Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV A Super Comfortable Car
Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV A Super Comfortable Car

Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV A Super Comfortable Car

Introduction Of Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV A Super Comfortable Car

Nissan QASHQAI 2021 SUV A Super Comfortable Car. How a leader it is in your segment you need to catch up if you don’t want to be forgotten and that’s just the thing I have made and Nissan with the third generation of its cash carl bring a completely new car based on a new platform and incorporating a new range of engines all of them with the eco-label today we are going to drive it by first time on the occasion of its dynamic presentation and you know how the thing works.

The new Qashqai to find out if starting it

We will have the car very little time with us and although it is only a first contact we have many little things that we want to count so to the mess Whether or not the Nissan Qashqai invented the crossover concept can be the subject of debate but what does not admit discussion is that its launch trade almost 15 years ago caused an earthquake in European markets such was the success of the Qashqai and so sudden that almost all brands already were generalists or of a premium cut decided to be inspired by his idea of the car halfway between a compact and a minivan and also them It has worked that nowadays many people do not ask us what a car is.

I buy but it is an I buy myself over the years and the influx of rivals the Qashqai is no longer the obvious answer to that question circumstance to which the subcompact of the Japanese brand will try to put remedy with the arrival of its third generation the recipe to follow is simple and yet transcendental to ensure that a Qashqai and show that it is the new Qashqai to find out if starting it has what we have achieved is to join the current Qashqai with the previous Qashqai so that we are going to put them next to each other to play the game of the seven differences or the ones that come out the first and most obvious are the front optics whose shape recalls like a Roman would order five beers in a bar the lighting is led and optionally.

It can be a matrix, which if it comes as standard is the inscription of the model right here the second is the grill that widens its vee shape and remembers the one with the new look the third is the bumper that incorporates these steps of air that surprise you are authentic the fourth the roof in contrasting color that incorporates this glazed section that generates that floating ceiling effect that is so fashionable the fifth difference the mirrors go to be mounted on the doors instead of on the windows the sixth has to do with the doors.

This is a brand new car

That now have marked ribbing both of its upper zone as especially in the lower zone the seventh is the wheels do not worry there are still four as always but now they can mount rims in sizes up to 20 inches like those in our unit and since we have already spent the seven differences, he stopped counting them and threw forward or rather backward here again the most visible change is that of the optics also extend towards the back straights but are instead much sharper after the new hatchback features a cleaner design and shows the model name in its center finally and of course the bumper has also changed and presents some larger protections.

What I can not find anywhere is some Fake exhausts to complain about this is altogether a redesign evolutionary and to a certain extent continuity but in reality, this is a brand new car that is a little bit bigger now measures 35 centimeters more in length than two are used to increase the distance between axles has also gained 32 centimeters in width and a solitaire centimeter in height in the trunk is a novelty of the electric tailgate operation and is optional offers hands-free opening bypassing your foot under the bumper after comparing it with the previous Qashqai it shows that in the new model the boot capacity is now a little higher but.


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It can also be much older I explain it to you because I realize that speaking like that I look like a Galician with an Andalusian accent to see the case is that in the previous model we had a somewhat scarce 430 liters with the five seats in use while in the new model the capacity will depend on the version in concrete the Qashqai with 20-inch wheels like this one and all those that have all-wheel drive mount a sophisticated rear axle with suspension multi-link that leaves the trunk capacity at 479 liters instead of the.

The capacity has been folded down to maximum load

The rest of the variants that are logically the most affordable mount a simple rear axle by torsion bar which allows increasing the capacity of the trunk up to 504 liters the brand has decided to preserve a characteristic that was to the taste of its customers I mean the floor divided into two plates we can place them vertically to separate the load or in horizontal at two heights either to take advantage of all the available space or for greasing the floor with the seats folded down once the capacity has been folded down maximum load will be 1,369 liters or 1,447 liters depending on the factors that I explain to you before, seen what I have seen, the trunk has gained space without sacrifice.

The virtues that we already knew but it is a pity that this and another sub still without bringing a spare wheel as standard in the Qashqai is optional small size and unfortunately not available to everyone the finishes have to compare the rear seats and when putting the cars together to the other we see that the new model offers an easier access thanks to the widening of the opening angle of the doors that are now approaching 90 degrees this time it will be our camera Miquel creator that shows us the space for the passengers that happened is a very big guy figuratively and right after Mikel of the back seats of the previous Qashqai we carry a meter 90 to the.

New model to check that its rear rows slightly more spacious especially in terms of knee clearance that now higher by almost three centimeters the ceiling is also one centimeter and higher average but to tell the truth you hardly notice the difference as almost always happens in cars of this category, the occupant of the central square has it raw because it has to accommodate in the narrowest seat hardest and highest of the three not to mention the annoying central tunnel which is one of those in which he does not know if they put their feet up or put them sides or leave them at home, even more, when you wear like Mikel a 49.

Modern car more technological with a more successful design

As the former emperor of Real Betis Balompié would have said, look closely at the driving position of the old Qashqai its design its components its distribution your quality impression because the new Qashqai is a story very different to see has steering wheel pedals and those things of the cars but from the At first it is clear that we are in a much more modern car more technological with a more successful design and a clear quality feel This leap in quality is noticeable in the upholstery in the materials that they cover the dashboard in the touch of the steering wheel and even the moldings of the windows a detail worthy of a premium brand that increasingly ignores the brands.

That does call themselves award in terms of design I’m not going to tell you that this interior is exciting or daring because it is not but if it is in line with the times of the European tastes and the clientele that They will mostly be interested in this suv, it simply meets and meets very Well, if you are good observers, you will have noticed two things: first that I am more fresh than ever and the second that we have new screens on the dashboard you can see that the instrument panel can now be digital with a large 12 3 inch screen and then the center touch screen no longer It is integrated into the dashboard but it happens to be this kind of tablet that.

You will like more or less but it is undoubtedly easier to consult which now has a diagonal that has gone from 7 inches to 9 inches this screen is not anywhere near as big as those of other cars today, but compensates for its small useful surface with a good mix of clarity and readability the infotainment system has been extensively renewed responds quickly relatively easy to operate da access to the navigation system allows you to connect up to 7 devices via Wi-Fi and It is compatible with android auto and app the car play the latter without the need for cable talking about cable as a good detail offers to type a usb sockets Dude separates the front and rear seats before.

The central touch screen

I forget to part of the digital instrument cluster and the central touch screen we have a third screen which is the optional 10 head-up display like this one inch that projects your image onto the windshield I also want to tell other things that I also liked about the new position driving the first is that the steering wheel supports greater regulation and it is easier to find a comfortable position another is that the pillar is now slimmer and improves visibility in roundabouts and left-hand curves then the center console has a much cleaner design and is better organized although.

That glossy and brushed finish that we also do in the versions with automatic transmission, as is the case, the selector lever is much smaller and more graceful than before I have also been convinced to the seats because in addition to being comfortable they can be electrically heated and even with massage finally a detail that has not changed and I am glad that there has not been fact and is that we continue to have a physical command to control the air conditioning and as for what does not just excite me because this design The interior is very pleasing to the eye but at the same time somewhat seriously, I have asked you for a little more joy and above all the possibility to have given.

It a touch of color but as Gerard Farrés would say I do not know You can have everything in life, the time comes you start driving But first let’s pause for affection because affection is very big we already have it and if you want to show you can do nothing better than to give the button to give me like it because you help us a lot and of course if you love us to subscribe the Nissan Qashqai has said goodbye to diesel and its range of launches only contemplated gasoline engines are available in two power levels 140 and 158 hp from the same 1.3 four-cylinder igt block turbocharged and evolved over the previous generation its main novelty is that now the Qashqai gives.

The deceleration heat engine

It the eco-label of the general direction of traffic because they are light hybrids of only 12 volts that yes this allows at least get slight assistance from parents acceleration and on the other hand save fuel by turning off the deceleration heat engine is when descending from 18 kilometers now keeping active meanwhile the electrical system of the vehicle to know that the 140 horsepower Qashqai is available only with manual transmission and front-wheel drive while the 158 horsepower offers versions 4 by 2 manual or automatic and 4 by 4 automatic only for this brief Nice touchdown has given us the 158 horsepower model with traction front and automatic transmission version that.

A priori is the most suitable for those who are going to make intensive use of the vehicle both on the road and by city, if we talk about road use at this level of 158 horses it seems to me the most suitable especially if we are going to travel often with family friends and luggage of its thrust capacity there is no reproach its acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and 9.2 seconds will not sink our eyes into their sockets but a very worthy and its 199 km / h of top speed is good enough not to suffer on the German highways.