DS 4 2021 All News Features And Complete Review
DS 4 2021 All News Features And Complete Review

DS 4 2021 All News Features And Complete Review

Introduction Of DS 4 2021 All News Features And Complete Review

DS 4 2021 All News Features And Complete Review. What they had left of the pension it seemed that the compact segment premium was going to be, like so many others, in the hands of the holy trinity German but here is a car that comes to compete with the Audi a3 the BMW that one and the Mercedes a class the ds4 [Music] although some have wanted to see in this car a kind of crossover the truth is that dimensions in hand are a compact to use measures 440 meters long by 183 wide and 149 high is 4 inches taller and another two wider than an Audi a3 Sportback.

A centimeter wider and 6 are taller

A centimeter wider and 6 are taller than a one and two centimeters wider BMW s and five higher than the Mercedes class a which is the longest of the four with two centimeters more than that one the fact that he is taller than all and that has 15 centimeters of free height to the ground something that is achieved by riding bigger wheels coupled with the drop at the rear justify that crossover look but.

I insist the ds4 is a premium 5 compact car points that mean that this car has the proper proportions of its rivals in the segment and like all of them it is built on a platform of front-wheel drive in this case the already more than amortized platform mp 2 of the PSA group now this land is the same one used by the Peugeot 3008 5008 and 508 elop el gran land x his elder brother el de s 7 his brother even bigger the s 9 and the citroën c5 across this platform supports plug-in hybrid versions but also the range includes gasoline engines of 130 180 and 225 horses and diesel of 130 horses.

The less powerful gasoline version is three cylinders the rest all four the plug-in hybrid version this will be the top of the range combines the 1.6-liter 180-horsepower four-cylinder gasoline with an electric motor that allows raising the combined power to 225 horses the brand maintains that This plug-in hybrid version is capable of traveling up to 50 kilometers in mode 100% electric in this video we statically present the ds4 no we can still drive it but if we analyze it in depth both aesthetically as about the passenger compartment.

The steering wheel but if there is a feature that stands

We go with it on the front we have a very large rounded grill with a tip hatch of diamond and with the logo, in the center, the highly stylized headlights have a matrix technology that allows them to shape the light beam based on the speed and type of road and that they are directional in a way that adapts also the beam depending on the turn of the steering wheel but if there is a feature that stands out on this front is without a doubt this z-shaped daylight is a light that will characterize this ds4 and that will allow us to easily recognize.

It both day and night and since we are in the front there is another element that the mark calls of s wins which in this case are these pieces that we have here up and down between the two grills which in this case, being a release version the premiere is in this shiny black color but that in most versions except lacrosse they will be chrome the range will include three lines of design the normal one called street with three base finishes and juca Diego and the bully that is, bastille Trocadero and Rivoli the sporty performance line and the so-called cross with more country flair characterized by specifically designed wheels an underbody protector.

The grip control traction system and almost invisible roof bars this cross-version will be available in the two upper finishes Trocadero and Eboli the side is complex we have from the beginning this form of and lying on the front part this character line that begins in the fin and passes underneath from the rear-view mirror we have this other one behind here that is also born in the lighthouse and goes forward is a car also very careful in details we have for example These hands that open when you approach the car open so that you can pull them but they are flush and therefore contribute to aerodynamics and we have this roof in black which is to be and in this version.

The models of the range in the same way to be this a version

The premiere and that will be optional in the rest of the models of the range in the same way to be this a version the premiere all this area around the windows It is also in glossy black piano black that on the outside has a little better looking than when it is inside that there is also a little bit and the best thing is that we do not have anywhere the shark fin of the ds3 behind it has a very small window protected by a huge aileron and very horizontal pilots with a pattern that looks like scales joined by a strip.


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That can be black or chrome depending on the finish. rims range from 17 inches in the Bastille version to 19 inches in the rest and can optionally be 20 in terms of protection lower rear panels are of a single color in the normal version and black in the cross variant and this car is a real design exercise with a multitude of blueprints different character lines but I especially like this one rear area how this pillar of the pillar with the falling roof has been solved with this peak with the brand logo placed there seems to me that this is this area defines the car a bit, that is, the design is complex but without falling into the Baroque and that is what in my view characterizes.

The whole car itself is elegant but that does not depart from the canons of beauty in quotes that we have established here in Europe let’s see it from the inside [Music] inside the design is minimalist the instrumentation is digital and the central screen is perfectly integrated this is possible thanks to the elimination of the air vents disposal only on paper effectively because the aerators they exist they are up and down here and they are regulated tilted using these buttons that.

The screen we do not have them underneath

We have here and they open and close with these wheels as in all new models from before coming from the say old PSA in this car we also have the controls of the air conditioning on the screen we do not have them underneath and in a physical model that is as we like but it is also true that in this case, the software of the screen allows us to always have them visible look here we can customize these three elements, in this case, we have music browser and air conditioning and in this way, we have them always visible and it is easier than not having to look for the corresponding menu and finally there is a something that changes in that.

That until now in its other models had the window regulator controls in the central area of ​​the console and have now passed finally at the door we have them here a little upstairs for my taste the screen is touch but we also have this kind of touchpad on the console that allows us to write letters and memorize a series of shortcuts using a specific trace to different menus in the ds4 highlights also a Getafe display that projects the data on the road as if were four meters in front of the car this unit in which we have made the presentation, however, it was not activated in the area of ​​the center console we also have this little lever for the change automatic.

There will be no lever ds4 as there will be none with the manual change of that is a premium brand and that is essentially demonstrated with the finishes and with the materials used here we have leather all over everywhere plus the steering wheel in part of the dashboard especially in the seats in the console central this brown leather that wears This version is the premiere, which is the first one that is put on sale later remains for the higher version of the conventional range but then there is also two-tone interiors with leather in a lighter color and there will also be the possibility for the performance versions to have the upholstery in Alcantara, therefore, the finishes.

It is no longer so common and in this

The materials are of a premium quality especially in a car of this segment is to say this they found the 19 could be logical but in the ds4 compared especially with its German rivals it is no longer so common and in this one of that it shows in addition to me it gives me the feeling that at Unlike other previous models of the brand, both the design and the choice of materials is more designed for European taste than that say it for Asian taste behind the centimeters in height that this car takes out its rivals should be noticed brings an openness more than reasonable a fairly good angle you have to bend your head.

A little when enter and once inside the space is correct it’s okay behind here but there’s not a huge amount of space your feet under it cost a bit because the seat is electric and if the that leads was a little down, it will be stated in the feet the distance for the knee is still very correct the distance to the ceiling is tighter than in other general compact but if we compare it with those that are given its rivals which are the three premium German compacts space here behind it is more or less similar to that of these other cars even in some cases.

A little better as always suitable for two seats although it is homologated for three here behind and the equipment is correct with aerators with two usb sockets and with these chairs nets to leave some kitchens And now with the trunk, a Mercedes class A has a trunk of 360 liters an Audi a3 and a BMW would be one of 381 of that 4 of 390