Land Rover Defender 90 4x4 2021
Land Rover Defender 90 4x4 2021

Land Rover Defender 90 4×4 2021

Introduction Of Land Rover Defender 90 4×4 2021

Land Rover Defender 90 4×4 2021. We have a spare wheel that adds 26 centimeters to the theoretical length of the car the wheel is barely visible at the top of the image so we must bear in mind that we carry it when we park when the beeps are very intense better to stop even if it seems to us that the car behind still far away wide public road highway and spacious paved and ready for vehicular traffic this is not a road car has enough power 250 horsepower and a gearbox automatic that is comfortable but on the other hand your car that has a lot of inertia in the curve and especially that it consumes.

The rearview mirrors they make a bit of noise

A lot it goes between 10 and 12 liters at a relatively easy rate that even though they have micro hybridization which provides the much desired on the one hand and controversial on the other eco highway road label with separate roads for the two directions of traffic, each one with two or more lanes and no level crossings this is not a motorway car it is very comfortable that’s true it’s okay it’s a bit noisy the rearview mirrors they make a bit of noise but above all, it is not designed to travel within the access to the rear seats.


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The visibility of the people behind is very compromised by the side panels and the boot at 297 liters is little more than that of a b-segment utility therefore it is not a car for family trips on the dirt road where you usually travel I think this is going to be a road car and I will tell you even more about those places where there is a way [Music] we have come to the commas the 4×4 test center that is not ours for of course but of the Zakarian in which he always welcomes us wonderfully here in las commas, we have more than 70 kilometers of slopes that are filled every year with the land rover party that this year will be held at the end of September tracks trailers trails here.

We have everything and we can try with all safety this car is the land rover defender the most off-road of all the SUVs that the new manufacturers do not expect great explanations of how this car is doing on the road or the highway is going well point and neither expect a thorough review of the interior of the car that has already been done or I like it better in a video of the five-door version recorded right here and of which we will leave you the link at the end of the video today we are going to do all-terrain and know.

250 inline six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine horses

Where to go nothing how to ask an expert Jordi Grau is the head of the school team monitors all-terrain of land rover de las comas the only official of the brand in Spain and We have asked you to tell us five points of the farm that mark the difference 5 challenges of those that can only be overcome with an off-road vehicle Before going to the slopes.

Where you will find the greatest offer of cars by clicking on the link that appears above said, let’s briefly review what we are talking about we have a land rover defender 90 from short chassis with 250 inline six-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine horses there is also a version of 200 and another over 300 this is for therefore the intermediate has a torque of 570 newtons meter from far below from less than 2000 laps and an approved consumption of 8.7 liters per 100 that As we have seen when we drive on the highway it is actually.

A little more alto, in any case, carries a system of micro hybridization that helps to slightly reduce this consumption I this’ defender weighs 2,300 kilos and has a sophisticated transmission system with an 8-speed automatic gearbox speeds with torque converter has gearbox lock as standard center differential and terrain response 2 advance system with mode automatic and modes for slippery surfaces like grass, gravel or snow deep mud and sandy ruts crawl over rocks and shot has, in addition, Hill-start assistant electronic descent control package optional off-road advancement and that costs 965 euros that allows automating.

The rear electronic differential low-speed advance

The rear electronic differential low-speed advance also optional to 1,395 euros and an air suspension that allows modifying the free height when ground in the normal position is 21 to 6 centimeters and in the highest 29.1 If we mount the normal spring suspension, the ground clearance will be would keep the angle of attack at 22 5 centimeters with the suspension above the everything is 37.5 degrees, the ventral is 40 and the outlet is also from 40 the wading depth is 90 centimeters also mount the optional off-road tires offered by the land itself rober that are some goya el terrain in measures 225 60 r 20 rim 20 these tires.

This option costs 350 euros and then has things designed for use off-road vehicles such as these plastic protectors on the hood in case you have to get on the floor to catch loquats completely plastic to be able to wash it when it gets dirty they get dirty ensured more reinforced plastic on the base of the boot and also on the back of the back seats for when we fold them down or put things in here big and strong so as not to spoil the base and this matte color with wanna stone which costs one thousand two hundred and fifty euros.

Which is the result of combining metallic paint with a vinyl protector worth 4,800 which gives this matte look and prevents the paint from spoil maybe it would pay more to paint it every two or three years inside we find potholders perimeter cameras everywhere that will be useful to the time to put the wheels in depending on which places and the interior rear-view mirror that we can substitute an exterior image without the heads of the rear occupants the headrest forest and the aforementioned wheel spare part and before starting our journey a little reflection on the brands they are very fond of naming cars that refer to their history.

This car how to defend this is done

There are many examples from the Volkswagen beetle to the fiat 500 or the more recent fortune land Rober has also fallen into that and has christened this car how to defend this is done to be able to take advantage of the pull of the name and It is evident that before this another was defending the problem when you do that’s what people tend to compare one with another we will not fall into that trap among other things because it cannot be compared a car from 1950 with another from the year 2020 cannot be compared to an off-road mechanic with an electronic SUV can not be compared a work tool with a luxury all-rounder no matter.

How much it is called the same first major challenge Seville the old slab is a rock wall inclined more than 500 meters in length and between 22 and 25 degrees as you can see this has a certain upward slope the good thing about this zone is that we check how the car behaves on a side slope This section that you see is the first from here others follow and there are also curves in them so that when the turn is to the right the slope lateral increases we will see it later from inside the car, in theory, this It must be a piece of cake for defending among other things because as the ground it is dry it does not skid the stone and therefore we will overcome it.

I guess without the slightest problem reducing suspension position high normal drive mode downhill descent control here in the middle we have a stone step that we have to climb [Music] [Applause] that is, skate a little and here we have the reading that the car itself gives us at the moment, that is to say, we have a 22-degree lateral tilt which is not that much either The best of the birds, however, is not the ascent that as you have been able to see facilitates the best is the descent on the other side anyway with the descent control exposed you can just move.

The electronics of this car

The steering wheel because the car does everything the electronics of this car is extraordinary I’m going down a wall almost 34 degrees I have come to see and the car is going down only with the control of descents and crawling mode on rocks the first challenge overcome the second challenge the cause does not go another wall of stone of about 200 meters ascent with a percentage higher than 18% who its upper part ends with an exit to the right that places the car on a 26-degree side slope here what it’s all about is seeing.

How the car pulls on this type of floor that is a little more slippery than the usual because it is quite filed and because it is still stone if it would be more complicated still but from what I know to try is to see how the car will stop in the middle and We will start driving again to see how the car continues to pull up lowering raised suspension position normal forward mode Hill-start assistant at mid-climb stop well, let’s go there, the beginning is a bit complicated because the slab It starts at an angle and here is a nice bridge crossing as you enter to do.

We are already on the slab and now it is a question of going up slowly or knowing the percentages halfway through we stop in these conditions is when it is best to test the hill start system if it works as the car should It should not go back a millimeter and pull up we continue the Second challenge overcome third challenge the ub they called this the v is a path between many quotes in which.

We can now circulate through this part of the right which is a stone slab with some steps in the middle makes a time a little higher up it narrowed a lot now they have cleaned it and can circular in a greater width so that it is not necessary to make the vee make ve means putting one wheel on top here and the other down here and riding around this area to the central now we no longer need the only precaution.