Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021
Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021

Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021

Introduction Of Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021

Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021. As you have seen there is no longer reverse electrification is here and onyx will be the Hyundai family facing this new proposal of models as it would be perhaps electron for Audi or BMW family and the german firm well as The first champion of this new path of the Korean firm is the car we have today here what is the ion and 5 a sub that when you approach it does not seem so Every road shares a GMP platform with the Kia and be six because it has to call the car like that and it was very little that I was just with his distant cousin like that that if you want to see a direct comparison on batteries and powers.

The Lyon and 5 the characteristics of the Hyundai model

You have a that we leave you in the information box, I’m going to talk to you rather, sensations of both quality and design and we are also going to drive the Lyon and 5 the characteristics of the Hyundai model are the option of mounting a single propeller on the rear axle or two motors, one per axle, thus We would be facing an all-wheel-drive model, it will also have two batteries available one of the fifty-eight kilowatt-hours and another of seventy-two with six-kilowatt hours so the combinations of power and autonomy result in four versions depending on the configuration we will have a 170 to 306 horsepower car with up to 480 kilometers of autonomy given that shared platform also share 800-volt electrical system somewhat.

That for example we find in superior models like the one by essay Kahn that if compete with other rivals such as the ford mustang macchi the tesla model and or even the Skoda in this system that supposes that we will hardly take 18 minutes to charge 10 to 80 percent of the battery as long as let’s plug into an ultra-fast 350 kilowatt DC outlet Come on, there are not in Spain the most normal is to find ourselves with fast chargers of 50 kilowatts in that case just It will take a little more than an hour.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021
Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021

The most logical thing will be to depend on a shot three-phase that we have in our own home and that we will only need 5.55 hours to charge the Lyon yc from the battery with less capacity and 6 hours 55 if we opt for the maximum capacity we still cannot speak of a network of a supercharger is decent and Hyundai is part of the ‘joint venture’ and on it and the only public grid that can come close to 250 kilowatts but not we can count on them for now because, well, or because they don’t have access to that power or because.

Super fast 150 kilowatts 50 fast chargers kilowatts

They are not close to you during the Iberdrola route like many other companies have launched millionaire contracts for the installation of super fast 150 kilowatts 50 fast chargers kilowatts and ultra fast 350 kilowatts in the next year this type of platform allows brands a lot both with design and with the final dimensions of the vehicle here we are before a model that has bet for a neo-retro design that I like better than the ibi six so I leave you a question that you can answer in the comments which one of them you prefer as we see it is a very opaque 100% electric front The only thing we have as a cooling measure are these openings that They are mobile and depending on the heat of the vehicle as they will open or closing.


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Then is a very prototype design that are the parametric pixels What are these optical groups in the form of a frame that I do not know about you but I remind a lot as the fantastic car ‘gives me the feeling that and onyx 5 is going to communicate with me we also have a very marked capo with these lines of expression that makes next to the peak of the front it seems that the car is angry I do not know to see what you think of the front, let’s go for it side according to the fire station and c 5 is a tribute to the pony his first car of production hence.

The somewhat traditional lines the 20-inch aerodynamic rims, in this case, have quite a fairing attractive from afar gives me the feeling that it gets worse when you approach the spoiler butt gives a hooligan touch that instead I like it as a curious detail the roof can incorporate a photovoltaic cell system and the rear-view mirrors They can be conventional or camera type, such as electron behind this car continues with the neo-retro roll that I liked so much but very marked as we can see there are like three volumes and it has the lines very sharp another thing that I also like as a curious detail we continue with the interactive pixels parameter in this area here.

The ibi six does not have a windshield wiper

Where we also see the name and the bezel that is much larger than the ibi six does not have a windshield wiper because the airflow will help keep it always clean and we continue looking for the seven differences, one of them in the boot which in the case of Lyon and C 5 has 14 liters more capacity than the ibi with a final figure of 534 liters of capacity that can be expanded to 1,591 with the seats folded down is not an amazing capacity but within the segment of compact crossovers and electric is not bad at all, as you can see.

It has a double bottom and here there is one of Lyon’s key devices and well actually this is my iron that you already know it is about this adapter and is that one of the Lyon keys and 5 is that can be loaded but can also load other devices with this 35-kilowatt socket, that is, we could plug in this iron we could plug in a microwave so it seems to us if we go camping, the front trunks instead are the same size 52 liters for the rear versions and 20 for the all-wheel-drive but in addition to the aesthetic part and this load detail the dimensions are also different and it is that in summary.

The Lyon is 5 is slightly smaller but also more spacious measures 4 63 meters long by 189 meters wide and 160 high with a wheelbase of 3 meters compared to 290 from the Kia at first glance to Lyon and it looks like a sub quite compact but nothing to see when you sit in the rear seats there you can see the 3-meter battle because we have a lot of space in the cabin as much space for the ceiling as for the legs it is worth that I am a little girl but we could pull the front seat quite far ahead and I still have.

A lot of margin differences that I have noticed concerning ibi six is ​​that the very flat floor is not so high therefore I do not know both lean the legs as is the case with the Kia model then details as it is a model that has a bidirectional load capacity both the car is charged as it charges other devices we found a socket boy under the seats but beyond if I can charge my mobile that no I find or not because deep down I have usb sockets what is curious about these seats is that they are also electrically adjustable, they can be tilted quite a bit can move the front seats closer to or offset 13.5 centimeters and As a curiosity.

The two are integrated 12-inch screens each the sharpness

We can also do it from the squares in front the neo-retro design of the exterior is also carried over to the front seats more specifically to the extremely minimalist dashboard we have a completely clean area except for the block in which the two are integrated 12-inch screens each the sharpness of the images is very good but also its usability being easy to understand for anyone also you will not lack the latest in compatibility with apple car play and android auto we are getting used to the minimalism that accompanies the electrification but there are some details that I would like to highlight from this ion and 5 to start the feeling of space and visibility is very good Bad points to me.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021
Hyundai IONIQ 5 2021

That 12-inch screens are framed in this white tone gives me the feeling of clean but also a bit like a hospital as too white everything then we have other details such as the air conditioning that have become tactile even though it is quite intuitive but it is located very low you have to move the vision at least they have left the classic buttons for the most used menus and volume so point in favor for Hyundai other positive points the steering wheel I like the design because they have gone to less is more with a super simple way with the double radius to place the controls here multifunction that is tactile as it would be, for example, in Mercedes.

We have the roulette that does not move towards but if you can press it to select the driving modes and to finish they will not be all positive points either but I want to end with that the perceived quality is much higher than what we have accustomed despite the fact that it has a lot of plastic and that the materials Hyundai assure that the vast majority are recycled if you have read before about this vehicle will sound the universal island that is this block here that As you can see, it can move 14 centimeters forward or backward. and therefore contains the area of ​​the coasters we also have wireless charging for the phone and the usb plugs here.

A single motor two motors or the 58 battery kilowatts

The truth is that it has enough space and I appreciate having a rest we get fully inside the shell of this and onyx 5 and its system of propulsion as I have advanced at the beginning, the gm platform allows up to four different combinations with different powers and autonomies in depending on whether we opt for a single motor two motors or the 58 battery kilowatts or 72 with 6 kilowatts now they all have the speed limited maximum over 185 kilometers per hour so as not to claim too much the battery, the first of them would be the one made up of a single motor located in the rear axle and 58-kilowatt battery now has a power of 170 horses and its final autonomy is 384 kilometers then.

There is the option with the same battery but two motors that is the total attraction and 235 horses of power this variant accelerates from 0 to 100 in 61 seconds but not yet we have the final autonomy data, the most route configuration is the made up of the 72 6 kilowatt-hour battery and the rear motor that yields 218 horsepower and has up to 481 meters of autonomy the most powerful.