Audi A3 vs BMW Which Is The Best
Audi A3 vs BMW Which Is The Best

Audi A3 vs BMW Which Is The Best

Introduction Of Audi A3 vs BMW Which Is The Best

Audi A3 vs BMW Which Is The Best. The audio 3 Sportback has been renewed complete to remain the same as before and for its part, the BMW series 1 has done the same to end up being the same as its rivals direct including the Audi a3 now both cars are front-wheel drive with a transverse engine and with five-door bodies and therefore resemble more than ever and to compare them we have chosen two versions that we have found suitable both by design and by equipment on the one hand.

The Audi a3 with the s line finish

We have the audi a3 with the s line finish a little more sporty and in the case of the bmw the 1 series with the m sport finish and in terms of the mechanics similar power 150 horses for the audi 136 for the bmw therefore versions with a fairly reasonable power but also efficiency prevails we will see how in the consumption section the case is that Both the audi a3 and the bmw 1 series we have already brought you detailed tests individual for that reason this time what we are going to do is a direct comparison between one and the other to tell you.

The good and the bad of each which one and of course in the end both ours and I will have to stay with one you have to get wet so I read Well, yes, in their new generations, these two cars are more alike than ever. there is no audio a3 three-door and neither does the BMW 1-series three-door now both are compact to use and so similar to each other that practically They copy its dimensions, said this, the Audi is very slightly bigger in all its dimensions since it surpasses the BMW by two centimeters in each of them he sees himself as one only cuts.

That advantage by his three centimeters more wheelbase, therefore, we talk about cars almost equal by size but from there it is clear that each one adjusts its aesthetic visual language proposed by your brand the question of design always is subjective but seeing it is like this one next to the other there is an undeniable question Yes, now that you say it, they are both red, yes, but I wanted to go a step further we see on the one hand that Audi maintains a very continuous line with this a-3 while the BMW has played.

It a little with a different design

It a little with a different design when it says is different it means weird As I said this, the design is a matter of taste but the front of the BMW does not It seems the most attractive of the current range, yes the details that the m-sport aesthetic package with this bumper are angled or fit very well, I agree with you Nestor at least you have to admit that the BMW has shown daring to switch almost completely to the front of his compact and the front of the Audi could be said almost the opposite the house of Ingolstadt not without a certain aversion to risk has decided to change just.

A grill something larger with the already characteristic black line under the hood design headlights more marked and little more and again the specific bumper of the finish s line favors the set where there follow curious differences in the extremes of the bumpers, the one of the 3 presents these air intakes that They are false while those of the BMW is real on the new a3 the side view remains almost intact in comparison with the outgoing model and therefore remains faithful to the canons of a compact On the other hand.

The series 1 has modified its proportions and I have done it in the same direction the step to the transverse motors has given the lead to a shorter, sloped hood with little front overhang and in Consequently the cabin has grown in size by the way both units that the brands have given us have agreed to mount rims of 18-inch alloy with tires in size 225 40 aha curious and the rear that we have in the Audi almost the same as always although that yes with Sharper pilots that fit very well curiously the BMW has also implemented very wide pilots that they resemble.

Its rival as does the horizontal fold

It to its rival as does the horizontal fold of the gate also since this BMW sports the m-sport finish it exhibits a prominent spoiler on the rear window and a specific bumper for its part this model s line also features an eye-catching spoiler and sporty-style bumper what does not seem so sporty to me is to mount two exhaust outlets through which nothing comes out and nothing escapes so go in BMW now let’s take a look at the trunks to a section where the two cars look so alike that they even trace their load capacities.

We are talking about 380 liters with five seats in use and 1200 liters with the folded rear seats the similarities do not end there since the two They have manual and optionally electric openings as is the case of this BMW its loading ports are also almost identical without strange shapes but with a rather high threshold we can place the floor at two heights although under that a spare wheel does not come standard without a kit of puncture repair both offered in hooks, rings and supplementary spaces and the two cars shown.

Incorporate as extra the three individual completed rear seatbacks both models are very similar in terms of rear habitability refers to the seat regulated striker in the middle of his journey and counting that I am a tall person there is no problem when it comes to sitting back they have practically the same space for both the knees and the height of the roof both have drink holders armrests and an uncomfortable central square that It can only be used on a few occasions if we said that the exterior design of the 3 is continuity of the driving position.

Its appearance is different in terms of design

We must affirm otherwise since its appearance is different in terms of design aspect The most notable is its organization at two levels, and it is also time to say goodbye to the old circular aerators and say hello to these strange vents located at both sides of the instrument panel if strange flames are not due to their design but for its location since the jet of cold air comes directly towards the hands instead of towards the torso which is how it should be another remarkable difference is the central screen that has grown to 10 1 inches has been reintegrated in the dashboard and also is oriented to the driver all that It is very good but of course.


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When it is in a lower position it is below the line of sight and it is not easy to see fortunately most of your information including browser mapping can also appear in the instrument panel whose diagonal is up to 12 3-inch and a projected head-up-display is also available on the windshield as a detail for the passenger is offered this curious circular control that is operated in the style of the classic the circular control that if it has disappeared is the one that previously controlled the infotainment now the center screen is tactile and responsive haptic confirming each press with a loud click I am glad to see that we continue to have controls dedicated to air conditioning although.

They are no longer rotating but well below we have two you take usb one of type a and another c which seems to be a good detail and next to one wireless charging tray in the center console the versions with change automatic present that little selector is so weird that we have already seen in the golf and the lion but the versions with manual transmission have this lever selector that by design reminds me of the current periods that things Finally, in terms of quality, Audi has always set the bar very high but.

The 200 BMW are precisely seats of BMW

I would say that with this new a3 it has happened as with the new golf maybe is almost at the level of the previous generation but there are sections less cared for as those that are not very visible something similar happens with the I love these seats in particular for their enveloping design for the comfortable what they are and why they even have massages but on the other hand the quality of I think its synthetic upholstery leaves a lot to be desired partly due to the touch and in part also because they perspire the same as a skype armchair Well, Juan Carlos, what am.

I going to tell you of the 200 BMW are precisely seats of BMW very similar to those of the Audi for their sporty forms for their good support even for the nice fluffy they have but there is one thing that I like more than those of the other brand and in this case, we have a part lined in fabric and another in leather and how that translates since in summer they are cool and in winter you do not freeze these fabric and leather seats are series with the m sport trim level.

But in the options section the brand also offers them other finishes and colors to choose from upon payment Of course, the driver comes standard with electrical regulation and memory that of the passenger not in terms of design there are many changes you already know from unfortunately he has seen a BMW seen all of them ok but there are details such for example the instrument panel that are completely digital we have a lot of information very good resolution is very understandable that does have the counterrevolutions backward that.

This fantastic rotary dial is a great good for BMW

I do not care but my Andalusian friend does not like it so much then central screen well placed good resolution very easy intuitive menus and it is also tactile gestural and we can also use it with this fantastic rotary dial that is a great good for BMW the infotainment system is already an old known to the brand with multiple updates over the years offers everything one expects from a navigation-quality multimedia system connectivity for car play and android auto audio streaming services in line and a lot of information the gesture control is optional and is paid separately as also the fantastic surround speakers signed by Harman Kardon or the wireless charger for the mobile.

That mounted this unit another aspect that did not we will get tired of repeating the air conditioning here off the screen and with buttons in terms of ergonomics as it is me liking it a lot because I can regulate the seat electrically in a crowd of positions you can even adjust the side wings of the seats to that fit more closely to the body if you want to place the steering wheel very low from the seat It also has good telescopic regulation and in height, you can approach pullback is very comfortable it is very difficult not to find the ideal driving position in this car and also all the elements that around us are easily accessible screen climate control memories modes of driving in this aspect.

I think it more than meets the naked eye both cars offer a good impression of interior quality however when it comes to fingering and comparing I think he would be one is a little step ahead of the three but not by much the dashboard has a rubber touch but with a good soft and quite nice similar to the Audi but it is in the doors where we found a small difference and that is that BMW is still coated this part of the handle with leather while audi left it with plastic, say, of dubious quality, the central preserves and The bottom of the dashboard of the Series 1 are made of hard plastic too but then there is the theme of the steering.

The best on the market quick summary both are quite

Wheel m of this unit undoubtedly one of the best on the market quick summary both are quite even but for small details, the BMW is a step ahead however in the two models we expected a little more care in the adjustments and in the Used materials For this comparison we wanted to test both models with their gas station engines of around 150 horsepower because as you we count at the beginning and in our opinion they are the most balanced in terms of performance and consumption the versions that are more in line with that criteria are the Audi a3 Sportback 35 tfsi that nails precisely those 150 horses and the BMW 118 and that remains with 136 horsepower.

However, there is a more plausible difference is that that engine is three cylinders and this four and then a minor detail is a case that the two engines can carry manual transmission of six gears automatic dual clutch and seven relationships but it turns out that Audi has given us a three with a manual gearbox and bmw a serious one with automatic gearbox good juan carlos as I would say gerard farrés you cannot have everything in this life however in the other characteristics are two cars practically.

The same one engine transverse front-wheel drive and both are equipped with their more sports s line and m sport seen the engines how are they the propeller that rides the audi a3 sportback 35 tfsi is the well-known 1.5 4-cylinder and 150 horsepower a usual of the volkswagen group that is present in many cars of its different brands, therefore, you already know that it is a very linear motor and with a delivery decidedly flat power, its main drawback is that it does not push much too low regime but from there it has an interesting middle zone.