Cupra Leon 300 CV 2021
Cupra Leon 300 CV 2021

Cupra Leon 300 CV 2021

Introduction Of Cupra Leon 300 CV 2021

Cupra Leon 300 CV 2021. The last time that he and I have to confess that I was also left with a feeling bittersweet that’s a really fast car fast on all types of roads but something is missing it lacks that efficiency diabolical on all types of roads lacks that transmission of sensations to the driver who granted the old seat león Cupra and it also lacks a convincing power-to-weight ratio the previous front-wheel-drive seat Leon Cupra had a 290 horsepower engine and weighed 1,430 kilos.

New plug-in hybrid lion coupe has 245 horses

The new plug-in hybrid lion coupe has 245 horses and it weighs 1,671 kilos 45 horses – and 240 kilos more those that weigh the electric motor and the battery there is, therefore, no possible comparison between the previous seat Leon Cupra was a sports car the Cupra Leon hybrid is a fast car and your little friend are going to make a fast car or a real car sporty this is the new Cupra lion with a 300 horsepower traction engine front body of five doors and 1,490 kilos of weight that is to say ten horses over 60 kilos more than.

The old seat Leon Cupra, in any case, this is the true successor of the car that existed of the preceding generation and therefore this is the one that should be like minimum as good as its predecessor to test a car like this you need a curvy road and I think today we made the right choice we go to the chalice of beacons one of the mythical stages of when the rally Catalonia was called costa brava and instead of in the area of ​​Tarragona as is dispute was now disputed on the roads between Giron some and the northern part of Barcelona others and meanwhile while we go to there is a good time to remind you that the likes they give us make us a tremendous illusion.

That you can subscribe to the channel that you can give to the bell and that you can follow us on all social networks and when I say all I mean all because now we are also in which of beacons is a mountain road that goes from Sant Pere high and I in the province of Barcelona net increase in the province of Girona for years this very narrow road in the part of Barcelona and wider in Girona thing of the councils was one of the few steps that linked the regions of osona la garrot a since 2009 a four and a half kilometer tunnel links Manlleu with the lot and quickly communicates both regions from than the old road serves only for the very little local traffic to test cars like this.

We are going to take a look at the technical

We are going to take a look at the technical sheet here below we have a 2-liter displacement engine with the double camshaft in the head a direct and indirect mixed injection and 300 rim turbocharger stable horses between 5,300 and 6500 revolutions per minute and maximum torque of 400 newton-meters which is a lot for a 2-liter gasoline engine from 2000 to 5,200 revolutions practically the regime in which it is reaches the maximum power the motor is coupled to a box of 7-speed dual-clutch DSG shifting that engages the front axle drive with the help of an electronic differential.

The front suspension is McPherson type while the rear is multi-arm as in all lion under brand cover brakes are 340 mm ventilated disc front and 310 millimeters behind and our unit is fitted with tires optional semi slip Bridgestone Potenza race on 19-inch rims and with dimensions 235 35 r19 does not look bad at all cover manual gearbox and enjoy Cupra mode affects everything adjustable in this car affects by example to the address this is a very precise address that also has a variable rack, that is to say, that in the first turning angles.


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When we start to turn turns more than when it exceeds a certain angle then the movement of the steering wheel makes the car turn a little less than at the beginning and that is very good because it is much more accurate especially after the first turn when rectifying, for example, goes much better to finish and is a really good address is electric is not very informative but it is very very very good Cupra mode also changes the engine response that is more immediate than the shift shown faster in manual mode and sportier in automatic mode holding more and speeding up the gears more when accelerating and the suspension in the latter case.

The Cupra mode the car offers comfort and sport modes

You can choose between 15 different points of hardness thanks to the damping the differences between those 15 points and their contiguous is very small it should be noted that in addition to the Cupra mode the car offers comfort and sport modes as well as an individual mode that allows you to choose the configuration of each of these elements separately in the individual mode it goes well for example for cases like this that is here it is good for us to keep the engine, for example, the change and the direction in the Cupra mode in the sportiest modes but as this is a fairly bumpy here it is better not to put the suspension in Cupra mode because the suspension in Cupra mode is very hard and therefore copies worse.

The road surface irregularities and makes the car jump more and become a little more imprecise this way by putting the suspension in mode individual and lowering it a little, that is, leaving it a little softer or not so hard that it would be better than expression is to live not as hard as in the mode Cupra what allows us is that the car copy much better the irregularities of the road and therefore we get more out of that suspension [Music] the previous seat león Cupra was a true benchmark in dynamic behavior had a perfectly.

Chassis fine-tuned and in this the same recipe has been repeated the car has a 25 millimeter lower suspension on the front axle and 20 millimeters at the rear compared to a normal seat Leon is more low therefore also that a seat fr and the suspension has been adapted to the engine power so that both the comfort and sports positions are firmer than in a seat Leon fr with electronic suspension the q mode for the suspension is firm but not more so than that of a Megane rs or the of a honda civic Type-R.

The action of the self-locking when accelerating

The Cupra is always more comfortable than those cars in sporty driving and that does not affect its efficiency when cornering of this car is very very high, you also notice the action of the self-locking when accelerating but this does not affect the directionality as if a mechanical self-locking and eye that we are not talking here about the function of vectorization of the pair worn by the most modest lions not the Cupra lion rides a real self-locking but electronically managed to avoid the violence of such a device locks the sensation with this car is that the grip is practically infinite, the truth is that the steering puts the car very well in the curves and once.

You have it in you accelerate progressively as a function of the curve radius, but the car pulls spectacularly and therefore leaves buzzing from every curve the cornering speed of this car is very high is far above what we could get to use the vast majority of drivers on the other hand Also contributing to this, the tires fitted with these bridges are optional. semi sleeps the truth is that I like how the grip is going they have and how they behave is tremendous tremendous tremendous if the assemblies are worth 540 euros.

But the force to change the tires for the performances by black and cooper who wore our unit so that the joke goes up to 1,448 euros you must be careful in water as they must be quite prone to water planning due to its very scarce drawing on dry floors that yes they are spectacular as spectacular the braking Cupra offers some optional Brembo brakes that cost two thousand 96 euros and that some marketing genius has happened to put them together in a package with.

The team of audio beats and the double bottom of the trunk so that the three things two thousand 842 euros the pack is cheaper than individually, you will tell me what the brakes have to do with the double bottom of the trunk clear this unit it has the optional Brembo brakes which by the way are painted in one color gold that combines well with the bronze color of the rest of the car’s details.