as a 100% electric vehicle offers 190 horses and 426 kilometers of autonomy is not bad at all, and you will ask me if the price Well, there are 49 thousand euros of tariff that with the move plan is because this car for hairs but it falls within the move plan is you can stay below what it costs a pull to a car that looks a lot like it with a diesel engine and an identical power, therefore.

The Mercedes Benz Hecuba

If this fits into your lifestyle new electric can be a good alternative let’s see what if it is so the Mercedes Benz Hecuba is the third member of the car family electric after the launch of the crossover and the QB but more will come the qs will arrive in august and the FBI in January next year the german brand is immersed in electromobility like many others and to put this gel-sized subcompact up for sale and has moved to batteries the Mercedes Benz equal measures 4 46 meters long 183 wide without mirrors and about 62 high is 4 and a half centimeters longer than.


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A gel ea with which it shares a platform, hence the wheelbase is equivalent although the interior space as I will show you is not the same is a suv with a very aerodynamic line that many of you will remind you of the heat and it is that it is quite similar Although it is not the same, it shares a platform with the gel but its design is a little different, its most important characteristic is found here in the frontal we see this grill completely closed in piano black that identifies how an electric car here does not need to cool any engine Also other outstanding features in this light strip.

That joins the two headlights a very striking led light activity we also have here some simulated air intakes and the only air intakes that are functional are is at the bottom and one on the side is this unit that has left us Mercedes to test briefly has the amg line finish and as you can see It also mounts 18-inch wheels that are standard completely faired wheels that we can ask if we wanted up to 19 and up to 20 inches optionally and we will finish the design review fast because the car is very nice but we can not say that.

The light of built-in brake and in the bumper a timid diffuser

It is excessively original yes if we go here to the back what I want you to stand out above all are this strip of lights that cross the gate and that joins the two optics and that makes the car quite attractive seen from behind by It is also quite conventional we have a small spoiler with the light of built-in brake and in the bumper a timid diffuser and being electric therefore we can not see in any way exhaust outlets optionally can be mounted these 20-inch mag wheels with a multi-spoke design that are reminiscent of classic bbs or even saving the distances those of an Ibiza gfx of the first-generation as details this plate with the eco logo on the fin headlight or these blue strips on the headlights.

That indicates they belong to the group of electricians 100% my partner in this no longer covers you spoke extensively of this interior in a video that a few months ago did what I’m going to do is express my opinion that coincides with yours As you can see, it is an interior that is very reminiscent of a gel and that’s where it is I practically traced the three vents here in the center that already identifies the class cars of the german brand we also have these two digital screens of 10 as 25 inches that are the optional ones that. Read More Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish.

They come standard, they are 8 and they are a little smaller and well we have indefinitely an interior with a very sporty look especially in this version I’m testing that comes with the amg line finish which differs quite a bit of which this proposes at the time a version that comes with this steering wheel with a very sporty look with red stitching with these sports seats lined in leather also with double stitching in red that hold very well the body and in short it is an interior that is very very nice they only have one aspect from my point of view criticizable as always It is the abuse of piano black, you know that we are not very supportive of this material not because.

The wheel well it’s not gear it’s not a gear stick gears is a lever

It does not look good because you mercedes the truth is that it does quite well in this sense the finish is very luxurious and very well finished but It is due to the fact that it marks a lot of the fat of the fingers associated with the fingers and above all it collects a lot of dust and therefore you always have to be reviewing all these dashboard and console panels to make a little curious otherwise it’s pretty good achieved at the level of gaps we have here in the wireless charging two porta drinks we do not have a gear change as you can see these the touchpad for be able to operate the menu of the infotainment system but we have a gearshift as always in mercedes.

The wheel well it's not gear it's not a gear stick gears is a lever
The wheel well it’s not gear it’s not a gear stick gears is a lever

The classic the one of a lifetime here right behind the wheel well it’s not gear it’s not a gear stick gears is a lever to start or engage reverse gear or gear. parking system and we also have as always the light controls on the left-hand side the adjustment of the seats as it is not here at the door, fortunately, we have it here but what is strange is that being a car electric seat adjustment is manually in other finishes you will see interior details in blue to match that image of an electric vehicle linked to ecology and sustainability as well This panoramic sunroof is remarkable, an ideal option to give more light inside and create that feeling of connection with the outside.

While traveling all the electric vehicles of the family that have a specific menu in the system x a menu called q that allows us to control everything that refers to the energy of the car here we have a menu of load options that at a given moment can tell us where is the nearest recharging point this is something very important in a car electric especially when we are pretty tight on battery too we have another menu that allows us to program everything that refers to the battery charge when we are at home for example and there are other menus also specific such as this.

The car so far here you see that it marks 27.9 kilowatts

One of consumption that tells us what it is that has consumed the car so far here you see that it marks 27.9 kilowatts now at 100 don’t pay much attention because the truth is that I’ve been hitting a lot cane at the time of making this video the truth is that the consumption is quite lower the official one is between 17 and 19 kilowatt hours here we have another menu which is the energy flow menu that tells us how it is being spent or how that energy is being recovered in the car here the car is stationary and not.

You can see how to change the colors when the car is working as it is. see this menu and finally only highlighted there is another menu called vehicle that we indicate a bit how forces are working how physics affects the car dynamics another no less interesting menu is the one that allows you to modify the ambient light there are colors and intensities for everyone the likes is also fully configurable the instrument panel digital both its graphics and the information it shows well achieved of course.

The connection to up the cut play and android auto is supposed to it would be missing more in a car of its price and we go to the rear seats the angle of The door opening is excellent and it costs nothing to go up, you see, it is very The entrance is comfortable and there is also a lot of space, my colleague Nestor has already shown you His opinion is much higher than I do 165 and as you can see I have plenty of space for the knees more than enough considering that this seat is placed in an intermediate position this space is achieved so good thanks also to this particular shape of the backrest that makes the front seat and the height to the ceiling is also good considering that.

This car has a slight coupe look gives the feeling

This car has a slight coupe look gives the feeling that it has more space to the ceiling that and taking into account that this has the sunroof that always lowered the height a bit another highlight in this case from a negative point of view and that is that we have very little height from the ground to the bench the legs are a little in catches and a position both uncomfortable is because the batteries are on the ground and raise this floor and make the rest position in these rear seats say a little different from.

What we find in a conventional crossover it is still accentuates more if we sit in the seat in the central square because we go a little higher and our knees are a little higher and the backrest is a bit stiffer but we still have good clearance overall I think Mercedes has achieved it taking into account the size of this car that is quite compact there are a couple of vents and one usb port for convenience the trunk is the weak point of this electric offers 340 liters 95 liters less than a gel and the problem, as usual, is that the low gap the floor is occupied by the wiring of the electrical system and other devices in the small gap that there is only fit in the charging cables good know. Comment It Mercedes-Benz EQC Special For You In 2021 Racing Car Stylish.