Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition
Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition

Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition

Introduction Of Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition

Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition. It is almost twenty thousand euros more expensive than the rs6 that my companions of the pottery tried a few days ago all without count on the immeasurable amount of extras that can be added this unit that Audi Spain has given us is configured with some elements optional to make it even cooler like the 23-inch wheels gloss black package the bumpers in the same color as the bodywork Alcantara interior trim in black or the rear curtains are only some of the equipped extras that in total add up to almost 17,000 euros in optional and you will tell me you are comparing pears with apples Nestor they answered yes.

 The rs q8 and the rs6 have the same engine

But not because the rs q8 and the rs6 have the same engine, we are talking about a v8 engine of 4 liters of displacement with two turbos capable of delivering 600 horses and 800 newtons meter of torque allowing you to accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 38 seconds and exceed 300 kilometers now on top and it sounds like an angel but before continuing let me remind you that if you are not subscribed to the channel you can do it with the button red that says subscribe and you have a good video time to give me like it if we are liking it or if you like the car also remember to give the bell to activate the notifications of all our videos And to finish.

They are looking for a new second-hand car of kilometer zero come in because we have them all and they don’t have to be rs look we currently have more than 100 hp eights for sale waiting for you to take a look I don’t know what you expect in terms of measurements, it is practically just like a normal car that is longer or the bumpers more prominent is a centimeter wider and also a centimeter lower in both cases the wheelbase is the same where there is also variation is in the width of routes obviously with those of the rs q8 more outwards to improve stability and it has air suspension with various configurable heights although by much height.

You can fit in a red sock 8 with its 23-inch wheels on dirt roads do not seem like a good decision to me the truth I How can we recognize an Audi rs 8 from a normal cork because of the logo for this grill with a different lattice larger air intakes and more sports and this area below the splitter that is also different for the exclusive 22 or 23-inch wheels as is the case by the side skirts by this roof spoiler to improve aerodynamics by this new design of the rear bumper with these aesthetic additions that are useless much piano black in this area perfect to get dirty and scratch it well a large diffuser that is not a diffuser and the classic two oval tailpipes from Audi rs await four outputs.

This brown leather with a balcony finish

The headlights are led as standard but we can also mount this matrix hd that greatly improve visibility by the way I think I have told us but if you want it in black paint you do not pay instead in glacier white as this one will have to go through the cashier almost 1400 euros Inside there are not many changes compared to the series model but there are some, for example, this brown leather with a balcony finish that has a very good touch or these exclusive sport-trimmed seats of the rs version that have very good support and they are quite comfortable.

But as a curiosity, if the comfort of this they offer is not enough audi also proposes the option to install the seats of the normal course to gain in comfort the Door sills remind us that we are getting into a vehicle of high performance as well as the aluminum pedals that we propose or the rs logos on the seatbacks one thing that I liked is that the steering wheel is completely round it also has a very good touch is finished in perforated leather completely with contrasting seams that are quite cool.

What I did not like so much is that the cams are a little small they are plastic a 160 thousand car euros with plastic cams I do not understand when other rs models mount metal cams good for those who also like the steering wheels tied in the bottom you should know that paying an extra you can mount a steering wheel flattened below that to me honestly it seems nonsense another novelty is found in the painting of fully digital instruments not because it is digital but because they offer new screens related to the world rs more focused on the performance of the car with changing some indicators and we also have more information such as lap times car performance temperatures well a lot of things.

A head-up display color

We also have a head-up display color that has very good resolution too with new indications but that it is not standard to have it, it will be necessary pay two thousand euros otherwise everything is practically the same the two screens of the infotainment system with some screen extra with sports performance but with all the functionalities that we had seen to date navigation audio connectivity paper car play and android car onboard computer online connectivity and a lot of other things screens that are very eye-catching but require a lot of eyes to be diverted To perform any action here, that fantastic dial is missing rotary of other audio models, oh and as for the comfort that.

Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition
Audi RS Q8 2021 New Audi Special Edition

I am going to count very comfortable cars very comfortable seats we have a lot of space here in front electric adjustment for the steering wheel for the seats and as a novelty, in these seats, they can be heated ventilated and with massage a luxury I liked all this black piano that as you see it’s super clean the rear seats do not change compared to a normal car but it never hurts show them and as you can see that the space is incredible, a lot of widths especially distance for the knees and he is quite a lanky person and as you can see it’s amazing even the height of the central square we have a huge tunnel but how nice given all the space there is here behind because.

It could be used we also have a sidewalk with longitudinal displacement to give more space to the trunk and located in the most forward position even this seat is set to my configuration I could travel, so imagine all the space that we have here behind and if that were not enough, the backrest can also be reclined a little back to offer greater comfort another of the things that I liked and that is a curiosity that has to be paid is that the crystals are not painted but we have and electric blinds rear passengers also have their climate control a pair of usb ports for charging devices and a 12-volt outlet the boot offers a standard capacity of 605 liters which is nothing bad.

We can also lower the backrests of the second row to achieve a total capacity of 1,625 liters double bottom nothing the anti-puncture kit and the subwoofer leaves no room for anything else, ah Let’s go now with the interesting There is one thing that has me very pissed off and that is that Audi says that with the system Launch control that this car has makes 0 to 100 in 38 seconds. I think 600 horsepower at four o’clock wheels is worth it because not because.

The brake Full throttle stopwatch

It weighs 2,400 kilos Are we crazy or what is it, we have to check it, let’s see a driving mode dynamics change in sport stability control in sport mode also left foot on the brake Full throttle stopwatch and we left and not only surprising in pure acceleration and recoveries but the rs q8 astonishes for a driving dynamism that you can hardly believe it I remember when I was alpha failed the Lamborghini euros and they told me how well the car they had surprised a lot, I debated that it did not enter my head that a club so big could also continue as a saloon or a sports compact and he told me that yes, yes, that car moved super well and that I was very surprised as well.

I’m testing the rs q8 on roads secondary schools and the truth is that it has taken me a pleasant surprise I think was wrong the truth is that this Audi s8 is practically a Lamborghini virus dressed in evening gowns each at his way the virus is a spectacular car that you see on the street and you stay dumbfounded and this one is more discreet but that’s also cool what it is Insane is what this car gets to grab on a curve, that is, it does not fit me in the head that with such size and similar that’s amazing set once it’s amazing it’s insane it’s a worthy case study because running all cars can run on a big engine Well, straight but stop, hold on like this is an amazing big fault of it.



It has a four-wheel-drive system four that sends 60 per percent of power to the wheel and 40 percent to the front thus it gives you a plus of dynamism when taking things a little more gracefully, the system itself can vary the cast depending on the style of driving and road conditions, distributing a maximum of 75 per hundred to the front wheels or up to 85% to the rear wheels in thousandths of a second also comes standard with wheels directional rear wheels above 60 kilometers per hour rear wheels rotate in the same direction as the front and this makes us win more stability especially when driving sporty or when cornering fast below 60.

The rear wheels turn opposite the front wheels and that makes it easier for us to round off slow turns or help us park this junk of more than 5 meters in the narrow parking lots of the cities that they are not prepared for these types of critters [Applause] is an easy car to drive is very noble does not make strangers behaves very well the director has a very good touch the guided even the information it transmits It is very good and if we go very past we have controls in place there is no problem because it is that They are in charge of correcting any nonsense that we see at the wheel but it is that with the controls removed.

Improve especially performance and driving safety at the wheel

I’ve been driving a while and it is hard to make this car do something you don’t have Then there is the issue of the brakes that work very well, I am liking it much to the east that has the touch of the pedal is also good but keep in mind that this car weighs 2,400 kilos and if we drive sports that the car allows or even if we want to put a circuit that we can do it perfectly we are going to notice fatigue because to give more than two almost two and a half tons imagine 1 2 3 4 times then, in the end, becomes a bit spongy audio offers in option as always its carbon-ceramic braces that cost a kidney and a half specifically twelve thousand euros but what positions to pay are we buying a car of 160 thousand euros or more because.

It does not seem unreasonable to choose that option because to improve especially performance and driving safety at the wheel I don’t know how you see it, I do I could then yes I would ride them because it is the car it lends itself to going fast with him dad I have deleted Osasuna very good but it might sound grosser still in the afternoon at the time of reducing good for finding him, why is this car surprising me a lot in terms of sensations incredible is that I do not know, it is difficult for me to believe a car of so much weight so big of a casino that it puts the lane what is enduring is also that it is not extremely hard or sporty it’s not a car.

It’s a suv it’s quite comfortable but how to take the curves I do not get to that idea France a little bit but the work done by the stabilizers air suspension all the whole set and you can pass the curves more quickly than what I would tell your mind is your own body that it slows you down when taking them but for which this devours the curves as like if it were bread with Mozilla which now adds even though the rs q8 has surprised me a lot on the road I did not like the management of this change so much because peace converter in normal driving goes well but at a higher pace dynamic takes a few tenths of a second to listen to you and that takes away some sportsmanship